We had the gift of an amazingly clear night last night
and while the aurora danced in the northern sky, the galaxy was doing it's best to one up the the aurora the southern sky!

Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/25/2017
The Au Train River was absolutely surging today. Thanks Adam Greene for sharing!
The Au Train River was absolutely surging today Thanks Adam Greene for sharing
Duke Fillmore
Mary Podzikowski
David Wyllys
The view is great! The northern lights are awesome! This this place is amazing! Have a seat in Michigan's Upper Peninsula! Prints are always available! ;-)

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Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/25/2017
Norris Seward
My dream is to live in the U.P someday soon so I can shoot beautiful scenes like this everyday and share them with my awesome fans! This is the Range Channel Lighthouse in Christmas, MI. Please feel free to share and don't forget to like my page for more Michigan photography! Prints available here
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Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/23/2017
Theresa Craigmyle
Pam Sullender
Barbara Damen Archibald
The power of water. #UPtravel
Terie Nance Clark
Beth Brown Lowran
The Upper Peninsula is one of the best places to see the #NorthernLights

How many of you have seen them in the UP? #UPtravel
Sarah Jeanne Peters
Jay Ziel
Richard White
Gino Schafer
#NorthernLights in Hancock Township, MI on September 3, 2016 Thanks for sharing Isaac JC Diener Photography!
NorthernLights in Hancock Township MI on September 3 2016 Thanks for sharing
Cari Corbett Vonier
Happy National High-Five Day! #UPtravel
Happy National HighFive Day UPtravel
Susan Miller
The lumber town of Watson, Michigan, is one of the places featured in the "Ghost Towns of the Upper Peninsula: A Photographic Journey" story by Elizabeth Fust and Daniel Truckey.

Read the full story from the May/June issue here: [ Hsmichigan.org Link ]
Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/20/2017
Richard Denam
Patricia Lee Myers
Jean Pemberton
Point Iroquois Lighthouse Northern Lights -4581 Pure Michigan Photograph by Norris Seward
Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/20/2017

Point Iroquois Lighthouse Northern Lights -4581 Pure Michigan by Norris Seward

Norris Seward
Sharon Burden Erreger
This weekend’s meteor shower promises to be a good one.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/20/2017

Dark skies could make for a spectacular Lyrid meteor shower

Duke Fillmore
Tom-Sue Wiedemeier
J. Meyer Photos, LLC
Rootbeer Falls Wakefield
Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/20/2017
Eldonna Bryant
Duke Fillmore
Otto Herrera
Christopher Smith
Mike Schwei
Sunday Lake Falls - Thanks for sharing George Lain
Sunday Lake Falls Thanks for sharing George Lain
Nichole McCollum
Sharon White
Jennifer Steelman
Waterfall Wednesday!!! Each Wednesday, we will post a picture/pictures of a waterfall in the UP. You post your guess under the picture. All the correct answers will go in a drawing for a “Choose your Path” T-Shirt! Here is this weeks waterfall!!!! Thanks to Dawn Trahin for the pic!
Waterfall Wednesday Each Wednesday we will post a picturepictures of a waterfall
Randy Fretz
George Lain
Marcia Powrozek
Foggy day on the Big Lake!
Lake Superior, Marquette Mi.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula 04/19/2017
Susan Miller
Paula Swanson Wedger
Debra Susan
Carol Carson Sarafian
Thea Kenitzki Kinzer
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