An MSU researcher has found that the way breast cancer genes act could determine your treatment. #SpartansWill

The way breast cancer genes act could predict your treatment
Under John Hannah's leadership, MSU's enrollment increased from about 6,000 to nearly 40,000 students, and the university greatly expanded its international presence as well as campus construction, including the Main Library. [ Link ]
More than 130 years ago, one of MSU’s most influential botanists—William J. Beal—started what would become the world’s oldest continuing plant biology experiment. [ Link ]
Incredible view of Sparty. (Photo/Sunny D.)
Michigan State University College of Music professor Sandra Snow is inspired by students as they find their voices through music. [ Link ]
Happy Valentine's Day, Spartans!
Beaumont Tower stands at what was once the northeast corner of College Hall, the first building in the nation devoted entirely to the teaching of scientific agriculture. [ Link ]
Founded on this day in 1855, MSU is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university.
Clifton Wharton Jr., MSU’s 14th president, was the first African-American president of any major U.S. university.
While our pioneer land-grant values continue to be at the heart of MSU’s work as a top global research university, the campus landscape reflects changing times and needs. Take a look.

Then and now
Great work, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medical Center, and a speedy recovery to Baron!

Detroit dog with nose, ears cut off to undergo surgery today
"Everyone comes here seeking different things, but everyone finds what it means for them to be a Spartan." —MSU graduate student K. C. Van Fleet [ Link ] #SpartansWill
Can't stop. Don't stop. It's the Spartans Will. way.
Go Green! (Photo/D.L. Turner)
MSU's campus looks beautiful covered in a blanket of snow. (Photo/K. Stepnitz)
Start your morning with Spartans Will. (Photo/Kristina F.)
"This is where it's all happening." —Karl Gude, Media Sandbox at Michigan State University director [ Link ] #SpartansWill
"The heart of being a Spartan is having empathy." —MSU professor Lisa Cook [ Link ] #SpartansWill
MSU researcher Terrie Taylor was awarded $8.4 million to develop the first malaria treatments. #SpartansWill

NIH awards MSU researcher $8.4 million to develop first malaria treatments