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Happy to get behind the team at Griffith University working in the Institute For Glycomics. Please support these legends in researching cures and treatments for cancer sufferers with a donation. [ Griffith.edu.au Link ]
Get on the Grapes program to win big! [ Facebook.com Link ]
Such nice accommodation at this location, I stayed in my room pretty much the whole time! Can't wait to go back there on #TheSearch with Rip Curl
Here it is! When I got my first look at it I couldn't believe it was real. I've done stacks of missions with Rip Curl on #thesearch but this tops them all. Riding this unicorn was one of the greatest feelings I've experienced as a surfer. I've got friends and family hounding me about the location of this gem… but I'll never tell!
Still dizzy from these sessions. Some of the best moments of my life happen on #TheSearch with Rip Curl Don't miss the full episode of this mission, coming soon.
Secrets about waves like these are hard to keep so don't bother asking haha I wont break!! #thesearch
2016 was a wild ride! I've shared plenty of stories but won't be saying too much about this secret location. Some of the craziest waves I've had on #TheSearch with Rip Curl
Still buzzing about Balter placing fourth in the Great Australian Beer Spectacular's Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers. Big props to head brewer Scotty [pictured with the XPA] and the entire Balter family. Cheers! goo.gl/cSBrT4
I'm freaking out! Beyond honoured to be named an Officer of the order of Australia today along with some amazing people. I love my country and its characters. Feeling so proud and happy right now. Enjoy today (and everyday!) with friends and family lapping up everything this beautiful country has to offer. Take a minute to remember how lucky we are to live in this amazing country and remember...
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Here's a collection of images from the Irish Crossroads trip shot by the great Corey Wilson…
Have you checked out the Irish Crossroads clip yet? Watch it here... [ Rcurl.co Link ]

Mick Fanning's – Irish Crossroads

From The Rip Curl Irish Crossroads adventure. Photo: Corey Wilson
From The Rip Curl Irish Crossroads adventure. Photo: Corey Wilson
Ireland, one place that has always held a special place for Mick Fanning. While he was taking time to reset in 2016 – it only made sense that he returned to the land of the Irish, where his family heritage runs deep.

Join Mick as he goes home to surf, reflect and think about what's ahead...
I was way faster with this haircut. What's your top speed? Rip Curl #SearchGPS