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Since meeting guitarist #NitaStrauss three days ago, I have watched this video on multiple occasions – and it moves me every time! [ Youtu.be Link ]

Nita's boyfriend surprises her with a visit to the home of one of her heroes, Jason Becker, a guitar prodigy whose career was cut short when he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) at just 19 years of age.

It's just a...
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The day I got tricked into meeting my guitar hero, Jason Becker

A few months ago, my boyfriend and savvy business manager Josh told me that I had an audition to be the face of a new guitar app that was going to be the nex...

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The wrestling world lost a true legend with the death of Ivan Koloff today. More importantly, we lost one of it's finest gentlemen, a truly kind soul whose warmth and caring belied the gruff and rugged "Russian Bear" persona that had made him one of wrestling's great heels, and earned him the nickname "Uncle Ivan" to so many who knew him within the business.

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See you in #PENSACOLA on FEB 17-19 #HANOVER MA (30 min from Boston) on MARCH 4 and #TORONTO on MARCH 17-19. Get info & tix at [ Realmickfoley.com Link ]

A former wrestling colleague reached out to me about a week ago, letting me know he was on hard times and in need of a friend to talk to. Although he did not ask for money, I offered it and headed out to my local Western Union. Unfortunately, they were closed – and I was told they had been closed for a month. Everywhere I went it was the same story. Money Gram – closed....
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I am very happy to announce that my Christmas memoir, "Saint Mick" Will be out on October 17 with Polis Books. Pre-order at
[ Amazon.com Link ]

All of my proceeds will be donated to #ChristmasMagic #ToysForTots and #SantasElves.
After watching the final five episodes of #HolyFoley with my wife and children, I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who made this experience possible. The show was kind of the bridge that brought me back to WWE, which led to the GM role, and maybe a few other things down the road. Mr. McMahon saw the potential in the show featuring me and my daughter, and...
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I hope you liked it too! Let me know what you think of tonight's #RAW...the signing of Samoa Joe, the upcoming and whatever else comes to mind.
Who are you picking? #SuperBowl
IF IT MAKES ME LAUGH ... I figure some of you will laugh too! I'll be in #PENSACOLA FL on FEB 17-19 & #HANOVER MA on MARCH 4.
[ Realmickfoley.com Link ]
I am cleared for hip surgery! It took a couple months, but I was able to get my health insurance back, and I'll be getting my right hip replaced whenever I have a break in my schedule. The bad news is that a hip replacement will not allow me to fly for about six weeks, due to potential blood clotting issues – which can be fatal. Really nothing to play around with. The good...
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Actually , I think it was two summers ago – when I went back to the fanny-pack, and was eating a funnel cake at a fair in Kentucky - when I truly realized that I no longer cared what people thought of me. When you are rocking the fanny pack, and getting powdered sugar everywhere - fully aware that people are taking your photo - you truly are no longer playing the game of life with your own set...
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How did you like Kevin's stunner at last night's Rumble? Possibly be a great time for Steve to express his opinion live on Raw. We are in South Texas. Steve lives in South Texas. I'll make a phone call!
Check out more great memes from #TheRealMemeCommunity at [ Facebook.com Link ]
and listen to my talk with Jim Ross at [ PodcastOne.com Link ]
For thrills, chills and spills, you can now binge watch the Season 1 #FinalFive episodes of #HolyFoley. Hearing my son play my entrance music on electric guitar was legitimately one of the finest moments of my life! Let me know what moments you enjoy on the show.
Yeah - don't be one of those...watch #HolyFoley on #WWENetwork!
It HAS to happen!
#HolyFoley happens TOMORROW- right after The Rumble!

One of the things that makes the #RoyalRumble so much fun is the surprise entrants. The WWE debut of AJ Styles rocked the Rumble last year. Who might we see making their debut - or return - this year?
Yes, it was 18 years ago today that
The Rock and I battled it out during halftime of the 1999 Super Bowl. It was a bizarre match that literally went all over the arena - from the ring, ring side, backstage, catering, the kitchen, offices, and finally to the loading dock, where I pinned the great one under a pallet of beer kegs. Let me know what you remember about this match in the comment...
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Who are you picks to be the final four remaining in The Royal Rumble? In my opinion, The Rumble (even with the 2013 ending that led to me destroying my TV) has become the second biggest event of the year in WWE.
So I'm excited that the #FinalFive #HolyFoley episodes will air right after the #RoyalRumble - ONLY on #WWENetwork. Thank you to #TheRealMemeWrestlingCommunity for another great image....
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