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You have to love the creativity on display at conventions. Although I am out as GM, I WILL be doing my #AXXESS signing on Thursday from 8-10 pm.
My only post-Mania appearances for a while will we at #TheWrestlingUniverse in Queens, NY on May 13, 1-4 pm [ Wrestlinguniverseonline.com Link ]
and at the #PWHF induction in #WichitaFalls TX on May 20th. [ Pwhf.org Link ]
Mick Foley
03/23/2017 at 07:36. Facebook

It seems impossible to believe that I will never see Jan Ross again. I can't believe she's gone. I can see her smile. I can hear her voice. So kind. Such warmth. I always enjoyed talking to her - in the hallways of too many arenas to count, at WWE charitable events, and on so many occasions in the green room before my shows, where she and JR thought enough of me to...
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Mick Foley
03/21/2017 at 01:12. Facebook
I will truly miss being part of your Monday nights.
Mini Me
IT'S #TheBiggestPodcastEVER

HERE IT IS! [ Podcastone.com Link ]
I had this conversation with Jericho following two nights without any sleep whatsoever. I had somehow agreed to do an appearance in Fargo North Dakota the night before #Raw in Detroit - an appearance that required 18 hours of traveling. I always make it a point to be in town the night before Raw, so accepting this appearance was...
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Talk Is Jericho

No, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. But, every once in a while, I get a chance to put a smile on the face of someone who has been going through a tough time. I like to think of my career in wrestling as an incredible education - but nothing I have learned in my 30 years in the business prepared me for a request I received from a good friend. He told me of a terrible situation where a young...
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Yes, it was 23 years ago today, following a match in Munich, Germany that I called my wife and told her I had good news and bad news. "The good news is, I'm coming home early. The bad news is, my right ear is not coming with me."

Real photos of real reactions. Nothing fake about it!
Here it is, the official trailer for #Chokeslam [ Youtube.com Link ]
I had a great time making this movie, and I think the fun is reflected in this trailer. I was thoroughly impressed with Chokeslam star Amanda Crew (best known for her role as Monica Hall on HBO's #SiliconValley) and her willingness to learn as much as she could about wrestling. During my time on the film, Amanda...
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Chokeslam Official Trailer

Chokeslam Starring Chris Marquette, Amanda Crew, Niall Matter, with Mick Foley and Michael Eklund. In theatres in Canada: Sneak Preview March 15th at select ...

I think I will remember last night's Raw for a long time.
Things really get rolling on the new season of Holy Foley when WWE Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon - WWE stops by for dinner - and refuses to leave! Join us for a season full of highbrow high jinx only on WWE Network!

OK, none of that is actually happening - a new season or Steph moving in - but I always got a kick out of this photo (taken pre-haircut, in our #McMahonFoleyConnection...
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Thank you to all of you who gave our show a chance, and invited us into your living room. Last night's episode of #HolyFoley was the 10th of 10 episodes, and I am really happy that WWE took a chance on us, and that we took a chance on doing the show. If you look closely in a few of the episodes (the scene where my son is playing the acoustic guitar in the Christmas room comes to...
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On countless occasions, while watching movies at the Foley house, that DB Sweeney was in, my parents would talk fondly about the years when the Sweeneys lived two houses down the street from us. DB is an acclaimed actor who has appeared in more than 50 movies, including "Fire in the Sky", "Eight Men Out", "Spawn", "Memphis Belle" and the recent "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone". My ...
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Tom Jones had retired by the time I got to the World Class territory in 1988. I got to know him mainly when he would set up the ring at some of our Oklahoma spot shows. Tom had been part of Skandor Akbar's "Devestation Incorporated, and Akbar spoke glowingly of him – often mentioning the Tom Jones was not a guy that anyone should mess with. I knew Tom had that solid...
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Wrestler Tom Jones passes away after suffering from dementia


I was fortunate to have been his colleague. I was honored to have been his friend. I am so happy to hear that Rick Rude is going to be inducted into the #WWEHOF. He was one of the greatest combinations of worker and character our business has ever known.

[ Wwe.me Link ]

“Ravishing” Rick Rude to enter WWE Hall of Fame


This Steven Butler original is just incredible. I love all the little #3FacesOfFoley touches. It's always flattering when someone uses their time and talent to let you know they enjoyed your career.
A lighthearted bit of in-ring tomfoolery turned tragic today when professional wrestling tag team The New Day were viciously attacked by a flock of owls, apparently enraged by the wrestlers’ repeated utterances of who, who, who.

New Day attacked by flock of hooting owls

Not going to lie; this one stung a little. I'm going to try to look at this one from the glass half-full perspective. Stephanie DID say some really nice things about me, before breaking out the heavy-duty emotional ammo.

Hell in a Cell - February 27, 2000 -my retirement match...or at least I thought it was. When I walked up that aisle in Hartford, Connecticut and turned to the crowd, I honestly thought I had wrestled for the last time. In a perfect world, I would have never come out of retirement. It was a great match, one of my all-time favorites; the perfect way to end a career.

I am very happy to announce that I will be attending the 2017 #ProWrestlingHallOfFame Induction Ceremony on May 20, 2017 in #WitchitaFalls Texas. I am proud to be among a great group of inductees like Sputnik Monroe, Luther Lindsay, Dirty Dick Raines, Yvon Robert, Susan Green and Shawn Michaels. I visited the #PWHF many times when it was located in #Amsterdam NY and I'm...
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Depression. Tough to write about - but far tougher to ignore. In this article, writer Martin Smith, who I learned about through his excellent wrestling articles #SnapmareNecks details his struggles with this relentless opponent. [ Snapmarenecks.com Link ]
Read it and share if you can. It might help others to know they're not alone in their own struggle.

Wrestling And Depression Part Deux