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Learn how to build cross-platform apps using your .NET skills with this FREE eBook! Download now: [ Link ]

E-book: Enterprise Developer's Guide to Building Five-Star Apps | Microsoft
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When you're coding so fast, the cursor is white hot.... (via @giphy)
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Do more of your end-to-end workflow without leaving Visual Studio 2017 with these Git features: [ Link ]

New Git Features in Visual Studio 2017
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Learn how to incorporate effective monitoring into your DevOps strategy: [ Link ]

What is Monitoring?
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Scott Hanselman shares Azure App Service hidden secrets: [ Link ]

Azure App Service Secrets and Web Site Hidden Gems
Get more done with the Productivity Power Tools extension for Visual Studio 2017. Download: [ Link ]

Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2017
Learn about why Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a key devops practice used alongside continuous delivery: [ Link ]

What is Infrastructure as Code?
When you run all the unit tests, and they all pass. (via @thecodinglove) #DevLife
Enter repeating code patterns more easily with Visual Studio Code snippets: [ Link ]
Develop, test, & deploy Blockchain apps on Azure. Get started: [ Link ]

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) | Microsoft Azure
Find out why microservices are beneficial to Dev Ops practices: [ Link ]

What are Microservices?
New take on public string. (via @codeproject) #DevHumor
Check out this handy Assembly Load Debugger for Visual Studio 2017: [ Link ]

Assembly Load Debugger for Visual Studio 2017
Use predictive modeling in SQL Server R Services to add intelligence to your app. Get started: [ Link ]

See what's new with Visual Studio 2017 and download it today!
Microsoft Visual Studio is streaming live with the Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event.
Visual Studio 2017 has arrived. Watch the live keynote and demos now: [ Link ]

Visual Studio 2017 is here!
Automate your Dev Ops pipeline with the Continuous Delivery Tools extension for Visual Studio. Download now: [ Link ]

Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio - Visual Studio Marketplace