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SQL Server can automate and accelerate machine model management at scale. Learn how: [ Link ]

SQL Server as a Machine Learning Model Management System
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Enjoy more choices in the cloud with open source on Azure. Try it free: [ Link ]

Open Source on Azure | Microsoft Azure
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Turn Visual Studio into a powerful Node.js dev environment. Get started: [ Link ]

Node.js Tools | Visual Studio
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Who can relate? (via @reddit) #FridayFunny #DevLife
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With the release of Visual Studio 2017, you can debug .NET Core on Unix over SSH. Here's how: [ Link ]

Debugging .NET Core on Unix over SSH
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This Web Hack Wednesday, create custom 404 middleware in ASP.NET Core. Watch on Channel 9: [ Link ]

Creating 404 middleware in ASP.NET core
Migrate from centralized version control to Git with these tips: [ Link ]

Migrate from centralized version control to Git
Build Visual Studio Code extensions in minutes with the Yeoman Extension Generator tool: [ Link ]

The Yo Code Visual Studio Code Extension Generator
Rinse and repeat. (via @dev_humor) #DevLife #FridayFunny
Request and deliver code feedback with pull requests in Visual Studio Team Services: [ Link ]

Get feedback with pull requests
Learn how to architect solutions using Azure Blockchain as a Service in this free course: [ Link ]

Microsoft Blockchain as a Service
The Accessibility Developer Hub contains documentation for developing inclusive software: [ Link ]

Developing accessible applications - Windows app development
The Azure DocumentDB SDK for Xamarin enables your mobile apps to interact directly with DocumentDB: [ Link ]

How To Build Planet Scale Mobile App in Minutes with Xamarin and DocumentDB
Accelerate your edit, compile, and debug loop with Visual Studio Code's built in debugger: [ Link ]

Debugging in Visual Studio Code
Code never lies… #devhumor
Hit F5 to start debugging your application in Visual Studio Code. More shortcuts: [ Link ]

Visual Studio Code Key Bindings
Get the complete picture of containerized Docker application lifecycle in this free #eBook: [ Link ]

Free eBook on "Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform"
Save and share code with Git in these three steps: [ Link ]

Save and share code with Git
Dive into .NET with this short video series: [ Link ]

.NET Standard