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Consider yourself a ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to containers? Take the #MSOpenness trivia challenge.
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It's Docker's 4th Anniversary this month & we have an exciting week lined up as we deep dive into the world of Open Source in the cloud ecosystem with Docker. Stay tuned! #MSOpenness [ Link ]
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Learn how #Xamarin and #Azure4Sure can help you create magnificent applications for #Android, #iOS and #windows. Register for an exclusive, expert-led workshop for developers: [ Link ]
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Devs, here’s an opportunity to develop your first cross-platform mobile application that runs on #Android, #iOS and @windows, with #Xamarin and #Azure4Sure. Register for Xamarin Dev Day: [ Link ]
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Industry leaders rely on 3 core trends to set their mobile apps apart. Learn from these insights to transform your mobile experiences and grow your business: [ Link ]
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Can you guess the network attack?
Learn how your C# and .NET skills can turn you into a native iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows mobile apps developer. Get end-to-end knowledge of mobile app development with Xamarin at the MS Tech Summit: [ Link ]
Hone your #cloud and infrastructure skills with #Microsoft experts at the #Microsoft Tech Summit in Bengaluru. Stay tuned for updates.
As you help businesses transform, you need new skills and technologies. Catch Corey Sanders (Director of Program Management for Microsoft Azure) live at the MS Tech Summit as discusses how Microsoft’s innovations in the cloud can provide the capabilities you need to succeed. Know more: [ Link ]
Build high-performance 2D and 3D games in DirectX to run on a variety of devices on the #Windows platform. Learn more about game development with #VisualStudio:
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Switch to a more reliable and scalable datacenter without compromising on your security and compliance needs. Learn about #Microsoft datacenters: [ Link ]
Data sharing with Blockchain technology holds interesting possibilites for the future in building secure apps. Start building for the next wave of technology by learning about Blockchain as a Service with Microsoft Azure with this free online course by #MicrosoftVirtualAcademy: [ Link ] #Azure4Sure
New updates have been added to the #Azure Security Center to help you defend against the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Check out the preview: [ Link ]
Learn to customize #VisualStudioCode to work the way you like to work. Get to know some of the most common key bindings across all major Operating Systems: [ Link ]
Learn all about the basic internal architecture of the #Azure App Service along with the best practices for certain scenarios: [ Link ] #Azure4Sure
Break execution of your program to examine your code, edit variables, view registers, and view the memory space used by your application. Learn what’s new in the #VisualStudio debugger: [ Link ]
Here's to women driving innovation in technology - #HappyWomensDay
View & modify your DocumentDB data while building your application within the #VisualStudio environment. Read more: [ Link ]
As #VisualStudio turns 20, we are thrilled to announce the launch of #VS2017. Here's a look at how Visual Studio has evolved over the years:
Read how you can monitor and review the performance and usage of your apps with #Azure Application Insights: [ Link ] #Azure4Sure