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So many accessories are out there these days. Do you have a favorite? Here are some of ours: [ Link ]

Microsoft Accessories for the mobile worker
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We've heard two common questions about Office. "Why should I want Office anyway?" and, "How do I choose the Office that's right for me?" How do you respond? Here is a list of reasons why your customers need office: [ Link ]

Office 5 for 5: Can you answer these common customer questions?
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Want to see the latest Windows devices? Here's a hands-on look at the newest devices built for Windows: [ Link ]

See the latest Windows devices from CES!
Take a look at why the Lumia 650 is the best choice for your business customers: [ Link ]

Microsoft Lumia 650—the smart choice at the right price
Did you miss our coverage from #CES2017? If so, check out the highlights here!
Want a cool #Windows10 tip? Here's how to set up multiple profiles with Windows Hello: [ Link ]

Windows 10 Tip: How to set up multiple profiles with Windows Hello
Do you OneDrive? How do you explain OneDrive to your customers? Take a look at this handy roadmap to see how to explain the value and benefits of OneDrive. [ Link ]

Why every customer needs OneDrive
How excited are you for #HaloWars2? Stop by ExpertZone to gear up and get ready for battle: [ Link ]

Halo Wars 2
What's at #CES2017? Take a look as we dive into Acer's newest device lineup.
Want more #CES2017? Peter from the Xbox team gives us a look at what #Lenovo has announced.
Ben goes hands on with a new product that was announced by Toshiba this week!
#CES2017 is packed! But, we have a seat for you to join us while we go live with MSI
More devices and technology with Dell!
Cool devices and even cooler technology with Dell. Join us LIVE!
Hey techies! Come check out what #Lenovo has in store for this year. Ben and Dave will be talking new devices, and showing us some great new features.
Watch exclusive interviews, see what's coming, ask us questions and let us know what you'd like to see! Want to see details on what's new with HP? Head over to ExpertZone for more details.

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Are you missing CES? Starting January 5th, tune in to see what's new. Ben Rudolph from our own Microsoft ExpertZone team will be streaming live on our Facebook page so make sure you're tuned in! Learn more about the newest gadgets on ExpertZone: [ Link ]

CES is here!
Want to know what upcoming devices and gadgets are coming? Join us from January 4-6th and see our very own Ben Rudolph (@BenThePCGuy) and Windows expert Dave Kane live - They'll be bringing you interviews, product announcements and other news from the show.

Stay tuned for action from the event: [ Link ]

Psst...CES is almost here