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Monitor real-time data streams for significant information with Azure Stream Analytics. Get started on GitHub: [ Link ]

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It happens... (via @quickmeme) #FridayFunny #DevLife
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Build a speech recognition device with Raspberry Pi in this Hackster project: [ Link ]

Raspberry pi speech recognition C#
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Name that film! Can you decode this movie title?
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Explore how Cortana Intelligence is improving driver safety through predictive insights in this experiment: [ Link ]
Imagine Cup is celebrating 15 years of awesome. Watch: [ Link ]

Code.FTW! - Imagine Cup Celebrates 15 Years
When we saw this we said: 01001000 01100001 00100000 01001000 01100001. (via @offthemarkcomic)
Harness the power of Azure and you could win $1K. Get started with the Hello Cloud sweepstakes: [ Link ]

Student Developer Hello Cloud 2017 Competitions | Imagine
Build an automated door in this facial recognition IoT project: [ Link ]

Windows IoT: Facial Recognition Door
Learn how to design & code a UWP app with a great user interface with the Microsoft Design Language: [ Link ]

Design Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app - UWP app developer
Can Azure Machine Learning help detect breast cancer? Find out: [ Link ]

Binary Classification: Breast cancer detection
Build an experiment that reads data from Azure DocumentDB into Azure Machine Learning: [ Link ]

Reading data from Azure DocumentDB in Azure Machine Learning
Software Engineer Margaret Hamilton stands next to code she wrote by hand that took man to the moon. (photo via MIT) #ThrowbackThursday
Students, you can download SQL Server Enterprise edition for FREE! Get it here: [ Link ]

Downloads SQL Server 2016 Enterprise | Imagine
Learn Python research applications in this Harvard edX course: [ Link ]
Explore your potential in the Azure Machine Learning Studio: [ Link ]

What is Azure Machine Learning Studio?
Build your computer science skills and solve real-world analytical program using Python in this MIT course: [ Link ]
In 1950, Turing developed his eponymous test to determine whether a machine's behavior is distinguishable from a human.
Build a simple data simulator for #machinelearning applications in the Azure Machine Learning Studio: [ Link ]

Data Simulator For Machine Learning