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Learn every trick in the eBook for providing Windows 10 IT support: [ Link ]
Microsoft Learning
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Your app building framework can work across Windows, Mac, and Linux … if it’s ASP.NET Core 1.0. Master it: [ Link ]
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Get the skills you need to perform! The Microsoft Professional Program empowers you with data science: [ Link ]
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This is you with Device Guard. [ Link ]
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Prepare for a cloud-first future! Microsoft Azure skills are the first step. [ Link ]
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If you work in data science, pay attention! Here are the latest updates from Women in Data Science 2017 conference. [ Link ]
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You’re already the expert. Make it official and get certified. It’ll help you lock down that promotion: [ Link ]
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Control and defend! Secure your Active Directory just like the experts do at Microsoft—get hands on: [ Link ]
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Data scientists, start digging into SQL Server 2016.
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PHP devs! Elevate your apps. Get 'em to the cloud: [ Link ]
WootWOOT!!! Happy 20th Birthday Visual Studio. We'll be celebrating it together with you on March 7th as the Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event streams right to your browser.

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