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When you inadvertently photobomb your staredown Thank you Singapore it's been fun!
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Tried my hand at making traditional Teh-Tarik today and it's WAY harder than it looks! The brewing process involves a "pulling" technique that had me struggling! Tate-tarik anyone?!
for the video on my YouTube channel the Miesha Tate Show.
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Seeing the sights in Singapore, why not jump on the Mega Zipline in Sentosa!
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In case you missed it... the new podcast is out and now live on YouTube as well as iTunes and Stitcher! Here Doc Edwards and I show you how to make Kefir! Natures probiotic! Go watch and subscribe to my channel!
YouTube: [ Youtu.be Link ]
iTunes: itun.es/us/WzhBab.c
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New podcast is out!! Doctor Edwards drops a knowledge bomb on all of us again! We even explain how to make your own kefir, natures probiotic drink no added chemicals or any of the nasty stuff! Great for your animals too! Checkout The Miesha Tate Show on iTunes or Stitcher for androids.

Unfortunately we had a hiccup with the YouTube portion of the podcast as YouTube pulled it and said it was...
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Hello Perth Australia! I'm here, come say hello!
Photo shoot today!
If you haven't yet checked out my latest podcast, go listen! Brain cancer survivor & how he did it! itun.es/us/WzhBab.c
Catch me at 6pm PST on FS2 for UFC Tonight
I just wanted to share with you my new favorite morning drink! Powered by BochaSweet a healthy all natural organic non GMO sugar replacement! Zero caleries, zero carbs, won't spike your blood sugar and tastes just like the real thing! Pretty dang cool!
-16oz Hot Water
-1 organic green tea packet -sprinkle of cinnamon -splash of apple cider vinegar -1 to 2 tbs of BochaSweet
No she's not, she has already been submitted by Cindy Dandois and is not as established, Cindy has already proven herself let her fight next for the UFC title and then Megan can rematch her for the IFC title after she is Champ

Is Megan Anderson really the next contender for UFC's 145lb belt, or should it be Cindy Dandois?

Walking out to weighins w my #12thMan flag! Supporting the Seahawks all the way today! GOHAWKS!!
Well the cast is off my face, my nose is sensitive in some spots and numb in others so strange! There is still a bit of swelling and purple eyeshadow covers the remaining bits of bruising nicely but other than that I'm happy with how quickly I'm healing up! #WolverineStatus (oh and there's no filter!)
Nose surgery appears to have gone well, didn't do anything major just had the previous broken pieces smoothed out and the septum straightened so I can breathe again!!! It sucks right now but I can't wait for it to be healed up so I can enjoy the luxury of breathing with ease!
It's been a crazy year I'm kissing goodbye, I've learned a lot in 2016 and I learned I still have a lot to learn! Excited for 2017
With the champ #AndStill I told you she hits hard
#Repost @undisputedonfs1 with @repostapp
@mieshatate joined us this morning to preview #ufc207. She thinks @rondarousey will lose to Amanda Nunes (@amanda_leoa).
Merry Christmas everyone!!!