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The wait is almost over. PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is shipping this time next week! Pre-order here: [ Mghty.pe Link ]

Who's getting it?
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Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped – and no one today knows why.

Disney's Moana is coming to DVD and Blu-ray soon. Pre-order your copy now! [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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Did you know what this sign on the product packaging means? ????
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Energy Saving Lamp from Daily Deals, 24hr only [ Mghty.pe Link ]

Stock up!
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Planning on taking your Nintendo Switch out and about? You'll need a case to keep it safe. Pre-order a Nintendo Switch Carry Case, these will be releasing on the same day as the console, March 3rd. The also come bundled with a Screen Protector! [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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Protect your iPhone 7 or 7+ with these cool cases. Now on special [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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❤❤❤ This video will make your heart melt...

Pet lovers, we just kicked off our pet accessory sale: [ Mghty.pe Link ] ????
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Track what you're made of, not just your steps TomTom Touch fitness tracker makes other trackers old news because as well as tracking steps, sleep and heart rate, it tracks your body composition

Grab one now from today's Daily Deals: [ Mghty.pe Link ]
Meet Osmo, award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad. Osmo has been adopted in over 15,000 schools in 42 countries around the world. Watch the video to learn more.

We have a special price from our Daily Deals now: [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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Make your lips shine with these hydrating Burt's Bees kissable colour sets made from all natural ingredients. Rhubarb & watermelon, peony & fig, pomegranate, mango... which one would you choose? [ Mghty.pe Link ]

Check out what this beauty blogger finds about the product: [ Lani-loves.com Link ]
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Did you see this last night?

"Current bank deposit rates are about 3 to 4 percent, the annual average return on the New Zealand stock exchange over the last 10 years just over 6 percent, but Lego experts believe if you really know your stuff you can get an average annual return of 10 per cent on your bricks." ✌

Start collecting now: [ Mghty.pe Link ]
And show us your LEGO collection photos...
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How to make serious cash from ... Lego

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Want to win a $100 Mighty Ape voucher to spend at your favourite online store?

Next time you order from Mighty Ape, snap a picture of your order when it arrives and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MightyApe and you're in the draw to win. You can also enter on Facebook by posting your picture directly on the Mighty Ape Facebook page with the hashtag #MightyApe – it's that...
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Share Your Order & Win a $100 Mighty Ape Voucher

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From desserts to pizza, create your favorite Pokemon dishes with 35 easy fun recipes. Pokeball sushi roll, Pikachu ramen or mashed Meowth potatoes... nom nom nom ???? [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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Science fiction film Arrival starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker is shipping today on DVD and Blu-ray: [ Mghty.pe Link ]

“A Spielberg-Nolan lovechild of sorts, wondrous and mind-bending in equal parts, Denis Villeneuve's latest is a quintessential science-fiction blockbuster steeped in genre traditions and made singular by Amy Adams's transpor­ting performance.” – Film...
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❤ clocks? Find the perfect one for your home from our Karlsson Clock sale [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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The perfect gift for wine lovers Wine bottle toilet brush on Daily Deals ending midday: [ Mghty.pe Link ]
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Get things organised with Washi tape! Big range of colours and patterns: [ Mghty.pe Link ] Get creative now
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Jack Reacher is returning on DVD and Blu-ray on Wednesday this week in Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back: [ Mghty.pe Link ]

Tom Cruise returns as Jack Reacher in this sequel based on Lee Child's bestselling novel Never Go Back, which finds the itinerant problem-solver accused of murder, and learning that he may have a child he has never met.
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Our hottest Christmas games - Watch Ya Mouth and Cards Against Humanity - are back in stock!

Make sure you add some of these to your Birthday and Christmas present stockpile!

Watch Ya Mouth: [ Mghty.pe Link ]

Cards Against Humanity: [ Mghty.pe Link ]