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2SEXY Ute?
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Whenever we eat out in the USA, we end up being given more sauce than we could ever need - why do they do that?

Meanwhile in Australia we have to pay 50 cents for a tiny packet - WTF?

Yes our containers are very clever because you squeeze them in half blah blah. But $0.50 for 14 grams - that's more than fuel, water and... well pretty much more expensive than anything!

Meanwhile USA gives...
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01/18/2017 at 20:37. Facebook
Do you ever wish you could have all your old cars back again?

(Missing my GTiR today)
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You asked for it so here they are - MCM shirts now available in 3XL and shipped worldwide to your door!

[ Mightycarmods.com Link ]
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Every now and then we look at a car we've just finished and think "WTF have we just done!?"

New season of MCM kicks off in February!
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01/17/2017 at 05:56. Facebook
Masking tape? Never heard of it.
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"Finished" and "project car" are rarely used in the same sentence, there's always things to improve. #supergramps
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A turbo MCM cake - impressive!
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MCM episodes kick off again for 2017 in February. This season is going to be epic!
What ones of mods and servicing do you need to keep your car going through winter?
Every January and every July #supergramps gets some mad fresh oil and new a filter. #dailydriven #castroledge
When you see it... "maintenance free"
This is what it feels like when you get a parking fine in Queensland for staying longer than permitted, then realise it's only $60...
Thanks to "Packer Man" who made this mad image.
It's our Birthday! 9 years ago we uploaded our first video to YouTube. Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported us over the years. We are really proud to be part of such an awesome, international community with all of you. Here's to another 9 years and more!
Loving the sneaky MCM flag across the back seat... (shout out to Estonia!)

[ Mightycarmods.com Link ]

Get your own MCM or CHOPPED FINGERS garage flag for just $20 - we ship worldwide!
Hello Finland and other snowy places. We want to see your snow covered car photos! We'd join in - but it's the middle of Summer here...
Hanging in my home town of Grafton in country New South Wales. I learned to drive a tractor here before I was old enough to drive.

Went to a tiny place called Mumma Mia Pizza in Junction Hill and was quite literally the best pizza I've ever had so if you live there or are passing through go get some!