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Mike Bloomberg
12/06/2016 at 14:33. Facebook
Our new Risky Business report, “From Risk to Return: Investing in a Clean Energy Economy” clarifies not only the environmental benefits of low-carbon energy but also the significant new opportunities it will create for American business.

Financial heavyweights highlight attractive investment prospects for low carbon economy

Mike Bloomberg
12/05/2016 at 14:58. Facebook
10 years ago, we began our tobacco control initiative. India, China, Uruguay, and Turkey are just a few examples where we’ve seen progress in reducing tobacco use. We still have a long way to go – especially in low- and middle-income countries, but our new investment will help accelerate these efforts: [ Bloombg.org Link ].
Mike Bloomberg
12/05/2016 at 13:13. Facebook
Tobacco use is expected to kill 1 billion people this century if nothing is done. Reducing tobacco use is one of our greatest opportunities to save lives and prevent suffering: [ Mikebloom.bg Link ].
We have a lot of hard work ahead, but these mayors and C40 Cities have never been in a better position to lead the way: [ Mikebloom.bg Link ].
Cities continue to be bright spots for progress on climate change. Now, C40 Cities’ new “Deadline 2020” report examines the climate action tactics that work, providing concrete steps to reduce emissions and to increase the collaboration necessary to deliver the Paris Agreement.

C40: Deadline 2020 Report

Mayors, businesses, and citizens will continue working to reduce emissions because they understand that protecting the planet also make cities healthier, stronger, and more competitive. Meaningful local action through networks like the Global Covenant of Mayors will enable city leaders to lead the charge: [ Mikebloom.bg Link ].

Mayors look to tackle climate change at city level

Today, mayors from the world’s largest and most influential cities will join urban and sustainability leaders as we chart the path for the future of climate action – ushering in new leadership with our C40 Cities Chair-elect, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The 2016 C40 Mayors Summit

Bloomberg Philanthropies received many innovative ideas for this year’s Mayors Challenge, capturing the diversity and creativity of Latin American and Caribbean cities. Congratulations to the five winning cities – Bogotá, Guadalajara, Medellín, Santiago, and São Paulo – whose ideas have the potential to improve lives across the region and set examples for other cities around the world.
The bet—while risky—offered a strong opportunity for philanthropy to play a role.

10 Years Later: Bloomberg's Big Bet on Tobacco Reduction

C40 Cities is leading the way in reducing carbon emissions and protecting citizens from potential risks. This year’s Mayors Summit and C40 Cities Awards ceremony will bring those local leaders together to celebrate their success and chart the next steps needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. [ Mikebloom.bg Link ]
“Making a difference in people’s lives – and seeing it with your own eyes – is perhaps the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do. If you want to fully enjoy life – give.” – an excerpt from Mike Bloomberg’s Giving Pledge letter featured in the National Museum of American History's new exhibit “Giving in America.” Read the full letter: [ Mikebloom.bg Link ]. #GivingTuesday
Every year, important health stories go unnoticed around the world. The Untold Global Health Stories of 2017 Contest, hosted by NPR, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is working to change that by asking us to share what we think are the most underreported public health developments.

Enter the Untold Global Health Stories of 2017 Contest

"Once viewed as measures likely to find support only in largely health-conscious cities like Berkeley and Boulder, soda taxes have emerged as a bountiful revenue source for cash-strapped local governments to fund early childhood education, public safety and deficit reduction. Soda tax advocates say they believe more cities will now consider their own taxes on sweetened beverages to combat...
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As Soda Taxes Gain Wider Acceptance, Your Bottle May Be Next

Sharing one of my favorite New York City holiday traditions with Jasper. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! #MacysParade
The U.S.’s success in fighting climate change has never been primarily dependent on Washington: Our progress has been driven by cities, businesses and citizens – and none of them are letting up now.

Washington Won't Have Last Word on Climate Change

Coal is dying as a result of economics, not politics, and it’s not coming back. #BeyondCoal

Environmentalists get a dose of good news

Good to meet with Britain's new PM Theresa May in London, a city I often think of as a second home.
Now more than ever, cities and local climate action solutions are key to accelerating progress on climate change – despite any roadblocks that come our way. #COP22

Lessons from Marrakech: It's Time to Invest in Cities | The Huffington Post

At Bloomberg, we believe collaboration among sectors helps economies grow. That's why our second Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators forum is bringing together leaders in government, business, media, and technology to discuss ways to better use data and drive growth. #ABMI2016

Data can fuel Africa's economic growth

Today, Shanghai officials have taken historic action to make all public spaces smoke-free and protect the lives of millions in China – home to the largest number of smokers in the world.

Stricter smoking ban from March