How to tell if he's a jerk within the first 10 mins of a date PLUS What's your weird bathroom habit?

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If you're about to be a bridesmaid for the first time, you should know that a) it's so much fun! But also b) it's a little more than clinking glasses and looking pretty -Em

7 Things You Agree to When You Say "Yes" to Being a Bridesmaid
It is cute if a girl does baby talk? PLUS the latest drama with the Cash Me Outside girl.

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Cameltoes are making a comeback in 2017 - hot or not? PLUS The Real Housewives of Sydney and The Week That Was! [ Link ]

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Apparently cameltoes are the new thing for 2017 - to the point where a company is making undies that accentuate the shape! Emma says girls always try to hide it but Mike E reckons they're hot! Do you agree? Should we be displaying our cameltoes loud and proud?!
Ft. Zara Larsson PLUS Producer Nat's dating debacle - what do you do when you've left something at someone's house but you don't wanna see them again?

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Heaps of you were super pissed at Jessica this morning - is she a bad person for what she expects on a date? Listen again here and sound off below!

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They've made a "discovery beyond our solar system"

NASA To Make Huge Announcement About Life On Other Planets