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It’s a beautiful day in Toronto and it’s got me thinking that it’s a good day to BBQ. Today’s #tbt comes from #HolmesAndHolmes when Mike Holmes Jr. asked me to help put his BBQ together - and didn’t even provide any meat!
Mike Holmes
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Any crack you find in your foundation deserves your attention, however, how you resolve the issue may vary. Here’s a starter guide to cracks in your foundation - but remember, it never hurts to bring in the experts - foundations aren’t a DIY project.

Mike Holmes: Building and maintaining a strong foundation will serve you well

Mike Holmes
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Planning a kitchen renovation? When redesigning your space think about your three major workstations: the refrigerator, stove, and sink. Picture them in a triangle formation - each station should be between 4 and 9 feet of each other. This is designed to minimize the number of steps to get from point to point. #TipTuesday
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Family Day weekend is here for some Canadians. Whether it's a long weekend or not, I hope you get some time to relax. I'll be doing some work in my garage - and that's relaxing for me.
#tbt to the first episode of Holmes Makes It Right. Clare and I are just about to go check out her roof. Remember this episode?
Are you starting to think about spring renovations? Before signing the dotted line, make sure you're planning it the right way. #TipTuesday

Mike’s Tips to Planning a Reno Right

Have I got you thinking about building for life yet? Before you draw up your blueprints, take a look at some of my final thoughts on the matter. Is your current home the right choice for a universal build? As much as you love it, It may not be.

Mike Holmes: Bungalows are a good bet if you want a house to last a lifetime

Today’s #tbt comes from the #HolmesMakesItRight episode Money For Nothing. Taking a quick break on the job site. Did you have a favourite episode?
How powerful is your bathroom exhaust fan? I like to use the tissue test. Hold a tissue or piece of toilet paper up to the fan while it’s on and see if it holds the tissue in place. You’ll want a good bathroom fan to remove any moist air - I recommend running it for at least 30 minutes after use - and ideally, the fan will be as high as possible, because warm air is pushed up. #TipTuesday
People often renovate with the idea of aesthetics in mind - adding a new coat of paint, or buying brand new stainless steel appliances. But if you’re planning on staying in your home for life it makes sense to renovate with accessibility in mind - even if you’re still young.

Mike Holmes: Renovating now for future accessibility

I’m all about building better - that means building houses using the best products to create healthier homes for homeowners and their families.

You can read what I have to say about building smarter in the winter edition of the Design Develop Construct Journal. Thanks to my #partners Vipeq USA, Amvic Building System, Duvanco Homes Inc., and DuRock for the support.

Building Right, On-Screen and Off | DDC Journal

Going way back into the vault for today’s #tbt. Here’s one from #HolmesOnHomes - remember #LienOnMe?
My grandkids love their toys, but did you know certain toys, especially teething or water toys can be especially susceptible to mould? When you clean your children’s toys make sure you’re cleaning them properly. And remember, when it comes to mould, never clean with bleach. Concrobium Mold Solutions #TipTuesday #partner
I believe we should be building for the future, and I think that sustainability is a big part of that. I’m happy to see my Holmes Approved Homes builders getting recognized for doing it right!
If you’re planning to stay in your home as long as possible, the time to take on accessibility projects is before they're needed.

Mike Holmes: Build now for a lifetime of living

#tbt to the #HolmesOnHomes days. This one’s from season 6, Lack of Truss. Do you remember this episode?
It’s #BellLetsTalk day folks. Each video view will provide 5¢ towards mental health initiatives, so make sure you give this one a look.
I hate seeing things like this - I would never want to see a downspout dropping water onto a lower part of my roof before draining into another gutter. And I would always install a downspout extension to make sure I’m keeping water away from my foundation. #TipTuesday
Building with sustainability in mind just makes sense. While not everyone will be able to incorporate solar or wind energy into the homes, there are still steps you can take to ensure that your home is using its energy efficiently.

Mike Holmes: Building and renovating homes that are more energy efficient

Getting ready to put the sword in the stone at High Park. Do you remember this episode of Holmes Makes It Right? #tbt