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Don’t forget that #EarthHour2017 is tonight at 8:30pm. Turn off as much as you can - let’s #makeitright!
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This Sunday at 9pm on #CBC we’re looking back at Canadian history in #CanadaTheStoryOfUs. Take a look.
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Found some time to squeeze in a quick vacation. Need to refuel before getting started on some exciting upcoming projects.
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I love this! Thanks for joining in on our #PitchThePlastic challenge SOS Children's Villages Canada!
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For #EarthHour2017 psychic Carl has a few predictions. At 8:30pm on March 25 power down as much as you can. Together we can #makeitright
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Someone told me it’s #NationalPuppyDay and even if he’s not a pup anymore, here's one of Charlie and I from a few years ago - perfect for today’s #tbt
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It’s #WorldWaterDay - join my family and I as we #PitchThePlastic. Don’t forget to send us your photos as we take on our 30 day challenge to eliminate our disposable water bottle usage. Sherry Holmes Mike Holmes Jr.
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03/21/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
For #WorldWaterDay my family and I are taking part in a 30 day water challenge. For the next 30 days we’re committed to using our reusable glass water bottles instead of disposable plastic.

Send us a photo of you using your reusable bottles with #PitchThePlastic and you could win your own Make It Right shirt.

I want to see all of you taking part - but I challenge Sarah Richardson, Scott...
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Keeping water out of your home should be one of your biggest priorities. If you’re taking on landscaping projects now that it’s spring - read this and make sure to plan carefully.

Mike Holmes: Top tips to keep water out of your home

Here’s #throwbackThursday from a long time ago. Can you tell I wasn’t ready for the camera? #tbt
Whenever I change my clocks - I change the batteries in my smoke detectors. Here’s a reminder to change yours if you didn't this weekend. #TipTuesday #SpringAhead
A strong foundation makes for a strong home. You want something that will last and keep the water from seeping into your home. The last thing you want to deal with is water damage - which can include mould or rot.

Mike Holmes: A good home needs a solid foundation that will last

Here’s what Sherry Holmes has to say about why #EqualityMatters in the skilled trades. It’s so important to remove the barriers people face in getting involved in our industry, so we can continue to have talented tradespeople for years to come.

Tag a woman working in the skilled trades and let’s show them our support during #InternationalWomensDay - and beyond. #IWD2017
Last week I got a lot of great questions about scale in your appliances. Here’s what I use in my home to prevent and breakdown existing scale in my appliances, like your water heater, and even your dishwasher.

#TipTuesday #partner Scalesweeper
Some of the comments on this article articulate why it’s important to break down the barriers people face getting in to the trades. It’s #InternationalWomensDay this week and I’m so proud of my daughter Sherry Holmes for becoming a leader for other women who want to be part of our industry. You can read a little about her decade in the trades here.

Mike Holmes: Call for more women to work in the trades

Today’s #tbt comes from the To Mike From Aggie episode of #HolmesMakesItRight. Mike Holmes Jr. and I were sharing a laugh as he worked on her new purple kitchen. I think I described it as a risky colour. What do you think?
I have a lot of calcium in my home's water supply - so I know firsthand the damage scale buildup can cause in our appliances. In fact, I had to replace my brand new hot water heater after four years because scale broke down the barrel inside my heater. Now, should I have had to do that after four years? Definitely not.

Have you noticed anything like this happening in your home? Leave me a...
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It’s been a while since I talked about furnace filters. It’s a good idea to replace them at least every three months - but during the winter when your system is working harder, changing them monthly is a safe bet. If you need a reminder to change your filter, here it is. #TipTuesday
A finished basement can add a lot of value - both in its resale amount, and by giving your family some much needed extra space. Here are some options to consider when finishing your basement to make it right.

Mike Holmes: Finished basements raise house values

I’ll be appearing on the Dr. Oz Show this Monday talking about healthy homes. Check your listings to see when it’s on near you. Concrobium Mold Solutions