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Mike Holmes
12/06/2016 at 21:01. Facebook
I love a festive Christmas tree, so I want mine to stay fresh as long as possible. Check out these tips from Concrobium Mold Solutions to keep yours looking great up to the big day. #TipTuesday [ Bit.ly Link ]
Mike Holmes
12/05/2016 at 21:03. Facebook
Going solar is a big job with pros and cons. But I really believe that in order to create a sustainable future, solar energy is what we should all hope to aspire to.

Mike Holmes: Solar power is a smart investment for the long term

Using timers to automatically shut off lights and appliances when they’re less likely to be used is a low effort way to help save a little bit on your energy costs. Moving into the holiday season, set your lights on a timer, so you never have to worry if you forgot to turn the lights off before bed- whether the lights are on the trees, or your son. #TipTuesday
Living through a renovation with your partner is a challenge. I call it divorce dust for a reason. But if you prepare for it - and communicate, you can make the renovation process as smooth as possible.

Mike Holmes: You'll get renovation stress, but here's how to mitigate it

Remember, Mike Holmes Jr.'s walls weren’t thick enough to bring the R-Value up to code. We solved that by also insulating from the outside. If you can insulate and thermal break the house from the outside, the inside air, stays inside. #HolmesAndHolmes
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I’m always thankful for my great family and friends. What are you thankful for this year?
Like #HolmesAndHolmes? Send us in to the top 3 and vote for us as one of your favourite new Canadian shows of the season.

Poll: Which three new Canadian series are your fall favourites? | TV, eh?

A lot of people ask me for tips on hiring the right contractor. Before hiring a contractor always review their proposal and quote. They should include every detail about the job. If they’re too vague, move on. #TipTuesday
I recommend bringing the pros in when it comes to seriously clogged pipes. But just because the toilets flush, doesn’t mean the plumbing in your home checks out. If your home still has clay pipes, you may need to replace them, as they are brittle and can crack easily. [ Nationalpost.com Link ]

Mike Holmes: Here's what to do when good drains turn bad

Mike Holmes Jr. is taking your questions LIVE on Facebook. Learn how you can take action on radon this #RadonActionMonth and leave him your questions.
November is #RadonActionMonth so I want to make sure my fans know how to protect themselves from this silent killer. The only way to know if your house has radon levels above the Health Canada recommended level of 200 Bq/m3 is to test for it.

If you have a question about radon, ask it here, and Mike Holmes Jr. may answer it during his #FacebookLive chat on November 15 at 12pm.

Mike Holmes: Catch that silent killer before it gets into your house

I love seeing my son do his part to help teach homeowners about the dangers of radon in the home. If you have a question about radon for his upcoming #FacebookLive on November 15, leave it here, and he might have an answer to help you make it right. #RadonActionMonth
I love seeing that Ontario is improving its process when it comes to home inspectors. I always recommend getting a home inspection before buying, because getting one without is basically buying blind. Here are a few tips to finding an inspector you can trust:

Do your research first - and ask you friends and family if they know any good ones.

Interview them - ask how long they’ve been in the...
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Ontario bill would ban certain door-to-door sales, license home inspectors

Some people don’t take indoor air quality issues seriously because they’re not always something you can see. Breathing any contaminant over time can make you sick. Radon, for example, is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada (only behind smoking) - and many people don’t know if they have it in their home. November is #RadonActionMonth in Canada, and I recommend having your home...
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Mike Holmes: Ventilation can suffer in a home that's too airtight

When I change the clocks, I change the batteries in my carbon monoxide & smoke detectors. Here’s your reminder to change yours, too #COsafety
You may learn something new about me before #HolmesAndHolmes premieres.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Mike Holmes

Follow along with us and don't forget to join in on our Facebook Live at 12pm. #HolmesAndHolmes
When you build smart everyone wins. I’m happy to see Alberta updating their building codes in a way that will help the province reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we can all do our part to help build a sustainable future.

Province hammers out energy efficiencies in new buildings | Alberta.ca

Today marks the first day of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. This is your reminder to test your CO and smoke detectors monthly #TipTuesday #COsafety