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yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.
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this is a video of me reading "Glass House," one of the poems in Tear Drops & Balloons: my first book of poetry. ...if u care u can Pre-order it at mikeposner.co/web ...they ship March 17...love y'all ❎
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❎❎❎❎❎❎ @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz March 24 March 24 March 24 March 24 March 24 March 24 March 24 March 24
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One of the more crass poems from Tear Drops & Balloons: a book of poetry. Available March 17 on amazon, Audible, and my website. Pre-order now on mikeposner.co/web
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Nothing can stop us we're all the way up #FatJoeVoice (on the Pop Rising playlist on Spotify ) link doe: [ Mikeposner.co Link ]

Pop Rising, a playlist by Spotify

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The Grey Remix y'all! I'm headed to Hong Kong!!!!! Wish me safe travels.
[ Spotify.com Link ]
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I can't tell you how proud I am of my first book of poetry: Tear Drops & Balloons. It might actually be better than any other one I've made thus far. I'll sign the next 20 copies Pre-ordered from my website . Link: mikeposner.co/web
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And I'm wrapped round yo faaaaangaaaaah....now on Spotify's Hot Rhythmic playlist mikeposner.co/Hot

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Blackbear + @mikeposner = @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz /\/\ @mansionz mansionz
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us against the world @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz mansionz
Word of the day is LOVE ...try to give to someone...u don't have to say a word to love someone.
The Legendary Mike@Posner Band.
2/26 — Dragonland Festival — Hong Kong, Hong Kong
3/5 — Okeechobee Festival — Okeechobee, FL
3/30 — El Plaza Condesa — Mexico City, Mexico
4/1 — Pa'l Norte 2017 — Monterrey, Mexico
4/2 — Paper Tiger — San Antonio, TX
4/6 — Variety Playhouse — Atlanta, GA
4/14 — The Underground — Charlotte, NC
4/15 — Cat's Cradle — Carrboro, NC
4/16 — Irving Plaza — New York,...
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how are we so ugly and yet so beautiful at the same time? Demian was right. Abraxas ✨.
Arms of a Strangerrrrrrrrr ....has been reincarnated.... AGAIN ...good job Grey
[ Mikeposner.co Link ]

In The Arms Of A Stranger - Grey Remix

@mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz ❎❎❎❎❎❎ @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz mansionz
new Arms of a Stranger version by Grey ???? ???? ????
I hate all the thingz that I love mansionz
Demi Lovato did u know that ur gorgeous????
okay all u crazy producers ....here are all the acapella files to my last album for free download....have fun ✌ mikeposner.co/acapellas

At Night, Alone. Acapellas

@mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz @mansionz mansionz