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Editing a video for tomorrow!
Mike Tompkins
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Working on a new video for this week!!
Mike Tompkins
01/16/2017 at 17:27. Facebook
We're all just normal people. We all have a platform, could be 2 people could be 20 million. No matter the size of your platform my hope is that we all be running after a purpose greater than ourselves. Spread some love today #mlkday #mlk
Mike Tompkins
01/12/2017 at 19:08. Facebook
‪ Trick is to use our son as a shield so we can't get shot. [ Youtube.com Link ]

Epic Nerf Gun Battle Husband vs Wife - YouTube

Ever thrown a rock in a frozen pond? It's awesome!!
Yo! Submit videos of you ringing in the new year for my first video of 2017! Want to see how all of you celebrated the new year.

[ Goo.gl Link ]

New Year 2017- Audience Submission

Enjoying my two weeks of retirement. I'll be back very soon :) thanks @youtube for the outfit!
Watching in amazement how this kid is growing up in front of my eyes!
‪Was a great Christmas Day! Here's our vlog from yesterday! #TompkinsLife

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Christmas Special!! - YouTube

Last minute shoppers @dashtompkins
@dashtompkins dancing on the #Dancember 24hour live stream happening now! 1 hour left! In support of my favorite organization @convoyofhope - donate now! [ Convoyofhope.org Link ]
Got some really special performances planned tonight! Make sure you tune in! Sing Presents: Holiday Remix Live On YouTube featuring performances from many of your favorite artists. #SingHolidayRemix Watch it here: [ Unvrs.al Link ]
NEW VIDEO! Sometimes you just have to bust out the tunes. I know Josh Bath from “The Earliest Show” feels me on that one. Check out the new morning show spoof from Cap'n Crunch and Funny or Die #EarliestShow #ad: bit.ly/FoDCapN1
Had way too much fun at a Five Star Senior Living community. These seniors have way more energy than I do! Haha!
A real throwback! That's me on the right! Haha! Love my siblings.