Milka Ski Stars
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Congratulations for rank #3, Michi Kirchgasser in Crans Montana!
Milka Ski Stars
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Good luck to our Milka Ski Stars Šárka Strachová and Michi Kirchgasser for todays Ladies' Slalom in St. Moritz! First race begins 9:45h!
Congratulations to Tessa Worley for place #1! Well done!
Fingers crossed for our Milka Ski Stars Tessa Worley, Viktoria Rebensburg, Michi Kirchgasser and Anna Veith for today’s Ladies' Giant Slalom in St. Moritz! First race begins 9:45h!
Congratulations to Tessa Worley and the entire French team for rank #1 in todays team race!
Thumbs up for our Milka Ski Stars Viktoria Rebensburg and Tessa Worley for today’s team race in St. Moritz! Starting at 12h!
Congratulations to Michi Kirchgasser for rank #3 in the Ladies' Alpine Combined today! Well done!
Keep your fingers crossed for the Milka Ski Stars today in St.Moritz Michi Kirchgasser #3 and Elena Curtoni #10 start today.
Good luck to our Milka Ski Stars in St. Moritz now! Fingers crossed for Elena Curtoni #1, Viktoria Rebensburg #13, Anna Veith #17 and Tessa Worley #18!
Happy Birthday Elena Curtoni!
We are very happy to see Anna Veith back on the podium! Thank you for your ongoing tender support!
What a Sunday for our Milka Ski Stars! Congratulations to Andreas Wellinger for rank #1 and thumbs up for a very happy Anna Veith rank #3, Viktoria Rebensburg #5 and Elena Curtoni #8 in the Ladies' Super G!
Thumbs up for Viktoria Rebensburg for rank #4 in todays Ladies' Downhill in Cortina d`Ampezzo!
Congratulations to Federica Brignone for place #1, Tessa Worley #2 and Marta Bassino #3 in today Ladies' Giant Slalom! Well done Tessa!
What a day for the Milka Ski Stars! Thumbs up for Andreas Wellinger for rank #2 in Zakopane, Tessa Worley for #5 and Elena Curtoni for #6 in Garmisch Partenkirchen!
Congratulations to Lindsey Vonn for rank #1, Lara Gut #2 and Viktoria Rebensburg #3 in todays Ladies' Downhill in Garmisch Partenkirchen
Back to training for the next races – here Tessa Worley doing speed exercises!
Congratulations to Kamil Stoch - Oficjalna strona for place #1, Stefan Kraft #2 and our Milka Ski Stars Andreas Wellinger#3 in yesterdays races in Wisla! Thumbs up!
Best of moments of Anna Veith with Tina Maze! #milkamoment