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The battle may be done, but your winner is yet to be crowned. Discover who will secure an AfterCluv Dancelab record deal – all revealed tomorrow! #MillerSoundClash
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We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Aftercluv Dancelab – Universal Music’s Latin American dance division. We are proud to reveal that After Cluv have signed our top 3 winners of Miller SoundClash 2015 – Augusto Yepes (Colombia), Feelgoodsmalls (Canada) and DJ Rama (Argentina). Stay tuned for their upcoming track releases in 2016! #ItsMillerTime #MillerSoundClash
Miller Genuine Draft 12/21/2015
Party selfie season.
Party selfie season
Mary Margarete Clark
The power to bring people together.
The power to bring people together
Yves Lespérance
Mary Margarete Clark
Feelgoodsmalls DJ career is going from strength to strength in the wake of Miller SoundClash 2015!
MGD. Drink in the atmosphere and feel the beat.
Mexico’s BSNO loves that he can share his passion for music with people when he DJs. Hear from the man himself about how he enjoyed Miller SoundClash 2015!