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Get Ready .. WINTER is coming !!
When Winnie’s owner entered a nursing home, no one found her a new home, even though she was pregnant. When neighbors realized Winnie was alone, and had a litter of 5 puppies, they called SICSA Pet Adoption Center to immediately get this dog medical care and attention.

Woman Goes Into Nursing Home, Then Neighbors Realize Her Pregnant Yorkie Has Been Alone One Month

Good news, people! The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is back! The collection features things like:

The Cruel And Kind Realities Of Nature Are Highlighted In This Wildlife Photo Contest

ooh my lovely <3 :* :*
My Best Friend :* <3
❤Tulips only bloom for 3-7 days in the spring
When the principal notified Farrah Abraham that her daughter was wearing a full face of makeup, the mother shockingly revealed she didn't mind. Then she told the principal to take a good look in the mirror.

Principal Tells Mom Her 7-Year-Old Wears Makeup, Mom Says She Doesn’t Care

This guy's dance style is crazy!

by 제이블랙 & 핑키칙스 - J Black & Pinky Cheeks
Sometimes when taking photos and posting them online, or using them in advertisements, little adjustments and edits are needed to correct and improve the image.

See If You Can Spot The Photoshop Mistakes

Charming Germany <3
Do not look at me >:(
There are people out there who don't believe dogs can feel powerful emotions, like thankfulness, happiness, or love. But watch this little girl's face, and you'll see she's smiling!

Dog Forced To Grow Up In A Rust Box Gets Emotional When She Touches Grass For The First Time

His reaction when it bursts is priceless!

by Milleaccendini Fun Page
Snowy day in Paris <3
When a homeless man wandered into Cesia's restaurant asking for money, she told him nothing would be given to him for free. Instead of turning the man away, Cesia offered him pay if he cleaned dishes and took out the trash for a couple of hours.

Weeks later, there he was, standing in the kitchen...

Café Owner Lets Homeless Man Work For The Day. 2 Weeks Later, She Walks In And He’s Still There

Smile :D
Everyone wants to lose weight but in a healthy way of course! This student did a terrible diet by eating just 250 calories a day and now she’s in serious condition.

Anorexic Who Ate 250 Calories A Day To Look Like Kendall Jenner Was Told She Could Die If She Showered. Now She’s Unrecognizable.