This colorful carton piggy bank is a great DIY to make with your child. How did you first learn about saving money? [ Link ]

Minute Maid
Letting a parent know they’re #doingood by sending a note home from a sleepover will make their heart flutter with joy. Start your letter here:
On the days the little one is sick, get snuggly on the couch and enjoy a glass filled with goodness.
Disguising your hectic schedule as beautiful fridge art is a fun way to stay organized and squeeze in a little family time.

One way to keep the fridge decorated and the family organized.
We all have a learning curve when it comes to parenting, which is why it’s so important for parents to help each other out. This story proves it. #doingood [ Link ]
There’s always room for new holiday breakfast traditions. This banana nut bread recipe comes glazed with a twist of O.J. Yes, O.J. [ Link ]
Often times, parents don’t realize they’re #doingood. This holiday, a handwritten letter is the perfect gift to let them know they’re doing better than they think. Watch parents open theirs at .
Thinking of a sweet gift idea? Delicious apple cookies are fun for you and the kids to whip up. [ Link ]
‘Tis the season of gift giving, so blogger Amy Huntley from the The Idea Room joined forces with Minute Made to create an amazing gift basket that pairs perfectly with a heartfelt letter to a parent. #doingood [ Link ]

Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket Idea and Printables
I wouldn’t be where I am today without my parents, so I’m writing them each a letter to tell them how much they mean to me. I’d encourage you to do the same with the help of the Minute Maid letter generator. #doingood #ad
Looking for a gift idea? Let a parent know they're #doingood with holiday origami. *Hint: It doubles as a letter. [ Link ]
Surprising a parent with a truly meaningful gift will make their holiday shine brighter than ever before. Watch parents open their gifts this holiday season at . #doingood
Holiday setup and takedown should be easy. We have 4 simple ways to keep you organized with common items found around the house. They're waiting for you on our blog. [ Link ]
A thoughtful letter to parents means so much more than a store-bought present. Minute Maid opened the Nothing to Sell store to give mall shoppers an opportunity to leave with a gift that lets parents know they’re #doingood. Get your letter started now:
The holidays get crazy. Let’s talk about dealing with the pressure of
juggling a million things at once. [ Link ]

Minute Maid: You're #DoinGood This Year, Mama
Watch these parents get a gift that can’t be bought. A letter from their children expressing how they’re #doingood. We know you’ll be inspired to write your own so here’s a link where you can give a gift that beats anything you can buy. [ Link ]
Looking for a unique and perfect gift for the holidays? Hand-written letters are the perfect way to tell a parent you know that they’re #doingood. It’ll be sure to surprise them: [ Link ]
Parents spend so much time focusing on their day-­to-­day that they forget to take a moment to appreciate one another. There are so many small ways to let your spouse know they’re #doingood. [ Link ]

Minute Maid: A letter to my wife: You're doing good.
Kids remember the darndest things. You’ll be surprised what they
come up with. Here’s a great way to let their role models know the
impression they’ve made: [ Link ]
In case you’re in need of some helping hands this holiday season, here’s a great way to get the family in the kitchen and a delicious breakfast on the table. [ Link ]

Minute Maid: Holiday Approved Banana Bread French Toast