Misha Collins
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Misha Collins
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This year my agency, UTA, canceled their Oscar party.

Instead, they are doing something much more debaucherous— this: #UnitedVoices
Misha Collins
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Outside in gale-force wind trying to hang on.
Remember today: You are loved. This is a short poem from the 13th Century Iranian poet, Rumi...
Tomorrow,I'll be bringing Valentine's love to seniors with Random Acts & Wish of a Lifetime's #ActGlobal! Join me! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Ever since I went to his rally, Donald J. Trump won't leave me alone! His emails are really starting to take on a “creepy jilted lover/stalker"vibe...
My alma mater conducted a scientific study to try to figure out "why anyone would ever listen to Misha ever". Check out their findings:

[ Uchicago.edu Link ]

The Core: College Magazine of the University of Chicago

As you are probably aware, we are an Internet force to be reckoned with. We win every poll, competition, and award the Interweave throws our way. Let's try to turn our Internet battalions into a force for good right now...

As you may know, Betsy DeVos is up for Secretary of Education. The vote is currently a dead heat: two republican and every Democratic senator have declared their "no"...
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This year, I'm going to up my Valentine's game by bringing V-Day to seniors with Wish of a Lifetime & Random Acts. Join me! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Act Global: Wish of a Lifetime - Random Acts

My friend Kim Rhodes is taking a stand for the ACLU with her badass new #RESIST campaign. Let's unite with her & help to support the fight for justice and civil rights! If 2000 of you join, I'll personally donate an additional $10,000 to the ACLU. [ Bit.ly Link ] Creation Stands

Kim Rhodes "Resist" Campaign

Dan Rather, thank you. We need guardians of truth like you right now. [ Facebook.com Link ]

News And Guts

Whatever the future may bring, it's critical that we remember to utilize and defend our civil liberties. Organizations like the ACLU are fighting for our civil rights every day. (In case you don't remember what those rights are, I've provided this handy video reference below.)

If you donate any amount to support the Love-a-thon (donatetolove.com) fundraiser in the next few hours, in...
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Our country was founded on the notion that civil rights belong to all of us. Join me in helping to defend those rights. #LoveAThon

[ Facebook.com Link ]
Join us on Saturday for the Random Acts livestream concert featuring Louden Swain! This concert, streamed live from #SPNJax, will benefit the Free High School in Nicaragua. You can watch live from anywhere in the world via Stage It:

[ Stageit.com Link ]

Even in difficult times, we can still do so much to make a measurable, positive impact. By attending this virtual concert, you can hear...
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Regardless of how you feel about it, and regardless of the peculiarities of the election, Donald Trump will soon be our President. Some people say #NotMyPresident, but unless you renounce your citizenship, that's #JustNotTrue. In a couple of days, we will all be saying "President Trump.”

But here's the thing: he may our president, but his job is to serve us and to serve our country....
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Click here to support Love-a-Thon by Love a Thon

I was worried the cast of Timeless might treat me as an Untouchable, but they gave me a warm reception. Thanks, guys. #Timeless @therealkripke
Jason Cecchini & I are keeping the 1930's safe on Ep. 15 of Timeless. (I'm Eliot Ness.) Thanks for inviting me, @therealkripke! #Timeless