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Misha Collins
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Congress is putting our internet browser data up for sale, but that's okay. I'm not ashamed of my browser history! #ProfitBeforePrivacy

[ Usatoday.com Link ]
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In honor of #WorldPoetryDay, I have hidden a poem by Matt Baker in the most unlikely place to find a poem: [ Snapchat.com Link ]

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Gishwhes.com registration is opening soon. We are shooting a little video to explain the hunt right now. It's very informative.
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ICYMI: Check out this livestream, in which I basically give you a look inside my underwear drawer... [ Bit.ly Link ] [ Bit.ly Link ]
I feel like my earlier statement on this important & timely issue was a bit confusing to some, so just to clarify my position... #HappyPiDay
Don't throw away your shot! Last week to join Rob Benedict's #RockGod campaign for the National Stroke Association! [ Bit.ly Link ] Creation Stands Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hey, Speaker Paul Ryan! Sure, you want to uninsure 24 million Americans with #Trumpcare... but folks overlook what a great stunt double you are. (Thanks, Shawn!) [ Wapo.st Link ]
This is something that I am obviously passionate about, but I think we can all agree it is not my opinion. You may find it upsetting, but this is Fact, with a capital ",F" and no one can say this is "fake news."
Daylight savings time has brought high-level discussions of space and time into our home. (The thing she's asking Siri for here is a "map," in case you don't speak Canadian.)
Last year, my #E4K event drew some harsh criticism from local haz-mat teams. So this year for #E4K, I'm skipping "Extreme Baking" for something entirely different (and you're invited to join me): [ Bit.ly Link ] @RandomActsOrg
A lot of people ask me, "How can I be a force for good?" Go here, sign up, & we'll give you our ideas: [ Bit.ly Link ] Random Acts
Congrats to Random Acts's own Rea (@RARepGermany)! She’s the first to raise $5K for 2018's Nicaragua trip! We finished building #1... Now for #2! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Guys! I need your help!

I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do for this year's Random Acts #E4K this year. I need some advice, so I'm turning to you, my 2.6 million best friends.

Have you signed up & started an #E4K fundraiser yet? [ Bit.ly Link ]

What are you doing? Tell me why you're doing the thing you're doing... maybe I'll even copy you.

[ Randomacts.org Link ]

Click here to support Endure 4 Kindness 2017 by RANDOM ACTS

Hi, guys-

You all remember Khwala? She's the 12 year old Syrian refugee girl who tried to kill herself with poison so there would be enough food for her siblings... Well our friend, photographer Giles Duley, brought her plight to our attention and last GISHWHES, you all helped raise money to get her family (and others) out of their desperate, makeshift shelter and inhumane living situation...
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This year my agency, UTA, canceled their Oscar party.

Instead, they are doing something much more debaucherous— this: #UnitedVoices
Outside in gale-force wind trying to hang on.