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Our country was founded on the notion that civil rights belong to all of us. Join me in helping to defend those rights. #LoveAThon

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Misha Collins
01/18/2017 at 22:32. Facebook
Join us on Saturday for the Random Acts livestream concert featuring Louden Swain! This concert, streamed live from #SPNJax, will benefit the Free High School in Nicaragua. You can watch live from anywhere in the world via Stage It:

[ Stageit.com Link ]

Even in difficult times, we can still do so much to make a measurable, positive impact. By attending this virtual concert, you can hear...
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Misha Collins
01/18/2017 at 19:57. Facebook
Misha Collins
01/18/2017 at 00:45. Facebook
Regardless of how you feel about it, and regardless of the peculiarities of the election, Donald Trump will soon be our President. Some people say #NotMyPresident, but unless you renounce your citizenship, that's #JustNotTrue. In a couple of days, we will all be saying "President Trump.”

But here's the thing: he may our president, but his job is to serve us and to serve our country....
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Click here to support Love-a-Thon by Love a Thon

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01/16/2017 at 18:49. Facebook
I was worried the cast of Timeless might treat me as an Untouchable, but they gave me a warm reception. Thanks, guys. #Timeless @therealkripke
Misha Collins
01/16/2017 at 18:42. Facebook
Jason Cecchini & I are keeping the 1930's safe on Ep. 15 of Timeless. (I'm Eliot Ness.) Thanks for inviting me, @therealkripke! #Timeless
This country belongs to us... ALL of us. And it's not for sale. Join me in taking action to make sure our leaders govern with transparency and accountability in mind. [ Represent.us Link ]
When I told my 4-year-old u get to make a wish when you're blowing on a dandelion, she said, "I wish for this!" & blew. Today, I doodled on the dry-erase board.
Hey, @jarpad, I may not be on set with you this week, scantily clad, working late in the snow, but what I'm dealing with is no less arduous (and you don't see me complaining). #AKS
[Always Keep Snuggling].
Join me & the cast of #Supernatural from the comfort of the Interweb for a special one-night-only livestreamed concert event at #SPNJax to benefit Random Acts' Nicaragua project! I might juggle fire! (I probably WON'T juggle fire... But then again, I just might. Tune in Jan. 21 and find out!)

[ Randomacts.org Link ]

Get your live stream tickets here: [ Stageit.com Link ]

(PS: Does anyone...
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Saturday Night Special & Nicaragua Fundraiser Concert - Random Acts

I don't like to spread idle gossip about far-fetched conspiracies, but I have it on good authority that the city of Juneau is teaming with Random Acts & Juneau Police Department- JPD this year for a secret initiative to make a measurable increase in kindness in their city. Check it out (and I dare you to try to outdo them in your own hometown):

[ Sfchronicle.com Link ]

PS: This message will...
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Police in Alaska capital city launch 2017 kindness campaign

‪I woke up to the new year and this beautiful article by photographer Giles Duley about what @gishwhes & @RandomActsOrg helped achieve this summer. Hopefully this is an auspicious start to 2017! Let's stuff this sucker full of goodness--2017, we are coming for you!

I hope your year is filled with thoughtfulness and compassion and joy.

[ Theguardian.com Link ]

Giles Duley, photojournalist: ‘I promised my pictures could help Syrian war victims. At last, I’ve kept my word’

Here is a live, up-to-the-minute status update of our Yule log. Happy New Year!
Here is a live, up-to-the-minute status update of our Yule log. Happy New Year!
My friend, Michelle, just sent me this email:

"2017- I think when things are dark - and they seem like they are about to go that way, it gives people an opportunity to rise above in a way they otherwise wouldn't or didn't think they could. Most great things happen in adversity. Let the coming year be a catalyst for greatness. Happy New Year Misha. - lets kill it. "
We interrupt this fireside broadcast to bring u the largest game of Jenga you've ever seen...
Imagine for a moment that the fire represents a transformation of this past year's pain and loss and disappointment into 2017's light and joy and power. Now basque in it's glow.
Trying again my phone got too hot and shut down. RIP 2016!
May this warm your new year. I hope your coming year is full of love and light.
Here's a challenge/experiment for you: I am going to read to you from two different books. One is a book of poetry (book "A") by a famous poet, the other is a collection of short stories (book "B") written by my 4-year-old nephew. I will alternate one page of Pulitzer Prize winning poetry and one page of 4-year-old's writing. You have to guess which is which. I also don't know which is which,...
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