Hello Everyone,

I'm sad to say that Mishka has passed on. She stayed strong until the end and went peacefully. We will miss her terribly but know in our hearts that it was her time to go. Mishka lived the most wonderful and fabulous life. She was a true celebrity in every sense; appearing on multiple TV Talk Shows, partnered with a movie studio, was featured in Hollywood movies, and even...
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Hello Everyone Im sad to say that Mishka has passed on She
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I'm sorry, I wish I had good news. Mishka has a cancerous mast cell tumor. We made an appointment with an oncologist tomorrow morning who will do further testing and evaluate her. After this, we will decide what to do next. You might not hear from us for a while as we pull together as a family to help Mishka during this tough time. Your support is overwhelming, it really shows how many lives...
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Im sorry I wish I had good news Mishka has a cancerous
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Hi everyone. Thanks again for all support and love. Mishka is in good spirits despite having to limp around. I am spoiling her with LOTS of cheese and treats. She is such a strong spirit, even in pain she keeps a smile on her face. We are patiently waiting for the test results, hopefully her tumor is benign We'll make sure we keep you updated on her progress. Your support on her GoFundMe [...
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Hi everyone Thanks again for all support and love Mishka is in
Mishka the Talking Husky
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We just got back from the vet and unfortunately we’ve discovered that Mishka has a large hard mass under her left front armpit, which explains the limping. It has developed rather quickly because we didn’t notice and neither did the vet when she was just there last week. She had x-rays done and luckily her chest region looks clear. She had bloodwork done and they aspirated the mass to see what...
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We just got back from the vet and unfortunately weve discovered that
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We can't believe the outpouring of support, kind words, and advice for Mishka. Thank you SO much.
We cant believe the outpouring of support kind words and advice for

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Just wanted to update you guys. Mishka has had some health issues recently. Not too long ago she underwent surgery to have a tumor removed and now she is having trouble walking. We took her to the vet and she received an anti-inflammatory shot and medicine to take. She is also taking medicine to help relieve the pain. A week has gone by and she seems to be getting worse and has lost weight. We...
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Just wanted to update you guys Mishka has had some health issues
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The cutest huskies around!
The cutest huskies around
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Mishka gets the biggest bed in the world!!!
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Mishka gets the biggest bed in the world
Mishka the Talking Husky
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Ohhhh treats...
Ohhhh treats
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María Elena Cabrera
María Elena Cabrera
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Hello there
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Love the sunset How about you?
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Love the sunset How about you
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This how we chill after a snow day!
This how we chill after a snow day
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