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Drawing an Eye - Part Two

Hope you like! What other tutorials would you like to see?
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02/21/2017 at 19:29. Facebook
How to Draw an Eye - Part One
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02/21/2017 at 15:40. Facebook
Hair there and everywhere .... love drawing hair. I can't lie.
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02/18/2017 at 17:17. Facebook
Excited about new filming capabilities with recent phone upgrade. This was just a little test!
Planning something a bit different coming soon!

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#FridayFeelings Send someone you care about a text telling them you’re thinking about them today. Give someone a call, that you haven’t spoken to for some time.
Tell someone you love them.
Get connected.
Treat yourself to feel special today. Share the Love
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#fbf to my 1st illustration tutorial video just a few months ago. Still available. Drawing, painting & digitising : missled.co.uk/news
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02/16/2017 at 15:05. Facebook
Great night speed drawing with @BredLondon & Puck Collective 2hrs of fun scribbling exercises & whole load of amazing folk #puckdrawnandbred
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#tbt to live painting a huge mural at EyeCandy Festival with Fused Magazine #livepainting #mural #illustration #painting #missled
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Happy Day of Love <3 At a time when we need to love and be connected more than ever. #Love #FeelConnected #LetsfeelLove #Connectivity
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02/14/2017. Facebook
5mins sketch in TiltBrush
Must get better at filming :)

Little prep lines for more presentation and live drawing with the Google Virtual Reality app happening next week.
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02/13/2017. Facebook
I hope you had a great weekend! I escaped to the seaside. Beautiful sleepy sandy bays and tumultuous waves. Held by the elements and so very far removed from the city smoke.
What did you do?
Here's a little something in progress
See more portraits here :
Missled.co.uk ❀
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02/07/2017. Facebook
Miss Led News 2017 <3
Inspiration, Education & Beauty

2017 Inspiration, Education & Beauty

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02/07/2017. Facebook
Hair beginnings

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02/06/2017. Facebook
Thrilled to be partnering with the wonderful team @Wacom again. Thank you!
More details to follow!
#Wacom #missled #video #fashionillustration #painting #documentary #howideashappen #creativity #watercolour #exhibition #liveart
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02/03/2017. Facebook
Friday got me thinking.
In fact I've been thinking a lot, over the last few weeks.
Other than making the conscious decision to step back a little from social media I'm taking the time to ponder on the thing - Creativity - and what it truly means. To me. To us.

To not worry if I'm unable to post every day, to not worry about whether people are digging my work or not. Or to show up everyday to...
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02/02/2017. Facebook
Check out the 2nd part of #IllustrationforFashion teaser tutorial at Computer Arts Magazine.
See the small intro of recent Miss Led Video Tutorial.
BUY your download here : [ Illustrationforfashion.com Link ]

How to get more from digital textures

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01/31/2017. Facebook
Finally complete and ready for scanning
This one I started about 6mths ago.
Now I can move on with my life. I hope you like it
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01/28/2017. Facebook
It's been super quiet here! And I've missed connecting with you all.

I hope your new year is going really well and you have lots of great stuff planned.
New posts and new work in the making and on the boil.
With paintings happening in the studio, walls to be painted and environments in VR needing the Miss Led touch.
Can't wait to share it all with you
Happy Weekending you wonderful lot X...
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01/26/2017. Facebook
I create work on large scaled works for PR launches, gallery events, festivals & parties. Working here for charity event #ArtAgainstKnives
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01/18/2017. Facebook
I'm commissioned by global beauty and make up brands to create advertising content to support new collections.

Here's a mini animation created for Illamasqua promoting my favourite colours in their hugely creative #SketchSticks collection