Missy Elliott
01/17/2017 at 08:14. Facebook
Come through @comfortfedoke I love seeing yall repping 4 Aaliyah it is warming to my heart to see the passion of dance behind her music! It is very touching!! #OneinAMILLION (Babygirl)
Missy Elliott
01/17/2017 at 06:05. Facebook
I'm going show some ppl I saw on line dancing to Aaliyah #ONEINAMILLION because she left a huge impact on the dance world to!I don't know these kids but they did that!
Missy Elliott
01/17/2017 at 04:19. Facebook
Aaliyah for those who never got a chance to meet u I'd like them to know that your HEART was just a great as your music! You LOVED your fans & they MISS u so much! WE ALL DO!but just know that your hard work hasn't been in vain you will continue to inspire MANY GENERATIONS with your music & style & your LEGACY is 4EVER Babygirl!
Missy Elliott
01/13/2017 at 04:31. Facebook
2 UNIQUE kids from VIRGINIA who loved music so much but had no clue that we would be apart of music history and music change. In this picture we couldn't imagine that the music we created would have such a impact but we are THANKFUL because of you all who supported us was willing to give our music a chance & for that we are GRATEFUL u all took a risk in believing in our sound with @timbaland...
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Thank u @saintrecords (solange) for the shout out in your interview with @interviewmag I am humbled & grateful to be a inspiration to u because u are a inspiration to me and so many others!I appreciate you being YOU & u taking risk and THINKING outside the BOX! U always kept it and created music that felt good to you 1st & u never tried to fit in keep doing your thing sis & being a inspiration...
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My dog doing the most! now he walking like it's a foot of snow outside but he just realized it's black ice beneath the snow so he strutting very carefully but he still trying to be fly @ the same time because he don't want nobody to catch him slipping☃☃
@realsheeklouch tells the story behind the song "The Benjamins" (The Lox) #Jadakiss #Sheek Louch StylesP
BIG UP my homie @banjiraya doing erthang #BIG in2017 #BIG #BIG #BIG #NewWave Let's GO wit dat heat (Flamer)
God I'm so humbled & thankful for making it through 2016 its so much to be grateful for! Just being alive is #1 with my family & before 2017 comes in I want to reflect back on a high light for me in 2016 having the chance to be in the presence of @micheleobama more than once but this moment in the car was so EPIC we did this in 1take and I had no clue she would rap my song and dance to my...
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I always have a blast hanging with my homie @iam_edidiong & her Cuzzo @uditakenover they rep #Nigeria hard! To bad they have the lights off smh (After a few drinks) HA so it's hard to see but they getting it! Ayyyyye
Just reflecting back on my life and feeling humbled grateful! I've been in the music industry for over 2 decades & I've written or produced for artist that I looked up to! This clip here from the Super Bowl is a reminder to me of the times I thought of giving up I'm happy my spirit said keep striving there's greater things to come! I hope my testimony be a motivation for someone seeing this to...
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I 4got to post this pic from earlier this year of my plaque for my song #WTF thank u @pharrell my VA fam u are such a GIFTED man & your heart is bigger than one could imagine thank u for believing in me & always pushing me! @atlanticrecords thank u backing me & kicking out that on my videos because u want to help me bring my ideas & visions to life love y'all! To my FANS (Day 1) or new I...
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Time flies! And there's still not a day that goes by that u aren't inspiring new artist with your TIMELESS music & style! U will never be forgotten Aaliyah (Babygirl) We ❤ u!
Happy Birthday to my sis @trinarockstarr we've known each other over 15 years! U have always had my back we cuss each other out then laugh about it 5 mins later u r truly my sista beyond the industry ishEnjoy your day & May God bless u to see many more! Y'all cop Trina new album dynasty 6 on iTunes now!✔
#message! Listen then Let it marinate! Absorb the jewels being dropped from our brother @killermike
Go AWF @adele u Betta let em know! We see ya Show the crowd how u get down to "Work it" U did dat gotta love Adele!
#Dopesauce! #halloween #TLC #Lilkim #Aaliyah #JanetJackson & Me
Big up @dreezydreezy YOU WON! I am humbled to see over 2 DECADES LATER when ppl recreate this look from my video "THE RAIN" & u went all the way off! Captured the visual of the camera to WOW! #Timeless im grateful u & others allowing a new generation to see the innovation in my videos! U DID THAT! To spicy! big up my bro @ivankingz to who represented to!
Big up @iam_edidiong Emah I always catch my dancers off guard when they in the moment we just at rehearsals having fun! She repping #nigagirls ayyyye! Sorry diddi u know I'm always filming in da cut!✊ to much sauce! Lol! go awf!