Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott
04/21/2017 at 18:24. Facebook
#Imbetter #Mood ITS THE WEEKEND bout to get it POPPIN! ayyyyyye
Julie Jones
Carrie Jones
Paul Reed
#ImBetterBIG S/O to my brothers THE LES TWINS @lestwinsoff @lestwinson these dudes are beast with it! To much SAUCE! I see yall showing out PER USUAL#Larry YOU KILT DAT! That turn u did #PERRRRFECT OH & u just gonna RUN UP THE WALL LIKE ITS NOTHING? u CRAZY wit it! I LOVE YALL BOTH song #imbetter ft lamb full video in link up top
Maria Garcia
Deanna Barnes
Katrina Wingo
#ImBetter Big Up #ThEzEGuyZ @dzrcks @park_air @jlntyre @yodonniee all you guys freestyle was on 100 degrees FIYAH wish I could of posted all yall at once! yall MERKED IT! Big up the whole Sacramento High School the crowd was on 200 lit!Ayyyyye I see yall (Hugs)???? song #ImBetter ft Lamb
Carlos Olguin
Angela Kristina Arrington
McGold Ìdòwú Richards
#ImBetter Big up @jusbmore @deante_law @tbjb @drdancestudio I LOVE the way yall flipped #ImBetter with yall own sauce & made a #BmoreRemix on some fly ish YALL ATE DAT BAY-BEEsorry I'm just seeing yall video but I got u! SUPA DUPA FLYNESS ayyyyye I'm still watching every1 videos & commenting under yall post to! So look out 4 me#Imbetter ft Lamb full video in link up top
Livelyfe Beyou
Billie Jordan
Florence Macauley
Ayyyyyyyye When those 28 inches in ya hair flowing in the wind& it was Hot out there but my inches stayed moving HA???? that's dat good weave
Lauren Plutowski
Alphonzo Doe
BBoy World
ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER CHANCE I WAKE UP I WANNA DANCE LONG AS I GOT MY FANSSss!!!!!!! ImBetter #imBetter #Imbetter I ❤ each & everyone of u! Please BEE-LEE-DAT????#humblygrateful
Missy Elliott
Nicole Esther Daghighian
Rony Shemesh
#ImBetterayyyyye big up @kendrickmart & @tuckerbarkley Im just seeing this one but i can't even front YALL GETTING IT! Yall Both SUPA dope & the one in the grey hat u better Go Awwf!super raw and clean with it! YALL ATE THAT!!! big up @staronstage & your whole class????????????#Imbetter ft Lamb full video in link up top
Jayda Hunt
Tasha Hanna
Roxanne Oraguzie
#ImBetterNow I have seen a lot of AMAZING DANCERS on this joint & now I'm starting to see singers create their on songs on it so BIG UP this new girl group @officialboy_ for flipping their own sauce & making a song over #ImBetterYALL DID THAT swipe page to the right to see other part! I HEAR YALL sanging! Ayyye⭐⭐S/O @mainodaplug Big boy getting it Where My Singers At?I'm looking! #ImBetter ft...
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BBoy World
Christina L. Hita
Marcus Benner
She's A B! #CLASSIC #TIMELESS #Throwback I Still can't believe I shot this video 18 years ago! 18 YEARS AGO THO I didn't realize it back then but looking at it now I'm like WOW did I really rock a BALD HEAD????do y'all know the stones on my eyes took 2 HOURS ON EACH EYE so that's four hours just on my eyes ????‍♀ me & my dancers kept falling off that M in the water uuugh the pain we went...
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Amy Dorgan
Bentley MiQuel
Bea Moore
Big up @willdabeast__ I told u I wasn't gonna forget about u S/O to everyone who was in your class this day I see yall was on 100 degrees SUPA HYPE! Y'all getting it in @kayceericeofficial @jadebug98 @zacharyvenegas ayyyye @beastnetwork @worldofdance HOLLAAAAEven tho I been a lil under the weather i still have been watching everyone videos & commenting under yall post! KEEP DOING YA THANG!...
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Janal Chocolatedrop Hedrington
Sura George
Sheila Breazil
#ImBetter Big up @therealatrain This how u gotta be when somebody try to battle u at the club in front of a crowd ????????! SERVE EM!SHOW OUT! U did that lil man! BIG UP!Ayyyyye song #imbetter Full Video in link up top
Lolitha Carter
Courtney Hardy-Melhado
Margarita Martin
#ImBetter S/O @teamkuttnup these lil kids better COME THROUGH with the ball routine10's across da board for these kids! They NOT SCARED & tried it PEEP LIL MAN UP THE FRONT HE NOT PLAYING HE SHOWING ALL D WAY OUT I see yall ayyyye working out while having fun great job yall! song #ImBetter ft Lamb Full Video in Link up top
Tyrone Crosby
Arlene Quene Hampton
Kuttnup Entertainment
15 years Later some people have just FIGURED OUT what I said in my song #WorkIt 15 YEARS AGO THO???? I ❤it! PUT MY THANG DOWN FLIP IT & REVERSE ITTi esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I...HA ???? Well Come thru Missy???? I see some of yall reversed it on Snapchat so folks thought I was mumbling on that part all these years?!????#Classic #WorkIt #Timeless
Darien Dyson
Miles L Warren
Terachelle Phillips
WOW BIG UP to @fifthharmony for rocking to my song #ImBetter in their show I am so #HumblyGrateful I see yall ayyyye
Bibi Joy
KingHumble Vern Drake
Anthony Earley
#ImBetterThis how you & your peeps need to roll up to the club this weekend!!????????ayyyyyyeGO AWF! Werk for Giving Face Expressionsbig up @aishaplanetradio @jez_ebelle @musical.ly song #ImBetter ft @dareallamb Full Video in the link up top BRING IT BACK
Valentino Romano
Shonda Rochelle
Don P
#ImBetter FULL ViDEO in link up top! After all these years of shooting many videos I try to put my all in EVERY VIDEO I do & give yall FUTURISTIC VISUALS so it's more like watching ART I take what I do very SERIOUS not to win anything but because I have such a PASSION for doing this since my very 1st video I ever filmed til now if u haven't seen this video for #IMBETTER go check it out it's...
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Zlatko Georgievski
Arthur Ray
Marcus Benner
#ImBetter i had to post 1 of my dancers @comfortfedoke she rep #Nigeria this was her just rocking out during a break while we was at rehearsal I love just catching my dancers off guard when they in the moment not knowing because that's when u get the raw & uncut & just real feeling! Comfort u already know u a beast and GOT TO MUCH SAUCE!
Marcus Benner
Amy Aisling
Gina Eve James
#ImBetter Big up @alex.theofficial_ & his lil sis @dancin_girl_bird rocking to #Imbetter after school! YALL SUPA SMOOTH WIT IT!Merked it!!!Good to see kids getting their school work done 1st! & then finding something fun to do to occupy time while waiting 4 their rides & NOT FIGHTING AFTER SCHOOL S/O all the kids at @lye_academy & @ladiayates btw I been responding under everyone dance post so...
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Marcus Benner
Princess Hambright
Natascha Lohm
#ICantStandTheRain☔☔ Wow I can remember shooting this video like it was yesterday but... THIS WAS OVER 20 YEARS AGOtime flies sheeesh???? looking back @ this video the graphics was so Futuristic & A new look as far as videos back then in Hiphop. Now that Black Pantent Leather suit still ICONIC today & inspired in some fashions thanks to @juneambrose (Stylist) @hypewilliams (Director)...
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Gabriel Portillo Garcia
David Watson
Kiara MP
#ImBetterS/O @jadebug98 @joya_jackson @brimorrison_ THIS IS FIYAAAAHYALL ATE THIS ROUTINE ladies & 10's Across the board @staronstage & sorry guys I'm late posting some of yall videos but it's so many I have to look atKeep posting yall video clips I'm seeing some Dope ones to & ive been responding beneath yall post so hopefully u see meyall keep doing ya thang! I'm inspired!the song #ImBetter...
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Manue Fv
David Vines
Melissa Ramirez