Hi everyone - if you missed my World Cafe special, you can listen to it online at WorldCafe.NPR.org right now - performing a few of my new songs and having a chat, lots of fun! You can also watch videos of the performances at the links below. Missy xx

Oh wow, feeling honoured that APRA have nominated 'Oh Canada' for Song Of The Year. Some pretty stiff competition there!

Here are the nominees for APRA’s Song Of The Year

Hello Melbourne friends! Just a quick reminder that my free concert at the Australian Open Sessions is on this Sunday from 6:00pm. No ticket required - just come along to Melbourne Park (ooh, dressed in tennis whites perhaps?? Just an idea) for an evening of fun times, food vans and friggin good music, with special guests Archie Roach and Ben Abrahams! See you there!! Missy xx

Missy Higgins Free Concert, Melbourne - Australian Open Sessions

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I'll be chatting and singing about motherhood, art, the environment
and all things LIFE, this Sunday in Melbourne for The School of Life with my friend Amanda Palmer, and it's gonna be awesome, so you should come! And If you have a question you’d like us to answer on stage, why don't you leave it in the comments below (and anyone else, if you like a question, LIKE it so we can see how many...
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! From Missy, Ben Abraham, and Gizmo Xxxx
Honoured to be a part of the brilliant #hersoundherstory project. You can watch the full 5-minute video here: rollingstoneaus.com/music/post/her-sound-her-story-missy-higgins/5235 Missy Xxx
Yesterday my friend, Ben Abraham, and I recorded a little ditty for you in my back yard. Featuring the reluctant Gizmo in his too-small Santa suit and my yet-to-be-mastered Mouth Trumpet solo... a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! Xxxx

Filmed and directed by our amazing friends Natasha Pincus and Warwick Field of Stark Raving Productions! Paid in Coronas and hugs

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Ben Abraham, Missy Higgins and Gizmo

Merry Christmas from Australia's Missy Higgins and Ben Abraham, Australia's Indonesian Missy Higgins. Directed by Natasha Pincus Camera by Warwick Field

Yes, this is war Adani, we're not letting you ruin our reef, OR our children's future!

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This little cutie is my dog Gizmo - and he’s got his own e-Christmas Card that you can send to your loved ones when you make a donation to Support Act! Support Act have made such a difference in the lives of musicians and crew members who've needed a helping hand when none of the luxuries of a β€œnormal” job were available, and it’s a great cause to get behind. Make your donation and access the...
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I’ve been fascinated by The School of Life Australia for a while now and think it's such a great idea. Every day philosophy, discussions about how to live better and what the hell is going on in each other's heads. It's important stuff and I'm so happy to be involved.

Motherhood is such a huge part of my life now and it helps define who I've become but it isn't the whole story. That's what I...
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Amanda Palmer & Missy Higgins on Motherhood

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I'm so excited to play Big Red Bash - to get out into the Australian desert, get some red soil on my feet and share a stage with so many incredible country artists. It's going be fun, yeehaw! Tickets: bit.ly/MissyBigRedBash
If this Adani Carmichael coal mine goes ahead it will not only tip Australia over its carbon budget but the ENTIRE WORLD. That is terrifying and will be catastrophic for the planet. Turnbull, please please think of the future of our children. This mine simply can't go ahead, it is insanity.
My family and I will be at this flash rally tomorrow morning...

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Snap rally: no money for Adani!

β€œSarah McLachlan was the first piano singer songwriter that made me realise that’s what I could be. I didn’t really know that was a possibility. She showed me the way, I guess.”

Check out the full Double J interview with Caz Tran at the link below.

Missy Higgins' guardian angel - Don't Look Back | Double J

Hi everyone! Pleased to announce that I'll be doing a concert at the Australian Open in Melbourne on Sunday 15 Jan next year, supported by Archie Roach and Ben Abraham. Best of all, it's completely free! So come on down for a fun evening of music, more info at ausopen.com Missy xx
Check out the latest issue of The Weekly Review: [ Theweeklyreview.com.au Link ]
Gay men in Queensland can be murdered and in court, their killer can claim as a legal defence they did it because the gay man made a pass at them. WTF!!! This is archaic. Premier Palaszczuk, please abolish this shameful legal defence ASAP

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Stop allowing β€œgay panic” as an excuse for murder in Australia

Hi friends - not long now until my Brisbane show with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra this Friday night! Still a handful of tickets left, you can get them from here: frntr.co/MissyHigginsBris Missy xx