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Fostering the next generation of girls that create and animate: Forbes on Cartoon Network's collaboration with Scratch.

Fostering The Next Generation Of Girls That Create And Animate
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For the third year running, MIT has been named the world's top school for architecture by QS World University Rankings. Particular congrats to the School of Architecture + Planning!

MIT named world's top university for architecture for third year running
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Optical Tools for Mapping and Repairing the Brain: Watch Ed Boyden's presentation at Future of Genomic Medicine 2017.

Future of Genomic Medicine 2017 - Ed Boyden | Scripps Translational...
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How VR and visual effects are helping to create the future: Inverse on the "Living a sci-fi space future" panel at our recent Beyond the Cradle event, featuring author Warren Ellis, effects pioneer Doug Trumbull, and visual effects supervisor Ben Grossmann, who demoed a VR tour of the International Space Station live onstage.

Sci-Fi Blazes the Path for Science at MIT Media Lab
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On 4/3 at 5:30pm, the MIT Press bookstore is hosting Joi Ito, Canan Dagdeviren, and Robert Langer for a conversation about Joi's book Whiplash: Surviving Our Faster Future.

Joi Ito in discussion with Robert Langer, Whiplash
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New podcast from MIT Comparative Media Studies: Glorianna Davenport, "The Networked Sensory Landscape Meets the Future of Documentary."

Glorianna Davenport, "The Networked Sensory Landscape Meets the Future...
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The new MIT Graduate Admissions blog features two entries from Object-Based Media student Bianca Datta.

Blogs | MIT Graduate Admissions
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How "Black Twitter" and #BlackLivesMatter gave voice to marginalized groups: Civic Media student Erhardt Graeff on CBC Radio.

How 'Black Twitter' and BlackLivesMatter hashtag gave voice to...
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"A lot of potential companies like ours just fail to get off the ground." Alum Max Lobovsky, cofounder of spinoff Formlabs, talks to WBUR about The Engine, MIT's new accelerator that aims to build a better ecosystem for the Boston tech scene.

The Engine: What A New MIT Accelerator Could Mean For Boston Tech
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Excited to welcome the Media Arts and Sciences admitted students to the Media Lab today! Lots to see and learn; hope it's a fun-filled day.
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“We wanted to see if we could identify very creative and principled disobedience. I talked to a lot of students, and some of them had started saying, this nonviolence stuff doesn’t work anymore, or those days of Gandhi are over. And some people threatened to engage in disobedience that I felt was sort of reckless.” In Fast Company, Joi Ito and Ethan Zuckerman discuss asking hard questions,...
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It’s A Time For Disobedience: MIT Media Lab Will Pay $250,000 To Support...
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"I decided it would be an interesting design experiment to customize DuoSkin for a menswear fashion show — focusing on the ability to personalize it for any wearer, be they high-end or street style." Living Mobile student Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao reflects on collaborating with Director's Fellows alum Christopher Bevans to bring DuoSkin to New York Fashion Week.

DuoSkin rolls out on the runway – MIT MEDIA LAB
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How not to teach: Head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group Mitch Resnick on what he learned from the fourth-grade teacher who arranged students according to their test scores.

Mitchel Resnick - Teachers Make a Difference

Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, develops new technologies and activities to engage people...

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"Today’s institutions—be they academic, public, or business institutions— are frequently unable to encourage disobedience...Both tend to catch the last wave of disobedient action, by which time it’s been accepted and perhaps isn’t even disruptive any more. This is where we need your help, either through nominating a person or group, or through enlisting your social circle in the process."...
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Crowdsourcing Disobedience – MIT Media Lab
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The discipline of compassion and De Finetti's theorem: Labber Karthik Dinakar muses about Sanskrit, music, and statistics.

The Discipline of Compassion & De Finetti's Theorem
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The Networked Sensory Landscape Meets the Future of Documentary: On 3/23 at 5pm, MIT Comparative Media Studies hosts Media Lab visiting scientist Glorianna Davenport.

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Building tiny, unobtrusive "Google translate buttons" for the body: Forbes on Canan Dagdeviren's new Conformable Decoders group at the Media Lab.

Google Translate Buttons For Health Care Are Coming
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"One of the things that drives our work these days is the desire to not only push what's possible technically, but to push how much good we think we can do with what's possible." In Meet the Labbers, head of the Affective Computing group Rosalind Picard talks about pushing technology beyond "optimizing for cool" to improve wellbeing.

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