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OpenCourseWare has a great course by featured scientist Erik Demaine. Check it out! [ Link ]

Read our blog post from 2014 about all things folding! [ Link ]
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"To err is human..." Thank you everyone for letting us know our Valentine's Day post was incorrect. Here is the corrected graph. Enjoy!
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That's right - you get a sneak peek if you sign up for the OCW newsletter today. [ Link ]
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On this Valentine's Day, we are happy show you the LOVE equation! Share OCW with someone you love! [ Link ]
Are you one of the millions of people studying for the entrance exam to the Indian Institutes of Technology? Well help is here! We offer FREE resources created by MIT graduate students. [ Link ]
Fresh Course Friday! Intro to Computer Science & Programming in Python. With FULL video lectures, lecture slides, code, and in-class questions w/ solutions. [ Link ]
Saddle up your Tauntaun, we're having a snow day! Today is a GREAT day to explore OpenCourseWare. We suggest our Scholar courses, which are intro courses with everything you need to study! [ Link ]
"Helping innovators deliver their ideas to the world calls for accelerating the journey from idea to investment and investment to impact." President L. Rafael Reif
MIT's Campaign for a Better World. [ Link ] #BetterWorldWednesday
The Commons rejoices: 375,000 new public domain images from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York with partners Creative Commons, ITHAKA and Wikimedia Foundation #MetOpenAccess
Learn more: [ Link ]

The Commons rejoices: 375,000 new images from the Met
Students who took "Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies" staged a performance of the writer Amiri Bakara's play "Slave Ship: A Historical Pageant." There's also a great reading list featuring Toni Morrison and Zora Neale Hurston. [ Link ]
Our list of OCW courses to help you understand immigration, from MIT School of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences and MIT DUSP ( John Hilliard, CC BY) [ Link ]
OpenCourseWare is happy to celebrate Black History Month by featuring courses throughout February that highlight the history, culture, and achievements of African-Americans.
First up, a course on African American Composers! [ Link ]
Share MIT OpenCourseWare with someone who loves learning.
Head on over to our Twitter account @MITOCW. We are live tweeting MIT's Festival of Learning. [ Link ]

Festival of Learning 2017 | Office of Digital Learning
MIT students, we know that Registration Day is fast approaching. Get a sneak peak behind 2,000+ MIT courses on OpenCourseWare before you have to decide. [ Link ]

Find Courses by Department | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
Did you know that mice infected with Toxoplasma can lose their fear of cats? Learn about how parasites can hijack the biology of their host cells in our new class Host Hacking: Parasitic Manipulations from a Micro- to a Macroscopic Scale. [ Link ]
Happy 261st birthday, Mozart! On this day in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. We have a great course on OCW featuring the composer called "Monteverdi to Mozart: 1600-1800." There is even a harpsichord demonstration! [ Link ]
New course alert: Music and Technology: Sound Design.
Learn how to build sound effects from scratch! [ Link ]
Sound effects that have legs

Sound effects that have legs
Join MIT experts to discuss "Personalizing Pathways to Learning and Careers” @LearnLaunch Across Boundaries. Feb 2-3 in Boston. Learn More at [ Link ]

MIT Office of Digital Learning Announces Across Boundaries Conference Co-sponsored with LearnLaunch Institute | Office of Digital Learning