Video-game makers are like minor gods—they are, after all, in the business of world creation.

The secret to a video-game phenomenon
The programming language PHP, for example, ­created and sustains Facebook’s move-fast, hacker-oriented corporate culture.

How Tech Companies Are Shaped By Programming Languages
In the same way that Mozart visualized music, this young Indian man had the ability to sprout mathematical formulas with which he tried to explain the world. This is the extraordinary story of Ramanujan. (Partner content via OpenMind)

Ramanujan, the Man who Saw the Number Pi in Dreams
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"An America First Energy Policy Plan" asserts that Trump and his new hires will move to eliminate climate regulations and boost coal, oil, and gas production.

Newly minted President Trump immediately targets Obama’s Climate Action Plan
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Dozens of computer science students at the University of California, Los Angeles, will mark today's Inauguration Day by downloading federal climate databases they fear could vanish under the Trump Administration.

Hackathons strive to save climate data, as Trump takes office
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Donald Trump no longer has his fast-tweetin’ Samsung Galaxy in hand.

The president’s got a new smartphone (and he won’t be happy about it)
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The truth is that nobody knows how many Twitter bots are out there or how big the botnets have become.

Cybersecurity experts uncover dormant botnet of 350,000 Twitter accounts
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Impact the way you approach and solve engineering problems with this four-course certificate program by MIT and industry experts. Explore models and methods in systems engineering. Program begins March 20th! (Partner content)

Architecture and Systems Engineering Course
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Civil rights advocates are up in arms over a sweeping new digital surveillance law in the United Kingdom.

The U.K.’s aggressive new surveillance law will have impacts beyond the nation’s shores
MIT Technology Review
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This is the world’s largest-ever initiative to develop vaccines for viruses that could pose an epidemic threat.

Can $1 billion help prevent another Ebola?
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Voice samples are a rich source of information about a person’s health.

Talking into an app could help your doctors diagnose you
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The most notable attack disconnected Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit.

One of the creators of a botnet that hijacks connected devices has been unmasked
MIT Technology Review
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“This thing that really promoted entrepreneurship and democracy risks becoming the opposite of that.”

There’s a sickness ailing the Internet
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When researchers at the University of Rochester developed a totally secure encryption device based on quantum rules, they introduced it as the “Quantum Enigma” in honor mythical Nazi encoding device. Why is an ingenious mechanism from a century ago still so fascinating today? (Partner content)

The Human Errors that Defeated Enigma
MIT Technology Review
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This was the first operation performed inside the human eye using a robot.

The tiniest surgical robots are revolutionizing eye surgery
MIT Technology Review
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Here's how Alibaba's record-breaking online shopping festival is bolstering innovation in retail. (Partner content)

Big Data Game-Changer: Alibaba’s Double 11 Event Raises the Bar for Online Sales
MIT Technology Review
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Private cloud or public? On-premises or off? Here are five things to keep in mind when weighing the private-vs.-public cloud question:
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