Mizuno Running
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Even though she toed the line of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, Bridget’s athletic accomplishments aren’t what makes her fun to coach. It’s her attitude.

Coach’s Corner: The Athlete Every Coach Dreams About – Mizuno

Mizuno Running
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Made for distance. Made for comfort.

Take the long road, take the high road, it doesn't really matter- we'll bring the comfort in the all-new #WaveHorizon

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Every step, support- every step, soft. Introducing the all-new #WaveHorizon

Train hard, land soft in the all-new Wave Horizon

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An Athlete’s Review — The New Wave Horizon – Mizuno

Train hard, land soft. Soft support for the distances you crave. Introducing the all-new #WaveHorizon
Chase down whatever's out there with the new Wave Horizon. Engineered for the cushy ride you want and the structure you need. Coming soon!
Congratulations on making it to Day 20 and completing the #Mizuno20Day Challenge! Share your progress with us and the rest of #TeamMizuno!

And remember, although the challenge is complete, your lifelong goals continue. We'll be here for every step and every stride, along with the rest of the community you've helped build here.
You're almost at the finish line. Finish strong on Day 19! #Mizuno20Day
With less than three days remaining, how has the #Mizuno20Day helped you stay on track for your New Year's resolutions?
You're stronger than you think, with the will to persevere. It's Day 17!
Sweet sixteen? That's the taste of success. Check out some of our favorite moments from the #Mizuno20Day Challenge so far and share your progress! Keep pushing!

Best of #Mizuno20Day … So Far

We're heading into the final week of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge. Are you closer to achieving your goals?
By day's end, Week 2 of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge will be in the books. What obstacles have you overcome these past 14 days? And more importantly, how does it feel to pursue your goals?
Your fellow runner says, "It's too hard." You say? #Mizuno20Day
Someone is thinking of quitting on Day 12. What are your words of advice? #Mizuno20Day
If anyone's encouragement has ever helped push you across the finish line, then your support could do the same. Motivate each other to finish the #Mizuno20Day!
It's day 10 of the #Mizuno20Day challenge, and you're halfway there. Share your progress and offer words of support for other members of #TeamMizuno!