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Mizuno Running
yesterday at 18:37. Facebook
We're heading into the final week of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge. Are you closer to achieving your goals?
Mizuno Running
01/15/2017 at 19:12. Facebook
By day's end, Week 2 of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge will be in the books. What obstacles have you overcome these past 14 days? And more importantly, how does it feel to pursue your goals?
Mizuno Running
01/14/2017 at 18:17. Facebook
Your fellow runner says, "It's too hard." You say? #Mizuno20Day
Mizuno Running
01/13/2017 at 16:40. Facebook
Someone is thinking of quitting on Day 12. What are your words of advice? #Mizuno20Day
Mizuno Running
01/12/2017 at 19:03. Facebook
If anyone's encouragement has ever helped push you across the finish line, then your support could do the same. Motivate each other to finish the #Mizuno20Day!
Mizuno Running
01/11/2017 at 16:07. Facebook
It's day 10 of the #Mizuno20Day challenge, and you're halfway there. Share your progress and offer words of support for other members of #TeamMizuno!
Mizuno Running
01/10/2017 at 15:47. Facebook
The first step is often the hardest one to take. What's your motivation for starting your run on Day 9? #Mizuno20Day
As we head into week two of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge, here are some tips to keep the momentum strong! As you track your own progress, make sure to lend your support to others working toward their goals, too! We're in this together!

#Mizuno20Day: Keeping the Momentum Alive โ€“ Mizuno

Week 1 of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge is coming to a close. Share your progress and tell us your plans for Week 2!
Saturday's were made for long runs. Show us your view as you chase down your goals on Day 6! #Mizuno20Day
High-five for making it to day five of the #Mizuno20Day Challenge! The work week may be coming to an end, but the work you're putting in to reach the best version of yourself never stops!
Now is about the time where it may start getting a bit tougher to get moving. But you're built to push through the pain. It's Day 4! #Mizuno20Day
It's Day 3 of the #Mizuno20Day challenge, and you're just getting warmed up.
Day 2 of the #Mizuno20Day is for the two voices in your head: one telling you "you can't" and the louder one saying "watch me."
Your year. Your goals. The #Mizuno20Day Challenge starts today!

You decide where you want to be and how you want to get there. We're here to keep pushing you for the next 20 days. Do you accept the challenge? Share your support and progress using #Mizuno20Day! Now, get out and go!
Excited to toe the first start line of 2017 with the Atlanta Track Club at the 2017 Resolution Run! It's a great primer for the #Mizuno20Day Challenge!
The new you is going to be the best you. The #Mizuno20Day begins on January 2, 2017. Do you accept the challenge?

Ready, Set, Goals: The #Mizuno20Day Challenge โ€“ Mizuno

To ring in the New Year, we'll be kicking off a 20-day challenge to all of you on #TeamMizuno. Start planning now to chase down your resolutions and share your support for 20 straight days โ€” the #Mizuno20Day begins Monday!
You're worth it.

Every goal, every aspiration, every dream that has ever crossed your mind- it's within your grasp. It's time to commit to success. No better time than the present. #MilesChangeYou #Resolutions
Are you ready to run fast in 2017? Start with the mile!

How to Run a Fast Mile