X-it Claws: Krzysztof Soszynski takes on Wolverine's "daughter" in the latest action-packed 'Logan' trailer... but it doesn't look like there will be a rematch any time soon.

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Krzysztof Soszynski Gets Beat Up By A Girl In Latest 'Logan' Trailer

#WSOFNYC: Listen in to Tareq Azim, Nate Diaz & Gilbert Melendez cornering Jake Shields vs. Jon Fitch during their title fight at The Theater at Madison Square Garden courtesy of the KISWE App.
The Lioness 1, Mr. Robot 0: Amanda Nunes Leoa happily demonstrated a rear naked choke on Christian Slater to the delight of Kelly Ripa during her appearance on LIVE with Kelly.

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Amanda Nunes Takes Down Christian Slater With Rear Naked Choke

What was it like the first time Chuck Liddell & Randy "The Natural" Couture took a punch to the face? The MMA legends talked about this and more with fans at their #WSOFNYC Q&A event at The Garden.

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WSOFNYC: MMA Legends Chuck Liddell & Randy Couture Answer Fan Questions

Nate Diaz seems to be following in Conor McGregor's footsteps, applying for a boxing license in Nevada, but what's his ultimate goal?

What do you think? Negotiation tactic or new direction? [ Bit.ly Link ]

Stockton Side Quest: Nate Diaz To Apply For Boxing License

"Don't count the days, make the days count." - Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016. #TipTuesday brought to you by Tequila Avion!
Would you buy Conor McGregor aftershave or get your hair cut at his barbershop? According to recent trademark filings, that possibility may not be too far off. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Conor McGregor Looks To Trademark Name, 'The Notorious'

Watch the epic, action-filled battle between Justin "the Highlight" Gaethje and Luiz Firmino at #WSOFNYC. Download the KISWE App and go to the FIGHT channel now! [ Kiswe.tv Link ]
"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr. #MotivationMonday brought to you by Ticket Galaxy!
Although for most people, you never know if your #MMA training will be put to good use in your daily life, but when you're a professional hockey player, chances are, it'll be helpful sooner rather than later.

Rare Hockey Goalie Fight Ends With One-Hit Knockout

Breaking: Dana White offers Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather $25 million each for the long talked about mega-fight... but will this be enough to finally get the two superstars in the ring?

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Dana White Offers $25 Million Each For Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Fight

Take a look back at WSOF's historic 11-Bout, 4-Title Fight New Year's Eve Mega-Event in New York City!
An amateur MMA fighter and former American Ninja Warrior came to the rescue of a choking man and it was all caught on video.

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MMA Fighter And Former American Ninja Warrior Saves Choking Man's Life

#WSOF Ring Girl Melanie is ready for #WSOF35! Don't miss the Heavyweight World Title Fight between Blagoy Ivanov and Shawn Jordan! Sync your calendar: [ Bit.ly Link ]

#WCW brought to you by Bad Kitty USA!
"Let’s Make It Happen": Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is putting his money where his mouth is, offering Conor McGregor $15 million to face him in the long-discussed super fight.

Should he take it? [ Bit.ly Link ]

Money Talks: Floyd Mayweather Offers Conor McGregor $15 Million To Fight

Watch: Floyd Mayweather offers some surprisingly encouraging advice to Ronda Rousey following her recent loss to Amanda Nunes Leoa: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Floyd Mayweather Offers Advice To Ronda Rousey, 'Keep Believing'

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"...it was harder than any workout I’ve ever done."

As if WSOF's two-division champion David Branch didn't have enough weapons in his arsenal, he's continued to evolve his training regimen with the addition of ballet. [ Bit.ly Link ]

2-Division Champion David Branch Has A New Secret Weapon... Ballet