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Easy Techniques for a Pro Finish!

Spray Painting Made Easy
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Pretty cool stuff, some of this reported by MAN years ago, now pops up again with this cool video.

Inside NASA's Prototype Lab Where Model Planes Take Flight
Model Airplane News
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Using the same covering material to cover your model that's used with full-size aircraft is a lot easier than you think.

Fabric Covering for Scale RC Airplanes — Video How To
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Model Airplane News
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Model Airplane News
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Photo of the Week: Giant scale Extra 300
Throwback Thursday! Well that did not go very well! Back at the 2008 Big Biplane Bash editor Gerry Yarrish put in 5 flights using a battery pack that had only 4 and a half flights worth of voltage left. The end result was winning the "Hardest Landing" award! This extremely rekitted airplane was a Balsa USA 1/4-scale Fokker Triplane and it was powered by a sweet running Zenoah G-26 gas engine...
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A great history lesson for this "Day without Women" Day.
First Licensed Woman Pilot! On March 8, 1910, the Aero-Club of France issued pilot license #36 to Raymonde de Laroche, making her the first licensed female pilot in the world. Laroche had been born Elise Raymonde Deroche in France in 1882. Despite the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers, the fervor over the new aeronautical industry...
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Photo of the Week! Ouch! It happens! By David Hart.
Important history!
One of the Luftwaffe's Wonder Weapons, the Rocket Powered Komet!

Rocket Powered RC — The Me-163 Komet
Slow But Deadly dive bomber on the way for the first time to Top Gun!

Road to Top Gun — Chuck Hamilton’s Douglas SDB-3 Dauntless Dive-Bomber