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If you're intimidated by building a model with sheeted wings, check out this post using our build along Skyraider as an example. It really is a lot easier when you know the basics.

Workshop Build-Along — Part 11 — Sheeting the Wings for Nick Ziroli's Skyraider
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A favorite of several MAN editors, this impressive F-100 Super Sabre is again, going to compete at Top Gun! Go Team Brazil!

Road to Top Gun — Gabriel Pellegrini’s F-100 Super Sabre
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In the workshop with a just-finished, museum-scale jet!

Super-Scale Sabre
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The future of flight? Not sure how much help that harness is going to be in a crash...

Manned drone first flight
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TBT: Wow! 17 years ago, at the Westchester County Center 2000 WRAM Show, I got a second place with my Fokker Dr.1 Triplane. Built from an old VK kit, it was powered with a Saito .56 and was covered with Coverite and painted with Stits Lite Poly Tone paint! It flew pretty good but was a bear on takeoff and landings. I remember the Proctor spoked wheels were expensive at the time. Eventually, I...
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02/15/2017 at 14:15. Facebook
Sneak Peek! We will have Dennis Sumner's great flying sport scale Mooney Mite as a construction article in the June issue of MAN. More photos will be up on the MAN site shortly!
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02/14/2017 at 19:21. Facebook
Photo of the Week: Nick Ziroli Sr. Stearman PT-17 / Navy N2S. 87 in. wingspan, 68 in. long and powered by a Robart 7-cylinder radial 4-stroke engine.
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Drone shot video of the Oroville Dam crisis.

Drone video shows the Oroville Dam crisis
Check out this new Top Gun Butcher Bird all the way from the Mediterranean Sea!

Road to Top Gun — Alessio Mauro Pisu and his Fw 190 Butcher Bird