Mohamed Zeyara
Mohamed Zeyara
05/23/2017 at 00:56. Facebook
Thank you Imam Omar Suleiman for accepting the challenge! May Allah (swt) reward each person who you have ushered to goodness and reward them with Paradise of the highest level! Ameen!

Unique opportunity to donate to 30 different projects in 30 days of Ramadan automatically. 100% of your donations go to a charitable organization cause. Still a few days left before Ramadan. May Allah...
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Pious Projects of America
Ala Hamdan
Sara Hamed
Fahim Aref
I accept the Pious Projects Ramadan Challenge
I will commit to help one trusted charity organization every day for the entire month.
I will make it even easier on myself and select Auto-Pilot by selecting my daily donation amount, Pious Projects of America will donate that amount every day on my behalf and send me a receipt showing which organization I was able to help. I will not stop...
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Yuni Lestari
Zenaira Ali
Danish Sha
I challenge all those who love Ramadan, to accept this 30 day challenge. This is a wonderful initiative to keep consistent with good deeds and help keep you on track to maximize in Ramadan. Please Visit the link below and watch the video and accept the challenge. Please share it with your family and friends so you can earn the reward as well. Also comment "I accept" if you will be taking...
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I challenge all those who love Ramadan to accept this 30 day
Mohamed Zeyara
Ayah Musaad
Lana Lea Kizilarslan
Beautiful words and poetry shared by brother Imran Salha on the struggles of our families in Syria. May Allah reward Zakat foundation for all their efforts.
Yuni Lestari
Imran Salha
Tamanna Parween
One of the new Mosques being built in Bamako, Mali. What do you guys think of the new look?

Pious Projects of America
One of the new Mosques being built in Bamako Mali What do you guys think of the new look
Abdelrahim Hekmat
Shafeek At
Farkhanda Masood
Like this picture to help donate for Syrian refugees, can’t get easier than this my friends.

The Muslim Students Association at University of Texas at San Antonio is trying to win a contest to raise $6,000. Basically whichever organization gets the most likes wins the money to be donated to any charity. The MSA is aiming to donate the money to Syrian Refugees. Contest ends in 2 hours.

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Like this picture to help donate for Syrian refugees cant get easier
Hisham Mitwally
Yuni Lestari
Zumi Zumiarni
Join our Worldwide Blood Drive Campaign!

Commit to donate here: [ Link ]

Your donation can help save a life. Join people across the world in donating blood to hospitals and blood drives near you.

“And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely" (5:32) Quran.
Mohamed Zeyara
Yuni Lestari
Eliška Martonová
Annalise Charlotte
Mazhar Qadeer Rawn
Denise Gallegos
Nathan Finnigan
Suad Omari
Amran Khan
“The difference between us (Christians) and you (Muslims), is no thicker than this line.” -King of Abyssinia, King Negus.
Maria Rahman
Nadia Ben
احتشام الصديق
Two weeks after the Islamic Center of Lake Travis burned down, another Texas mosque was destroyed by a fire last night. The Islamic Center of Victoria was engulfed in flames around 3 am and an investigation is underway to determine the cause. No conclusions yet but I pray this isn't a new trend.

Lets help them rebuild it: [ Link ]

Story here: [ Link ]
Mohamed Zeyara 01/28/2017
Jusna Rashid
Nassar Ali
Shaji Mohammad Khan
I’m happy to announce that I’ve been featured in Jared Kleinert's new book release “3 Billion Under 30," as one of the top 75 performing young leaders today.

3 Billion Under 30 will be donating 50% of the revenue from this link to Pious Projects water projects!

Here is a quick summary of the book:

"Hollywood A-listers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs running...
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Salma Anjum
Moonnee Haq
Aliya Yaseen
Guess who’s back! Mashallah, Amal Ahmed Albaz is one of our community’s leaders who’s well equipped to help and guide with our youth. Social media is undoubtedly deficient of this style of conversations; especially from muslim sisters. So I highly recommend that you watch, support and follow/like her page for future videos.
Sabrina Salam
Mohammad Maher Abid
Mahnoor Farman
Hamdilah I finally released a new video. This video means a lot to me personally. This is me opening my heart to my followers.

At this point, my dream seems so far to me, but this is my way of showing you to never give up.

[ Link ]
Hamdilah I finally released a new video This video means a lot

"How do you balance Medical school and traveling?” Video 1/3

Next video will be uploaded on this channel. Keep us in your prayers. see you all soon!

Nore Al Jamal
Funda Özcan
Abdullah Al-Rabbat
2016 was an amazing year thanks to you. We actually changed the world for the better. We grew nearly 50% from last year in terms of volunteers and campaign donations. I can't wait to share with you the many exciting projects we have planned in 2017 and hope that you all are registered as volunteers so we can make history together. Enjoy the highlight video and be sure to share it with...
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Mohamed Zeyara
Maha Dar
Maadaa Inn
Video is finally out! You remember our "Feed The Hungry" national campaign? Pious Projects of America recruited over 800 volunteers in 21 cities across the U.S. & Canada, to deliver over 25,000 meals to the homeless. This amazing experience not only helped the less fortunate, but also allowed us to truly humble ourselves in serving the community that we live in, that we are part of, and...
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Ibnu Herer
Fatuma Mohamed
Maher Minyanish
Clarissa Jones
Mohammad A Abbas
Maryam Mirzayeva
Mohammad Ansar Ahmed
Armando Ramon Miquel
Mumtaz VanderVord
Never allow any situation to demobilize you or make you feel helpless. Instead, take it as an opportunity to get closer to Allah(s.w.t.) Thank you to all the donors and volunteers for coming together so quickly and allowing us to fill a 40 foot container of brand new winter items that is now on its way to our brothers & sisters inside Syria. From your help, Pious Projects of America sent...
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Never allow any situation to demobilize you or make you feel helpless
Jay Vos
Munther Almilhim
Partha Dutta
Winter clothes drive for Syria in Chicago.

7541 w 99th PL. bridgeview IL 60455
Leena Yousef
Pious Projects of America
Nahid Haider