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"Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome." –Amelia Barr #ThursdayThoughts
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Whenever you feel like you’re about to break your New Year’s resolution, apply one of these very effective tips to help keep your head in the game (via The Huffington Post).

7 Clever Tricks For When You Want To Give Up On Your Resolution
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Eating an earlier dinner has more health benefits than you think. #TipTuesday
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It’s always difficult to stick to your diet when you go out to eat, no matter how hard you try. Here are 6 ways to change that.

6 Easy Tips for Eating Healthier at Any Restaurant
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Has your week been more stressful than usual? Take a few minutes today to carefully plan out your schedule for the upcoming week so there’s no need to get anxious about it. #StressFreeSaturday
Community Photo of the Week: This week, we're showcasing Molina Healthcare of CA, who attended the Family Health & Community Resource Fair to educate others on our services as well as the benefits of sticking to a healthy diet!
Have you ever worried that reading in the dark could ruin your eyesight? While your eyes may get tired from doing this, they won't receive any real damage.
Exercising every day of the week may not be more effective than just a few times per week. Learn why here (via Health).

Why You Don’t Have to Exercise Every Day
It's a much healthier decision to bake your food instead of frying it. #TipTuesday
Today is National Take the Stairs Day! Skip the elevator to get a bit more cardio in your workout routine and live a healthier day.
Community Photo of the Week: Many employees recently volunteered to prepare and package 15,400 meals for hungry families, which will be distributed throughout Ohio this month!
This week is Celebration of Life Week! Get out there, enjoy breathing in the fresh air, and take advantage of the precious moments we get to live.
Running has many beneficial health effects. Here’s how to incorporate morning runs into your daily routine (via Prevention Magazine).

8 Ways To Become A Morning Runner
Become more aware of what goes into your body by taking a quick look at the nutrition facts before you eat. #TipTuesday
For all of us with New Year's resolutions, here is some inspiration for committing to a positive lifestyle change. #MondayMotivation #HappyNewYear
Happy New Year from your family at Molina Healthcare!
Community Photo of the Week: To help spread the holiday spirit throughout the community, Molina recently visited a children shelter to spend time with the kids, enjoy a full day of games, and distribute new clothes and toys to everyone!
A clear mind is essential to having good health. #MolinaMindfulMoments
New Year's is right around the corner. Check out these 50 different New Year’s resolutions to help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle in 2017 (via!

50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas And How To Achieve Each Of Them
Give more than you receive. #TipTuesday