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Well, this is one way to ease a little mom guilt the next time you've got to run an errand!

Dad's Shirt Trick Immediately Stops Baby From Crying
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Every time.
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"The first time my son asked, I did what a lot of parents do. I lied..."

The Question From My Kid That's Worse Than the Sex Question
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"I'm always crazy tired and I barely greet him with so much as a nod when he gets home from work most days. And I honest-to-goodness can't remember the last time I did my hair in anything other than my infamous bun."

Am I Really the World's Worst Wife?
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It now seems that even the replacement book may be under fire... because apparently legislators would just prefer our children not read at all.

A Book Meant to Prevent Discrimination Was Banned in Schools
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Is it bedtime yet?

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Have you all read the letter this dad wrote? It's pretty harsh, but... does he have a point?

To the Husband Who's Sick of His Wife Being a Stay-at-Home Mom, I Get It
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Can you picture it: Being able to give yourself a more gentle, supported transition into motherhood?

Moms DESERVE 40 Days of Rest After Having a Baby
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For all the mamas who have ever struggled with breastfeeding...
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"Two Words: Maternity. Pants.

If wearing buttonless jeans is wrong, then I don't wanna be right."

7 Things Even The Biggest Pregnancy Hater Will Miss About Being Pregnant
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Unfortunately, big-brother-to-be wasn't impressed with the massive reveal efforts. Not even kind of.

This Might Be The Most Elaborate Gender Reveal Ever
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Oh, toodles!
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As far as pregnancy induction methods go, this is certainly the most tasty. But that's not the only reason everybody is talking about it...

What's the Secret to This Salad That Induces Labor?
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"My darling boy, my son, my little sidekick, we are about to expand our family by one more heartbeat. This letter is for you, to let you know how deep my love reachesβ€”it is infinite, my sweet boy."

A Letter to My Firstborn
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How any parent could ever do this to a child is unfathomable.

Abused Toddler, Naked in the Snow, Rescued By Amazing Little Dog
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"I don’t subscribe to the notion that once you have kids your life becomes all about them. Adults-only time is not just fun, it’s a necessity. Hell, I’ll go so far as to call it self-care."

No, Your Kid Can't Come to My Adults-Only Party
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Finally! A makeup tutorial we can actually relate to!

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"Side by side we stand together."

Remembering and honoring the victims is one of the most important things we can do in the wake of a terror attack. Today, our hearts are with Aysha's children and family.

London Terror Attack Victim Identified as Mom of Two