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Every. Single. Day.
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You deserve a glass of wine.

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We've got the inside scoop and your kids are going to be BEGGING for a coffee run!

Secret Drinks to Order at Starbucks for Kids
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Counseling is great, but it can be expensive, hard to schedule and not very fun. Child-free vacations and date nights would be nice, but they can also be prohibitively expensive, hard to schedule and logistically challenging.

This, though? Totally doable, and a potential game-changer.

The Simple Daily Practice That Transformed My Marriage
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One mom is using her tragedy to educate others...
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Just saying.

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What would YOU be willing to do for a faster labor?

3 Things I Believe Made My Second Labor 32 Hours Shorter
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Women have been inserting gauze into their vaginas to then rub inside their baby's mouth, on their body and around their eyes.

Wait until you find out why...

How 'Vaginal Seeding' Can Boost Your Baby's Health
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This is the sweetest way to ease separation anxiety!
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Every mom of a preemie is going to want these...

These Amazing Photo Cards Are Everything For Parents of Preemies
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Meanwhile, we can't manage to drink a cup of coffee before it goes cold...
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"I didn’t want him to just want me. I wanted him to be strong, wild and free. But now, I see where I may have gone wrong."

Did I Make My Baby Too Independent?
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Don’t be surprised if something you thought was a sure thing turns out to not be in your partner’s plan...

4 Things Couples Need to Talk About Before the Baby Comes
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That's pretty much what love is.
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Nature is cruel.
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It almost makes you wonder how these toys were ever actually made... Like, who signed off on that?!?

10 Inappropriate Toys
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Going to the bathroom before kids: "Door shut and never in front of my spouse."

Going to the bathroom with kids: "Audience every single time. It's like a performance I tell you!"

Marriage: What It's Like Before and After Kids