#Projects106, the first US solo museum exhibition by Martine Syms (b. 1988, Los Angeles) opens today! Explore this immersive installation combining film and photography on Floor 3. Unlock new layers of the exhibition’s stories of migration and surveillance when you download the artist’s augmented reality app, WYD RN? Available at mo.ma/syms

Learn more at mo.ma/projects106.
Projects106 the first US solo museum exhibition by Martine Syms b 1988
Join emerging and experienced artists this Thursday for a discussion rethinking what political action can mean in artistic practice. Hosted by artist Eric Gottesman and art historian Michelle Woo, members of For Freedoms, the first artist-run super PAC, at MoMA PS1.

RSVP: mo.ma/2qHBTLd
Join emerging and experienced artists this Thursday for a discussion rethinking what
Art and Art Supplies
In the conservation course “Take Care,” paintings conservator Ellen Davis shows MoMA Teens the ways of Rothko. Sit in on the class on YouTube: mo.ma/2qWoEq6
Andre Bowers
Lisa Shelaine
Daniel Pardo
Many people recognize names like Pollock and de Kooning, but far fewer know of women abstract artists like Lee Krasner, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Lee Bontecou, who made their own space in an often resistant art world.

MoMA curator Starr Figura introduces MoMA's new exhibition #MakingSpace which shines a spotlight on the stunning achievements of women artists between the end of World War II...
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Tracy Hoffman
Joanna Klink Koenings
Tricia Mashig
Described as an “electronic pilot project,” the website for 1995’s "Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design" was MoMA’s first foray into the Internet. Organized by Paola Antonelli, now senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design, the exhibition was a survey of experiments in material design and usage in contemporary industrial design, from innovative applications of traditional...
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Described as an electronic pilot project the website for 1995s Mutant Materials
Joseph Varno
Tom O'Beirne
Charles Hui
German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger sets the stage for disparate cultures to collide and find common ground in her tale of pampered Western women taken hostage by a fierce Mongolian princess. Don’t miss “Johanna D’Arc of Mongolia,” screening at MoMA Film through May 30.

Visit mo.ma/2qPXZLn for showtimes and ticket information.

[Johanna D’Arc of Mongolia. 1989. West Germany/France. Written and...
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German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger sets the stage for disparate cultures to collide
Sunya Enkhtugs
“What if you were to assume that you’re being constantly recorded, which in our contemporary moment of widespread surveillance is more or less true? You could say that there’s just a giant film production happening at all times. What happens to you and your being or identity within that reality?”

Martine Syms discusses the politics of migration, surveillance, and presentation in “Projects...
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What if you were to assume that youre being constantly recorded which
Melody Watts
Manuel Amador Gobé
Marcia Cash
Streaming live: David Lang and Bang on a Can musically explore the creative themes of #RauschenbergAmongFriends. Watch now at youtu.be/lbYHzVjAjnA
[Rehearsal at Merce Cunningham's studio, 1964. Left to right, seated: Barbara Dilley Lloyd, John Cage, Sandra Neels, Shareen Blair, and Robert Rauschenberg. Left to right, standing: MC, Carolyn Brown, Steve Paxton, William David, and Viola...
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Streaming live David Lang and Bang on a Can musically explore the
Giorgio de Chirico’s enigmatic paintings bring an air of mystery to the #MoMACollection galleries. Learn more about the dreamlike imagery that characterized de Chirico’s Metaphysical Art movement, and his influence on Surrealist artists like Salvador Dalí and René Magritte tomorrow with Museum educator Elisabeth Bardt-Pellerin: mo.ma/2qRwKR6

Lively conversations and engaging activities are...
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Giorgio de Chiricos enigmatic paintings bring an air of mystery to the
Nellie Button
Richard A. Cannistra
Kiyoshi  Itou
JUST ANNOUNCED: Kaytranada will join James Blake and KLAUS (1-800-Dinosaur) for the #PartyInTheGarden After-Party! Don’t miss these special live performances in our Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden—tickets are now on sale at mo.ma/partyinthegarden.
This year’s after-party is hosted by special committee of emerging female artists including: Zoë Buckman, Molly Crabapple, Teresita...
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Chino Salvador
Are you an aspiring artist in NYC working towards receiving your high school equivalency diploma? Apply for Night Studio, our new free art course that leverages the Museum as a classroom, laboratory, discussion space, and art studio! Explore new ideas, learn about the range of careers within the arts, participate in art making, and develop your art portfolio with help from the MoMA Teens...
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Fernanda Soto Sandoval
Sara Bermeo
Works now on view in #UnfinishedConversations—including Anna Boghiguian’s “Untitled,” one drawing in a series documenting the 2011 Egyptian revolution—grapple with themes of protest and identity.

Join associate curator Yasmil Raymond for evening classes that explore these themes and unravel the layers of meaning and questioning woven into the exhibition’s works. Register online for May 23 &...
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Works now on view in UnfinishedConversationsincluding Anna Boghiguians Untitled
April Star Russell Collins
Abstract Art BOGO
Rafael CR
Two evenings of music inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s boundary-pushing, collaborative spirit kick off tomorrow at 7pm.

Pulitzer prize–winning composer David Lang and the celebrated music collective Bang on a Can sonically explore Rauschenberg’s idea of the Combine (incorporating ordinary objects and materials into paintings) on May 23, and celebrate the artist’s avant-garde musical...
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Two evenings of music inspired by Robert Rauschenbergs boundarypushing collabora
Abstract Art BOGO
Artist Eric Gottesman and art historian Michelle Woo, both members of the artist-run initiative For Freedoms, will host an "Art and Practice" open discussion about art as a tool for influencing culture and stimulating political engagement, next Thursday at 6pm. RSVP to attend this free seminar for emerging and experienced artists at mo.ma/2qHBTLd.

Preview the June 28 installment of our "Art...
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Artist Eric Gottesman and art historian Michelle Woo both members of the
Todd Sherry
Eric Stamp
David Garon
Today is the day! #RauschenbergAmongFriends, the first 21st-century retrospective of Robert Rauschenberg’s six-decade long career is now open. Now through September 17, our galleries are brimming with over 250 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, and sound and video recordings resulting from the friendships and exchanges that characterized his work. Don’t miss this celebration...
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Lisa Jayne
Lee Olson
Conrad Szymkowicz
“The key is what is within the artist. The artist can only paint what she or he is about.” -Lee Krasner, now on view in #MakingSpace mo.ma/2rzOXjm

In the mid-1960s Krasner’s work took on a spirit of free invention, embodied in broad, sweeping strokes of paint—very different from her smaller, thickly painted, and tightly controlled work of the late 1940s. Krasner rejected the notion that her...
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The key is what is within the artist The artist can only
Tanya Telford
Eric Majola
Charley Edelman
Who's ready for summer? The #WarmUp2017 lineup has been announced! Tickets available at mo.ma/warmup.
Whos ready for summer The WarmUp2017 lineup has been announced Tickets available

Warm Up 2017 | Every Saturday July 1 – Sept 2

In 1960, MoMA’s Press Office sent a press release announcing, matter-of-factly, “A machine, 23 feet long and 27 feet high, conceived and built by the Swiss-born artist Jean Tinguely so that it destroys itself when set in motion, will be shown in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art Thursday evening, March 17.” Tinguely had been asked to create one of his signature kinetic artworks, and in...
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In 1960 MoMAs Press Office sent a press release announcing matteroffactly A
Bubbling mud mimicking spotlights in a disco; classic Rauschenberg. Our trilogy of mud-making reaches its climactic end with a little help from ABBA. Watch the full video on YouTube at mo.ma/2qbuHqo, and see “Mud Muse” for yourself at #RauschenbergAmongFriends, opening this Sunday.
Michael T Rubino
Our live Q&A with "In the Studio" instructor Corey D’Augustine starts now on YouTube. Join us for an informative conversation about the materials, techniques, and approaches used by some of your favorite artists.
➡ mo.ma/2qwwrsO.
Our live QA with In the Studio instructor Corey DAugustine starts now
Andrés González
Ryan Benford
Diana Place