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Police arrested Amanda Kelly Downey after learning that she had taken 5 bags of heroin while pregnant. But even though she endangered the life of her unborn child, the charges against her are now being dropped.

Police Can't Believe This Woman Took 5 Bags Of Heroin After Seeing Her Belly
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The neighbor woke up in the dead of night to the sound of a loud bang next door. That's when they saw the child in the window. By the time police arrived, he had already been alone for hours. Then they saw his legs.

Neighbor Hears Loud Banging Noises Next Door. When Police Walk Inside, They See The Little Boy's Legs First
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A few weeks after giving birth to her first baby, she went to see her doctor. The appointment went smoothly--the doctor didn't see anything out of the ordinary--That it, until she told the doctor what happened to her when she woke up.

Six Weeks After Giving Birth To Her First Baby, New Mom Gets Absolutely Shocking News From Her Doctor
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Can you believe it's been eight years already?

Octomom's Babies Aren't So Little Anymore
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When a pregnant North Carolina woman snapped a photo of her baby bump and posted it online, police quickly arrived at her door and arrested her. Can you spot it?

Mom Posts Picture Of Her Baby Bump. Cops Are Hunting Her Down For What’s In Background
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She was at home, taking care of her baby while the baby’s father was at work. When he got home, he heard the baby crying and got upset. So, he grabbed a dirty rag and charged into the nursery. One look at her baby’s ankles left the mom screaming in agony.

Dad Comes Home To A Crying Baby. Without A Moment Of Hesitation, He Grabs A Disgusting Rag And Walks Toward His Wife
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The toddler had been staying with the mom's friend for a few weeks while she adjusted to a new job. It proved to be a deadly mistake for all of them.

Mom's Friend Is Having Troubles Dealing With 'Aggressive' Toddler. One Night, She Just Snaps And Starts Shaking Him — It's A Decision She'll Always Regret
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Lauren Walker couldn't calm her crying baby down while they were out shopping at a grocery store. Then a stranger suddenly approached her and took her baby away. She had no idea what to do. She was just left speechless.

She Can't Stop Her Baby From Crying At The Store. Then A Stranger Suddenly Takes Her Baby Away, And She's Left Speechless.
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#BeccaToldMeTo is a slogan the cancer-fighting girl has been spreading across the world.

This Dying Girl Started a Kindness Movement That’s Warming the Hearts of Thousands
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She said she “always wanted a fat baby,” and she got her wish!

This Mom Gave Birth To a Giant Baby That Weighs More Than Most Sets of Twins
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In July 2015, Tony Moreno was arrested for allegedly throwing his 7-month-old son off a bridge in a murder-suicide gone wrong. Ever since that fateful day, he has claimed that it was all just an accident. But then, authorities found an old text message.

Dad Claims He Never Actually Meant To Throw His Baby Off A Bridge — The Jury Knows Better
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The mom was shocked when she walked in the door to find her live-in nanny passed out. Then she remembered that the garage door had been opened. That's the moment she realized she hadn't seen her 3-year-old son.

When Mom Comes Home, Garage Door Is Open And Nanny Is Passed Out. Meanwhile, Her 3-Year-Old Is Nowhere To Be Found
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Amy was left jobless, homeless, and without a working car with her 3 kids. She reached out to a friend, but accidentally sent it to the wrong person. This led to a extraordinary chain of events that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Desperate Mom Sends Text To The Wrong Person, Within Minutes Stranger Knocks On Her Door
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As Allison and Josh were driving to the hospital for the birth of their adopted son, their attorney calls and says, "Does Josh have both hands on the steering wheel?" Nothing could have prepared them for the news she was about to deliver . . .

Couple Rushes To Hospital To Adopt Newborn, Adoption Attorney Delivers Startling News
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The moment the frantic mom walked into the hospital, she told doctors that she thought her baby had suffered an allergic reaction to his new shampoo. But they knew right away that she wasn't telling them the whole story.

Mom Rushes Baby To The Hospital With A Shampoo Allergy. It's Obvious To Doctors That She's Not Telling The Whole Truth