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After a doctor examined the 7-year-old boy, he said his injuries were the worst he'd ever seen on a single human being. The story the little boy told police made them wish they'd only found him sooner.

After Good Samaritan Sees 7-Year-Old Running Outside In A Dirty Diaper, Cops Realize What Mom's Been Doing
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Cops were called to the scene after witnesses caught a couple having sex in their car in broad daylight. Shockingly enough, the couple had parked their car right outside of a strip mall. But that wasn't even the worst park. When the police saw what the couple had in their back seat, they were sickened.

After Couple Is Caught Having Sex In Car In Broad Daylight, Cops Are Sickened By What They Find In Their Back Seat
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The father had taken their 10-month-old child into the shower with him, and left him unattended while he got dressed in the other room. But it turns out, that's not the only place the baby was left alone that day. Now both parents have been arrested.

Baby's Left Alone In The Shower While Dad Gets Dressed. But That's Not The Only Place The Baby Was Left Alone That Day
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You need to see this transformation to believe it! She even landed a Guinness World Record!

This Woman RADICALLY Transformed Herself After Her Husband’s Death
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The man insisted that his "wife" was 20 years old, but hospital workers immediately knew she was no older than 12. They were horrified by what her "husband" had done to her and immediately called the cops. Now investigators are trying to find out where she's really from.

Man Tells Doctor His Pregnant 'Wife' Is 20 Years Old, But The Sick Truth Is Obvious
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A stepmother in Canada has been sentenced to three years behind bars for failing to act when her husband began torturing his son in their basement. According to the Ottawa Citizen, the 11-year-old…

Dad Tortures 11-Year-Old Boy In Basement For 6 Months While Stepmom Pretends Nothing Is Happening At Home
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A Utah father is facing serious charges after he was caught on camera abandoning his 5-year-old daughter at a college campus overnight. According to Fox 13, the heartless father brought the little…

Dad Takes 5 Year Old To College Campus Late At Night, Then Leaves. When Cops See The Security Footage, They're Horrified
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This mom, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend were listening to the GPS announcement in the car, but then it said something strange: "Due to the baby on board, please be extra careful." But there was no baby in the car with them.

Stunned Family Listens To GPS Say To Be Careful Due To ‘Baby On Board,’ But There’s No Child Inside
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What do YOU think about her message? Sound off in the comments!

This Mom Explains Why You Don’t Owe Strangers Candy For Sitting Near Your Babies
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The mom was already shocked that her 8-year-old daughter had found a gun on the side of the road, but it wasn't until the police told her what else they discovered that she realized just how lucky her daughter was to be alive.

8-Year-Old Girl Stumbles Upon A Gun On The Side Of The Road. But It's What Police Find Next That Has Mom In Shock
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For months, 19-year-old Haley has been telling people she's pregnant, even though several pregnancy tests have told her otherwise. Nobody believes that Haley's 22-pound weight gain has anything to do with being pregnant. Still, Haley is determined to prove she's actually pregnant.

After Six Negative Pregnancy Tests, Teen Girl Still Thinks She's 9 Months Pregnant — But That's Not Even The Craziest Part
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Cindy Garcia was certain that she smelled a strong chemical odor on her 10-year-old daughter when she came to pick her up from school. During the day, she had turned purple and vomited, but nobody called for help. That's when the school principal finally confessed what had accidentally been poured into her daughter's feeding tube.

Mom Smells Strong Odor On Daughter With Special Needs After School. That's When They Tell Her What They Put In The Girl's Feeding Tube
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On June 14, 2015, a dog walker discovered the body of 3-year-old Adrionna in a ravine. Just 40 minutes earlier, her family had reported the little girl missing. Her mother, Adriene Williams immediately pleaded with the public to help her track down her daughter's killer. But it didn't take long before surveillance footage and cell phone records revealed the truth.

In 2015, This Mom Begged The Public To Help Her Find Her Baby's Killer. Then They Discovered Her Sick Secret. Now Adriene Williams Is Going To Prison
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Ashlee Hutt's 3 kids told police that she always gave them "feel good medicine" to help them sleep. The moment police learned that the "medicine" was actually a white powder mixed with water, they immediately launched an investigation. But what really shocked authorities was what they found all over the children's arms.

She Gives Her Children 'Feel Good Medicine' To Help Them Sleep. Then Authorities Spot What Is On Their Arms
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Adenn and his little sister, Avangelilline, were running home after taking out the trash, when Adenn suddenly disappeared right before his sister's eyes. She couldn't figure out where he had gone. Then she looked down. What she saw next had her screaming for help.

Siblings Are Taking Out The Trash When Brother Suddenly Disappears. Then His Sister Sees What's Below Her
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The fire tragically burned the family's house down, but Wray's daughter, son, husband and dogs got out safely.

911 dispatcher takes frantic call from her own daughter