‘Tohi combines a stone-age technology with modern artistic exploration. Before the arrival of European explorers in Tonga, metalwork had not been discovered: building and furnishings were fixed not by nails but by lashings, lalava, made from plaited strands of coconut fibres. These could remain undyed, and already be patterned differently in the ways they crossed; but simply by adding a dark...
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The National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Art Book Fair continues today and tomorrow. Come and say hi. Or buy stuff.

Photo: @ngvmelbourne/@titzntobi
All the rest is silence.
―W. H. Auden

Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania

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The wolves.

Dark Mofo first announcement.

Dark Mofo, 8-21 June

We’re schlepping our tomes across the Bass Strait and we’re not schlepping them back again.
National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne Art Book Fair 2017 runs 17–19 March.
‘The juxtaposition here of naked flesh with wrecked car bodies undoubtedly makes for a dystopic whole. This isn’t a healthy, habitable place to be.’
—Steven Pinker, guest curator

On the Origin of Art
Continues until April 17

Untitled 1994/95
Bill Henson
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Courtesy of Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
Free the goldfish.


We are sad to hear of the recent death of Jannis Kounellis-Γιάννης Κουνέλλης. From today until Thursday 9 March, the meat version of his work Untitled, 1998, will be on display.
Your chance to be the David or Margaret of art flicks, with our films program that relates (sort of) to our exhibition, On the Origin of Art.

Free with museum entry and often single screenings only, so hop to it.

MONA - Museum of Old and New Art

Abyss I and Abyss II, 2015, by Thomas Huber are now on show in the Void entrance to the gallery.

Image: Mona/Rémi Chauvin
‘Typical art-origin myths offer a heady mix of neuro-babble, paleo-sentimentalism, artwank pretentiousness, and naïve group selection. However, if you want the right answer, rather than just a cute story, you have to dig deeper.’
—Geoffrey Miller, guest curator

On the Origin of Art
Continues until April 17
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In the Night Garden:...
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12 months, 313 days, 1500 hours. Thank you, Mona. I love you very much.
Flick fest: Cinemona is screening a selection of documentaries, short films, and feature films to accompany our current exhibition, On the Origin of Art.

This weekend, included in the price of your Mona entry ticket, see:
Ten Canoes, Saturday 28 January, 3.30pm
Creation, Sunday 29 January, 1pm
Picnic at Hanging Rock (film), Sunday 29 January, 3pm

We even have a candy bar: [ Mona.net.au Link ]

On the Origin of Art films – Stuff to do | Mona

MONA FOMA, our festival of music and art, takes over the Mona site from today until Sunday January 22. To visit during these dates, you'll need a Day Pass or Three-Day Mona Pass. See you soon, Mofos xoxo
Fiddler/bassist on the roof, streaming live for twenty-four hours.

Read more: [ Mona.net.au Link ]

The NOW now 2017: World's Longest Bass Solo - YouTube

All about that bass. This Saturday, from 4.51am.

Clayton Thomas – JAM | Mona

Amanda effing Palmer’s new effing album, Piano is Evil, is exclusively available for purchase as part of her upcoming tour. Nab yourself a copy when she performs at Mona on Friday 10 February and Saturday 11 February, 7pm.

An Evening with Amanda Palmer – Stuff to do | Mona

We're open today and every day until the end of January.

Usual hours, Wednesday–Monday, start again in February.

The Lovers, 2011, Patricia Piccinini.
Photo: Mona/Rémi Chauvin.