MONA FOMA, our festival of music and art, takes over the Mona site from today until Sunday January 22. To visit during these dates, you'll need a Day Pass or Three-Day Mona Pass. See you soon, Mofos xoxo
Fiddler/bassist on the roof, streaming live for twenty-four hours.

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The NOW now 2017: World's Longest Bass Solo - YouTube
All about that bass. This Saturday, from 4.51am.

Clayton Thomas – JAM | Mona
Amanda effing Palmer’s new effing album, Piano is Evil, is exclusively available for purchase as part of her upcoming tour. Nab yourself a copy when she performs at Mona on Friday 10 February and Saturday 11 February, 7pm.

An Evening with Amanda Palmer – Stuff to do | Mona
We're open today and every day until the end of January.

Usual hours, Wednesday–Monday, start again in February.

The Lovers, 2011, Patricia Piccinini.
Photo: Mona/Rémi Chauvin.
The Macquarie Point debate: a word on words.

Change our minds
'Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it's the only one you have.'
—Emile Chartier

'This is the only one we have.'

‘The outcome Hobart deserves’
This, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, isn’t the end, or even the beginning of the end. But we do hope it’s the end of the beginning. And we hope that this thing, this wasteland known as Macquarie Point, takes on a life of its own, as a beacon for freedom, as a memorial for wrongs, as a base for entertaining, as a space for living and learning, and as a place our community feels it has earned,...
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Shining a light on our dark past
Walshy waxes lyrical on Trump, cheesecake and the origin of art (because they go so well together). Purchase the latest issue of, or subscribe to, Island magazine to read more.

Island Magazine Ed. 147 | Mona
David reflects on Florence and Fidel.

Florence Henderson
Weekend at Walshy's returns for round two.

Mona Foma Day Passes
Party weekend, day two: Kate Miller-Heidke, Ed Kuepper with Mark Dawson, and Paris Wells join a host of others to keep the On the Origin of Art opening festivities rolling.
On the Origin of Art has officially opened its doors — all four of them. Book a timed entry session at the museum information desk*, or settle in for a day of music from CW Stoneking, Rob Thorne, All Fires the Fire, and many more from noon. Free entry all weekend.

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*subject to capacity