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Today's beautiful #FridayFlyDay was taken by Howard Forster! who wishes they were here right now?
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Our lovely Britannia, AKA the Whispering Giant, in 1970 #TBT
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Check out a few of our favourite #MonarchViews we have received these past couple of months - including a couple of special extras :)

Do you have a Monarch shot you're proud of? Make sure you share it with us!
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Did you know today is World Poetry Day? Here we go...

Our flights are on time,
Our card fees are zero,
Our holidays are packaged,
And our crew are our heroes
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Happiness is....

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Spread the word: we're giving away another 10 pairs of flights this week! Fancy winning one? For your chance, simply have a good look at our 360 video and click on the boarding pass when you find it.

Remember to drag your mouse across the screen or tilt your phone around to make sure you have a proper look. Good luck everyone!

Enter our giveaway & you could win 1 of 10 free pairs of flights!
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Thanks everyone for entering last week's giveaway! The ten lucky winners who will be jetting off soon are...

Is your name not on the list? Make sure you enter this week's giveaway
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What a clear night in the cockpit looks like ✨
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Planning a trip to Tenerife? Check out our itinerary in marvellous Costa Adeje!

7 fantastic days in and around Costa Adeje
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Thumbs up if you'd love to spend your weekend here!
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"What was that?!"

Captain Webster explains. ✈

What are the noises you hear on a plane?
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A quick family reunion in Gibraltar...
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We're giving away another 10 pairs of flights this week!

You know the drill, find and click on the purple boarding pass hidden in the 360 video below. Make sure you drag your mouse or move your phone in all directions to have a proper look around! Good luck

[ Link ]

Win a pair of flights!
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How I feel the night before my holiday... #SundayFunday
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Need 26 reasons (in alphabetical order) to visit Zagreb?'re in luck ????

A to Z of Zagreb
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I'm leaving, on a jet plane... #FridayFlyDay
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Looking back to the summer of....

Guess the year! #TBT
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Happy International Women's Day! Today we celebrate one of the very special ladies who work in a male-dominated environment: Meet our Senior First Officer Katie!

Meet Katie, Senior First Officer
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National Apprenticeship Week is in full swing! Wonder what you could accomplish? Meet Lee... [ Link ]

From apprentice to Head of Engineering: meet Lee Burgess
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Is flying your dream? Come and meet our crew in Crawley and make it a reality!
We will be conducting interviews on the day so if you'd like to take advantage of the opportunity, please bring along your up-to-date CV and passport. You can also complete the online application form prior to the pop-up event to save time on the day.

For more information and requirements, and to complete the...
View details ⇨

Cabin Crew Pop-up event ● Crawley