Monster High
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We love seeing these two beasties connect through their love of music! ✨
Monster High
01/17/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Practice makes perfect for these scary-sweet Music Class rock stars.
Monster High
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Play time is going to the werewolves thanks to this fangtastically fashionable new locker playset!
Monster High
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We love how Henrique F. and Maynard P. breathed so much life into this growing Monster High #ShelfieSaturday collection! Amazing work, monsters! ([ Link ]
Monster High
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Power up your weekend with a fangtastic Friday the 13th surprise! Get a first look at this year's all-new Monster High movie, Electrified, coming this March!
Monster High
01/12/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
Kindness, bravery and acceptance are always H-O-T.
Our Woman Crush Wednesday nominee is the one and only Moanica D'Kay! No one shakes things up at Monster High quite like this ghoul.
Set your calendars for February 7, fashionistas! Syfy is teaming up with the ghouls for a scary-cool Monster High themed episode of FaceOff—Syfy, where creative makeup artists will compete to recreate your favorite Monster High looks!
Yellow is anything but mellow in Frankie's voltageous hair! ⚡
Believe in the power of your #KindMonsters ghoul squad.
This is the stuff monster dreams are made of! Thank you for sharing your fangtastic #ShelfieSaturday collection, Julie & Ella L.! ([ Link ]
Who's ready to make the most of this fangtastic winter weekend with their ghouls?
Outside there may be a chill in the air, but in here it's warm with freaky-fab friendship & love. ❤
New year, fresh start… or is it? Only Electrified will reveal if Moanica is ready to let go of her villainous ways. Don't miss our all-new movie, Electrified, coming this March!
Hello ghoul power! We absolutely love the Monster High spirit Gianna Bella is rocking! ✨ ([ Link ]
Can't stop. Won't Stop. Keep rocking that happy new year spirit, mansters and ghouls!
Welcome to 2017, Monster High! Join our epic #KindMonsters ghoul squad and get ready for a fangtastic year ahead!
Ringing in the new year with your ghouls is a clawesome ending & a totally freaky-fab beginning!
Spread the #KindMonsters spirit in the new year! Share your resolutions for making the world a kinder, braver, more accepting place in 2017! ❤✌