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Monster Legends - Dr. Viktor's Lab

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New addition to the Valentine's breeding event. Go get him!

Which Monster have you managed to breed? Were you lucky with Galante JR?
The Lovely Couple Breedings event started!

Which one are you aiming for? :)
Good luck!
Did you know that the idea of the Zodiac Maze come from our Community? :)

Some amazing Monsters are waiting to be unlocked!
How is it going and which of them you prefer?
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
ML loves you.
Finally, the results of the Deco contest are here!

Thank you ALL for participating, we had really hard time choosing the winners but at the end we decided for these 5 amazing decorator masters!


We will contact the winners in the next few days. <3

This is the partial result of the Tomato Challenge.
The top donators of each Monster contributed with this amount of tomatoes! Wow!

Thanks for participating and stay tuned for the final results in a couple of days!
Which Monster would you like to gently throw your tomato bullet at?
Think first and REACT!

In Game go to the Vanoss' Treehouse and check the Tomato Challenge! The top donators of each Monsters will receive 500 Gems!

Fun fact: Did you know that a tomato is a fruit?
Hello Legends!

For this event we have amazing Monster as rewards.
Gridiron, Singularis and Super Tomato!

Good luck! :)
CONTEST - Decorate your island!
We think we are the best at decorating our islands. However, we were told it might not be true! So, we decided to challenge you all!

Prove us you have the best looking island and win 300 gems!

- Post a screenshot of your best decorated island in the comments below this post
- Monster Legends team will pick 5 winners and each one of them will...
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Hello Legends!

We know that these past days have been quite tough.
Here you have some free Gems at your disposal.

FREE GEMS -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our second Team Race just started!
This time is the Lost World Race, with Learnean as first prize!

IMPORTANT: For the users that couldn't tap on the event, check the App Store for the latest update.
Hi Legends!

With the new update you can now see a Grid that will help you to place your buildings more efficiently!
Also, decorating your Islands will be quicker and easier!

Check it out!
Fraternity Team Event is live, perfect time to help your mates!
What are you waiting for?

<-- This is a high five between team members
Leviana was born from the rage of a vengeful god after being betrayed by Nature monsters. He sent this Fire creature to Monster Legends to exterminate them all.

Last few hours to battle her in the Premiere Dungeon!

Leviana Premiere Monster - Monster Legends

Meet Leviana: Leviana was born from the rage of a vengeful god after being betrayed by Nature monsters. He sent this Fire creature to Monster Legends to exte...


How is going on the Monstrous Fairy Tale Island, have you already claimed your favourite Monster? :D
The Items Collection boost is active at the moment! Go for it!

Don't forget also to check the Buffed Island to see which Monsters has a power bonus and for how long!
Hello Legends!

The Special Breeding is active, wish you all good luck!
Can't wait to see Yndra in the battlefield!
Monstrous Fairy Tales Island is live.
Hush little Monster Master, don't say a word
Or The Fairy Tales' Monsters will take you away!
Hello Legends!

What experience level have you reached? ⭐
Share your level below in the comments! :)