What a milestone
We went beyond 400 Monsters created for Monster Legends!
Each of them with a unique style. :)

How many Monsters do you own?
What kind of Monster would you like to see in the future?
We have a new badass joining Monster Legends!

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Gangsterosaurus is the boss of a mafia that controls the black market of Gems. Since his two best monsters on the ground (Galante and Violet) ran away together, he’s doing the dirty work himself.

Gangsterosaurus Premiere Monster - Monster Legends

Gangsterosaurus is the boss of a mafia that controls the black market of Gems. Since his two best monsters on the ground (Galante and Violet) ran away togeth...

We don't usually share ML promo videos here but we think this one is very special!

Anybody appreciates R.O.F.L as much as Rick?
Join him on a crazy ride that is called Monster Legends!

Collect them all! - Monster Legends

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Happy St Patrick's Day!

Trevor is very happy. Today is Trevor's favorite day. So, Trevor is giving out FREE gold in his own style! [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Hello Legends,
The new Assassins Race is live!

⚔ This time the 1st Teams will get the fearsome Baltasar!
⚔ From this Race we added also Individual Rewards.

Go go go!!
Hello Legends!
The party in the 80s Island is not over yet!
Do you want to win 80 Gems? :D

VOTE your favourite 80s Monsters
COMMENT why it's your favourite. Is it the look or the skills?

We will select 10 of you who followed these steps and reward you this Friday!

❄ How is going the trip to the new Frozen Island?
❄ In which node are you at?
Have you met Hackster?
⚠ Don't click the image or he will gets control of your devices!! ⚠
Firyna will be the final reward for the new Breeding Event.
She is an amazing Fire Support!

Fast and Immune to Freeze, can Unfreeze team mates!
Energy management skills similar to her parents!
Cleans negative status on her team while doing damage!
The 80s Island is here!

Have you seen the new Monsters!? Which one are you aiming for?
Pump up the volume and dance to the Island's song! :D

Can you tell us which of these Themes you prefer for the next Team Race?
Thanks for your time!

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Next Team Race Theme?

New version with cool new features is available!
⚔ What do you think about the Auto Battle? :)

Pretty cool right?

Don't miss the chance to battle in this EPIC Team Wars combination!
What will be your Monster dream team?

Also, Breeding and Hatching times for epic rarity of those elements are shorter!
If Team Wars had Epic, Earth and Fire restrictions which Monster would you choose?

This is our pick!
CLICK <3 If you think we should have chosen Atum instead of his pet!
Check out Tesaday, old new friend!

For years, Tesaday has studied VoltaiK's flaws and now, he's ready: ready to fight back, ready to take the spotlight, ready to grab the glory that should have been his all along. Tesaday is ready for vengeance.

Want to know more? Head out to our youtube channel to read their STORY!

Tesaday Premiere Monster - Monster Legends

When VoltaiK was young, there was an older guy who was everything he wanted to be: Smart, strong and faster than anyone else. His name was Tesaday. The Thunder kid started following him around and soon they became close. Tesaday taught him lots of skills and made it his project to, little by littl...

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Monster Legends - Dr. Viktor's Lab

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New addition to the Valentine's breeding event. Go get him!

Which Monster have you managed to breed? Were you lucky with Galante JR?
The Lovely Couple Breedings event started!

Which one are you aiming for? :)
Good luck!