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Maze Coins, Gems and a Monster that is needed for the New Breeding Quest!
What more can be asked as reward in a single Dungeon? :D

Go, play and win!
The Quest just started!
Try to obtains these mythic Monsters in a 3 Phases Quest!

This is the Recipe for Phase 1.
Good luck everybody!
What is waiting for us? :o
Welcome December!
Bring us lot of fun and crazy new things with Monster Legends. :)

Ready for the Challenge?
How far are you able to go in the Survival Dungeon?
Let us know in the comments!

Do you have any tips to share? :)
Check your Dungeons or the Vanoss' Treehouse for the new Monster Premiere!

This time is the turn of Terroriser, try to defeat him to get the reward.
Free Gems for everybody!
SHARE and LIKE the post if you want more freebies soon.
What do you want next? :)

Free Gems -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Do you need Coins?
Defeat the Maze Dungeon if you dare!
Collect all the Dragons -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Welcome our Thanksgiving special Monster of this year.

By the way... nice disguise! :D

Don't miss the chance to get your favourites Youtuber Monsters!
Here you have a Special Recipe to bolster your team.

Don't forget to check Vanoss' Treehouse in game!
It’s happened: Technology has become smarter than monsters. This device can break any opponent's plan by predicting all their possible attack orders and then blocking them. Switch the Monster D.vice off or lose!

[ Youtu.be Link ]

D.vice Premiere Monster - Monster Legends

It’s happened: Technology has become smarter than monsters. This device can break any opponent's plan by predicting all their possible attack orders and then...

Welcome to Vanoss' Treehouse! Learn about the heroes, exclusive rewards and on-going events here.
Stay tuned for more info in coming days!

Play Monster Legends -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Greetings everybody!

You saw already a sneak peak of what is waiting for you in the next days. Can't wait for it?
TONS of other stuff are behind the corner.
Stay with us, discover all of them and enjoy!

Play Monster Legends -> [ Bit.ly Link ]
YouTuber island coming very soon featuring Vanoss and his friends!
Exciting events coming to collect the monsters => watch the video to meet them
More community challenges to come
Stay tuned and SHARE if you are fans :)
Draconian Maze is live!

Try to collect as much Dragons as possible, they are amazing creatures and also VERY important. :)
Nox The Condemned
Captain of the Army of the Soulless, steals souls with a quick swing of his scythe and condemn to a life of emptiness.

Some Details:
Bulwark Trait - Status Effects have 50% LESS accuracy against him.
Dark Element - First Dark VIP of Monster Legends
Damage - Best Dark damage dealer
New Mechanic - Sacrifice allied Monsters to get immense power

The poll has NOW ENDED to vote your favourite Monster #Moustache for #Movember !

Thanks everybody for the massive participation!
Apparently most of the people love Galante's moustache. :D
Congratulations to him, stay tuned for more voting soon!
So many amazing and fun ideas, thanks everybody for the overwhelming participation to the Contest: Choose a Special Theme Event.

The first prize goes to *drum roll*...
Susan Smelser Blum with her Zodiac Theme!!
Congratulations and thanks for sharing your idea!

Susan, you will receive 1000 Gems and when the event will be ready, one of the Monsters!
Please check your private message....
View details ⇨
During the Magic Days these are the Team War restrictions!

Also, the time for Breeding and Hatching will be shorter for all the Epic and Magic Monsters!
It's time for the powerful Magic element!
Several days of great offers. :)

Play Monster Legends -> [ Bit.ly Link ]