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Monster RX93.1
today at 08:27. Facebook
HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND! Spend your Thursday afternoon with Jay Diaz & Lexy Angeles! <3

Dishin' out the Top 5 right before 7pm!
Vote w/ #RXTheDailySurveyVotes
Greets & requests w/ #IAmAMonster
Monster RX93.1
today at 06:22. Facebook
It's the almost weekend! #SoundCity931 all the way til 4pm with Alven Villavicencio & Rica Garcia

#SoundCitySoundOff: What do you hope will be different for you by this time next year?

Answers, greets and requests TWEET US @RX931 #IAmAMonster
Monster RX93.1
today at 02:18. Facebook
Wassaapppp monsters?! Time for #AllOut with Rico and Karla Aguas till 1PM!

17 days till Christmas! OMGGGG!

Celebrity Birthdays, local showbiz, #OhSnap, NBA updates, sports and more!

And we got #AllOutFeels today. Time for more #HolidayHugot!
Complete the sentence:

Sana this Christmas ________.

Greets? Requests?

Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 18:04. Facebook
Terrific Thursday Monsters!

You got Jock Next Door JC Tevez comin' at ya with the hottest tracks of today!

Join him 2-6 AM on THE MORNING AFTER

Greets, requests, shoutouts (Comment below!)
Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 16:29. Facebook
#RiotWednesday is whats on your radio feat. #90s & #2000s tunes
w/ Dj Tom Alvarez til 2am!
Keep posting your song requests & greets!
#LateniteLuvQ hotline 6319393 is always open for your #LuvQuestions!
Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 13:45. Facebook
Ahh, the sweet innocent Nineties before the naughty Noughties. ;) Reminisce about your guy crushes from the '90s. Who did you crush on back in the day? Story adapted from a Spot.ph article. THROWBACK - THE YEAR THAT WAS 1999. Featuring the COUNTDOWN TOP SEVEN hits from 17 years ago by South Border, D'Sound, Westlife, Christina Aguilera, and Sixpence None The Richer. Hosted by Chico Garcia. 10...
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Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 12:03. Facebook
Congratulations to the green archers!
Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 11:18. Facebook
A little throwback photo because it's Riot Wednesday!:)

WILDxWICKED with Hazel Aguilon and Cara Eriguel 'til 10PM! 90s to mid-2000s for tonight's playlist! What do you wanna hear?:)

@hazelhottie @caraeriguel @RX931
Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 08:14. Facebook
Your fave afternoon duo's back on air for the LEGENDARY Riot Wednesday edition of #RXTheDailySurvey!

Songs from the 90s/00s all show long, baby! Get those greets & requests in! #IAmAMonster

Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 06:00. Facebook
Time to enjoy songs from the 90s-00s here on #SoundCity931 cause it's #RiotWednesday! Join in the fun til 4pm with Alven Villavicencio, Rica Garcia and Student Jock @LouisseMicah

Watch out for some monster news, #CuzWeCan, #TheySaidWhat and more!

Tweet us@RX931 #IAmAMonster
Monster RX93.1
yesterday at 02:28. Facebook
Happy #RiotWednesday monsters! You got Rico, Karla Aguas & Student Jock Aya till 1PM!

Celebrity birthdays, local showbiz, #OhSnap, NBA updates, sports and more!

And of course we got #AllOutLaughs today! Let's change things up since it's the holidays!

Which Holiday Jingle best describes your ex? Why?


90s and 00s! Greets? Requests?

Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 16:07. Facebook
Double shift for Jock Next Door JC Tevez 11PM - 6AM

Join him and meet THE INSOMNIACS!

Later on at 2AM we're bringing you the hottests hits from the 90's & 00's on
Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 15:09. Facebook
Double Time for the Jock Next Door JC Tevez, as he keeps you company from 11PM until 6AM!

Send out those greets and requests, and at 2AM, we got the #RIOTWEDNESDAY playlist comin at you hot! Throwback hits, 90's & 00's baybeeee

Comment below to get your songs played!
Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 12:03. Facebook
#WildxWicked LIVE with Cara Eriguel and Rica Garcia + Robert Rubin Tarot Readings ✨
Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 11:32. Facebook
You ready for a WILDxWICKED night??!

Cara and Rica are on til 10 with a special guest!

We're doing Tarot readings on air and in Facebook live in a bit!
Tune in!

Greets/ requests?
Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 11:13. Facebook
Join us on the show tonight!
Call us up at 6319393

Going live on Facebook with Tarot Card reader Rob Rubin in a bit!

Robert Rubin Tarot Readings
Monster RX93.1
12/06/2016 at 08:07. Facebook
Tune in to the monster for more #RXTheDailySurvey goodness! Yaaass, Jay x Lexy back on deck til 7pm today!

vote w/ #RXTheDailySurveyVotes
greets & requests w/ #IAmAMonster