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Have an iconic sunglasses moment, on demand.

#Montblanc Streamlined.

Timeless vintage look meets high-tech UV protection.
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101 years of changing the clocks.
Far more moments of blind panic.

Here’s a gentle reminder to turn your clocks forward at 1am. #DaylightSavings
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‘We think in generalities, but we live in detail’ - Alfred North Whitehead

Relish the little things. Urban Spirit cufflinks are inspired by a singular manhole cover from the city of Tokyo.
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Ready. Set. Go.
Meet the perfect fitness partner.

Our new smartwatch #MontblancSummit comes ready to move with you. Log every heart-beat, mile and movement. Splash proof, for even the most intense workouts: [ Link ]

#BeAHEAD #Montblanc
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Ready for the finish line.
This is just the start.

Whatever your fitness goal, track it with our first smartwatch
#MontblancSummit and the exclusively pre-installed Runtastic app.

Discover it:

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Refuse to settle.

Celebrate the launch of our new smartwatch Summit with Heartbeat Monitor function made for a life on-the-go. Win an intense four week program with a personal trainer.

Join us on Instagram to take part: [ Link ]
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Keep up with a racing pulse.
With one swipe right of Montblanc Summit.

Our first smartwatch, with changeable sports face. So you can keep up with your daily movement at just one touch.

Take a look at it in action: #Montblanc #BeAHEAD
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Fine watchmaking meets the digital age.

Montblanc celebrated the launch of Montblanc Summit in London yesterday evening. Guests including American actor Ian Somerhalder and model Poppy Delevingne were invited to discover our high-end smartwatch Summit.

Find out about Summit online at [ Link ]

#Montblanc #BeAHEAD
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Meet Montblanc Summit. Our first smartwatch.

Introducing a world-first for wearable technology: 1.39” of traditional curved sapphire glass meets the latest Google power.

Powered by Android Wear 2.0, it works with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

See it first at
#Montblanc #BeAHEAD #MontblancSummit
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Live now. Discover our first smartwatch.
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Opening night.

Tonight we lift the curtain on a groundbreaking design.

Prepare to come face to face with a #Montblanc first.

Join us here live at 8.30pm GMT. #BeAHEAD
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Golden moments. Montblanc was in good company on the world’s most famous red carpet at the 89th The Academy Awards.
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Untameable curiosity. A hunger for the stars. The revolutionary mind of astronomer Johannes Kepler inspires our new High Artistry writing instrument.
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Outstanding performances.

Montblanc joined the stars on the red carpet and on stage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. See how these stars styled some of our favourite pieces.
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Climb pyramids in Egypt.
Reach downward dogs in India.
Try pizza in Italy.

See them all.

For the chance to win a round the world trip, head to our Instagram channel: [ Link ]
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Let us take you on an adventure.
Win a world-class trip to celebrate the launch of a groundbreaking travel companion.

Head to Instagram to take part: [ Link ] #BeAHEAD
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We believe watch glass should always be curved.
Every single time.

It's coming.
Montblanc reaches new heights. △ Turned on: 16.03.17. 8:30pm GMT. #BeAHEAD #Montblanc
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Challenge. Struggle. Dread. Ruthless editing. Excitement.
Make an incoming deadline a little sweeter.

Graphic Designer Jonas wears the silvery-white Star Classique Date Automatic with red gold-plated details.

The “must-have” work essentials
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