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Somewhere, over the rainbow... is us, apparently! Dramatic skies mid-break in the clouds were included with admission today. ☁
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We pelican make a difference for the planet! From facing extinction in the 1970s to their daily fly-bys of the Aquarium, brown pelicans recovered thanks to political pressure by concerned citizens. If you need any #OceanOptimism hope, it's the thing with feathers.
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"If it fits, I sits"—sea otter edition! Our resident otters regularly enjoy splashing around with the enticing enrichments our aquarists devise for them. The ever-changing landscape of toys to play with and puzzles to solve helps keep our mischievous mustelids active and healthy.
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VR in the Aquarium—the rebirth of the V-Sea-R thanks to Discovery News!
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Why protect the ocean? Because it supports all life on Earth—in some cases, literally! More than 50% of the world's oxygen comes from the ocean. Here's how we're working to protect Earth's big blue life support system: [ Link ]
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Aaahh... What a beautiful day it is on the Monterey Bay! Enjoy a live look at the wild bay—from rocky shores to kelp forests—just off of our back deck!

UPDATE! Looks like it's getting pretty dark out there—thanks for watching everyone! You can tune in to this live feed of the Monterey Bay every day on our website: [ Link ]
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Happy birthday to longtime Aquarium member Betty White, who has supported our work in so many ways for over 30 years! Thank you for being a dedicated and influential voice for the ocean and marine life.
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"We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." — Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay
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Start your Monday off right with some juvenile round rays occasionally on exhibit in our ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge special exhibition! #MondayMotivation
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With fewer than 60 vaquitas left in the world, a cross-border partnership (including an elite Navy team of dolphins to help track the elusive porpoises) is assembling for a last-ditch effort to save them. We spoke to some of the people involved, including a former Aquarium staffer.

A last-ditch effort to save the vaquita
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Friday Fact: The flower radiating in five petals at the heart of a sand dollar is a breathing bouquet, drawn by hundreds of tubular tentacles extending from within the dollar's shell, like so many miniature snorkels to oxygenate its insides.
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Some days you just want to blend in with your surroundings and not be hasseled by any passing predators. Thank you to Instagrammer @juliaa_white_ for the awesome photo of our day octopus!
Throwback to 2013 and our Secret Lives of Seahorses special exhibition which included an unexpected resident—this juvenile Atlantic horseshoe crab! These ancient arthropods have been around for some 450 million years. Also, their blood is blue!
Our bell jellies are ringing! These Polyorchis bell jellies are the latest gelatinous choir to put on a concert in the Monterey Bay, and they're now on display in our Drifters Gallery!
Jawesome—it's lunchtime! Divers are about to feed the sevengill sharks in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit—here's a live look at the dining hall!

UPDATE! Looks like the sharks are full! We'll leave the stream up for you to enjoy the rest of the feeding, and to spend a placid afternoon with the sharks. Enjoy!
My, what big eyes you have! The bulging eyes of a curlfin turbot protrude like periscopes above the plane of its pancaked body, providing this pisces with a peculiar profile perfectly positioned for perusing the sand plain.
Our youngest Dive Officer and his trusty Safety Shark supervise a volunteer diver on window duty. Thanks to guest Ryan Lucchesi for the great photo!
A school of glittering, darting sardines can be a baffling sight for predators trying to pick off a single fish to eat—and a captivating sight for visitors to our Open Sea exhibit!
Striped pyjama squid slumber party! You can visit these cephalopod hatchlings in our Tentacles special exhibition: [ Link ]
Take a deep dive into the work of our Sea Otter Program and partners to help the threatened southern sea otter recover—and restore a wetland along the way! #OceanOptimism

Sea Otter Adoptees Born in Elkhorn Slough -