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"Children become like the things they love," - Maria Montessori. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mum's (and all the folk who are being amazing and mothering!) who are working every day to support children in being the very best they can be.
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"Whether it’s growing a seed, digging an allotment or learning the names of the animals they find in the playground, children want to engage because they genuinely love it. Let’s take advantage of that to educate the next generation of young people to fight climate change." Interesting piece by a WWF supporter on why children should be taught conservation... [ Link ]

Children want to save the planet, so let them learn how to in school
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Were you there? We had an inspirational day (if we say so ourselves!) at the Montessori Schools Association annual conference on Saturday. If you're not a member you really should be. It's the ULTIMATE organisation for anyone engaged and interested in Montessori education. Whether you're a childminder, teacher, parent of a Montessori child, a daycare provider, working at a Montessori school or...
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This week Jeremy is thinking about history and time, and how these concepts can be introduced and embedded in the Early Years...

Where does the time go?
Barbara Isaacs is now speaking at the MSA National Conference 2017, exploring the flow of learning during the work cycle #MSANC17
Jan Dubiel is now speaking at the MSA 2017 conference - What should matter to Early Years practitioners?
Maria Montessori said “The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” And according to this microbiologist a good dose of dirt will help children in many different ways!

Children need microbes — not antibiotics — to develop immunity, scientists say | Toronto Star
In a chaotic world we are all looking for a little peace! In this weeks blog Jeremy Clarke thinks about how we can enable peaceful moments for both us and our children...

Peace at last?
Don't know about our degree? Uncertain about our certificates? Flummoxed by the foundation? Wonder no more! Come along to our open afternoon next week. It's the perfect opportunity to chat to our terrific tutors and get a feel for what it's like to study with us. Of course, if you can't come along to the even we're always here to answer your questions - just drop us an email to...
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Open Afternoon: Foundation Degree and Cert HE.

On #InternationalWomensDay we're celebrating ALL women in the world who are making the world a better place for our children, but especially the rather brilliant Maria Montessori herself...
This week's blog from Jeremy looks at how and why we talk with children, and how conversation can be nurtured and taught...

Talk and Conversation
We had A LOT of fun doing this live Q&A about our Foundation Degree. Don't forget - if you'd like to learn more, come along to our Foundation Degree Open Afternoon, here at MCI HQ in London. It's from 1.30pm to 3.30pm on Wednesday 15th March. Details are here: [ Link ]
Sir Ken Robinson thinks that schools are killing creativity. He says "all kids have tremendous talents and we squander them....Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat them with the same status." A really inspiring (and very funny!) TED talk for all of us who have an interest in helping children become the very best versions of themselves. #montessori #education...
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Do schools kill creativity?
We all make mistakes...what is the mistake that you have learned most form in the classroom? Here Jeremy Clarke lists his top 5 - I wonder what yours are?

The top 5 mistakes I have learned from…
Thanks so much to all of you who joined us for our live Q&A this afternoon. If you'd like to know more about our Foundation Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practice (FdA) or our Cert HE in Montessori Early Childhood Practice (Cert HE) we've got the perfect event for you. It's an open afternoon here in London where you can meet tutors and students and get a real feel for what it's like to...
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Open Afternoon: Foundation Degree and Cert HE.

A live Q&A about our Foundation Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practices.... Ask your question here. Don't worry if we miss yours - we promise to get back to you!
LIVE! TODAY! Join us for a live chat about our Foundation Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practices. Ask us questions, and get a whole heap of insights from one of our fab students, and our Head of Academic Programming. We'll be here at 1pm GMT. Join us!
Join us for a LIVE Q&A session, with one of our students and our Head of Academic Programmes, to find out all you need to know about starting (or continuing) your Montessori journey. We'll be on our Facebook page, on Wednesday 1st March, at 1pm GMT. See you there!
Want the Facts about our Foundation Degree? Join us on our Facebook page for a LIVE Q&A on Wednesday 1st March at 1pm GMT. Hear the insights from one of our sensational students, and ask our Head of Academic Programmes for her expert opinions. Feel free to add your questions here, or join us tomorrow.
MCI OPEN DAY! Are you passionate about supporting children to reach their full potential, and building a community which will make a positive difference in the world? Are you considering a career in Montessori? Shouting 'yes' to any of these questions? Then this is the perfect event for you! #montessori #montessorichild #earlyyearseducation

Open Day at Montessori Centre International