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“I believe in legalization,” B.C. MP Peter Julian said during the NDP’s second leadership debate. “I do not believe Justin Trudeau is going to bring in the legalization of marijuana and as proof of that … we are still seeing, particularly young Canadians, being criminalized by simple possession of marijuana.”

NDP leadership debate: Liberal pledge on pot going up in smoke, candidates say
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There are many dedicated police officers who risk their lives daily to keep Quebecers safe.

Allison Hanes: Can we still count on police to serve and protect?
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MLB Hall of Fame member Andre Dawson was a guest at the Cummings Centre Sports Celebrity Breakfast in Montreal on Sunday.

Aching Andre Dawson left the game proud and on his own terms
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The lovably grumpy Russian defenceman, dour as the Politburo when reporters are around, was cheerful enough after scoring two goals against Ottawa on Saturday night — with reason.

Jack Todd: Reserve a slot for Markov in Hall of Fame
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Has the STM ever considered fitting the tunnels or stations with heat exchangers to heat neighbouring buildings?

Squeaky Wheels: STM can't trap heat from trains
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“He’s the man for the job,” the mayor said. “He doesn’t belong to any clan. He’s already worked (on the matter) from the inside. He wanted this to pass through the Public Security Commission to make sure there’s followup.”

Coderre hails police chief Pichet's report on corruption in the force
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It appears to be a classic case, some cancer physicians say, of medical entrepreneurship surging ahead of the actual medical evidence.

Canadian firm uses dogs to screen thousands of U.S. firefighters for cancer, but critics see no proof it works
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Tyson travelled to Suriname as part of the new Fusion TV documentary series "Outpost " and was soundly beaten when he entered a bird in a songbird contest, a cherished local tradition.

Mike Tyson suffers rare loss in noisy Latin America bout
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Celine Cooper busts a couple generational myths in this week's column.

Celine Cooper: Let's bust some myths about boomers and millennials
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For the concerned taxpayer, here are six key things to watch for in Tuesday's budget.

Prudent Quebec budget will have a theme: There is hope after belt-tightening
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He recounted how the sudden illness and death of his son Beau Biden in the run-up to the Democratic primaries weighed on his decision to contest in the 2016 race.

Joe Biden says he could have defeated Donald Trump: ‘Do I regret not being president? Yes’
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The students declared victory after the fall provincial election when Pauline Marois’s Parti Québécois government ousted Jean Charest’s Liberals and immediately promised to reverse the tuition hikes

Maple Spring: Activists divided over legacy of Quebec 2012 student protests
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Opinion: In return for an exemption from the current zoning limit on height, Montreal should require the developers to make the project more family friendly.

Opinion: Proposal for Children's Hospital site requires improvements
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Officers found the bodies when responding to a request for a check at a home in Venables Valley near Ashcroft, B.C. on Friday afternoon.

Mounties went to check on a house in remote B.C. and found four people dead inside
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Montreal's Lance Stroll made an early exit in his Formula One Grand Prix debut in Melbourne.

Stroll gets laps around Albert Park, but DNF in first F1 GP
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While you were sleeping is a rundown of overnight headlines to get you started in the morning.

While you were sleeping: Snowmobiler killed in Bas-St-Laurent, car crash in Ahuntsic—Cartierville
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Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux is set to reveal on Sunday the recommendations of a report into alleged misdeeds committed by members of the Montreal police department.

Coiteux to reveal Montreal police chief's recommendations following corruption scandal
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The idea that standardized physical tests performed in a controlled environment can predict on-field athletic success is highly debatable, despite being part of scouting practices in a variety of professional leagues including the NHL, NBA and MLS.

Fitness: Do athletic tests accurately predict success on the playing field?
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“Tonight’s presentation means the realization of a prolonged effort, or series of efforts, a triumph over apathy and pessimism.”

Gazette, Wednesday, March 26, 1930

From the archives: Shipping heiress kept theatre alive in Montreal