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"The many faces of a kid who loves bath time ❤ •"

Love this pic of a happy bubble bathing little one! Kids love to splish splash in the bath, and we're happy to say that because we make all our MooGoo using naturally derived, non-irritating ingredients, it's no worries if it splashes in their mouth!

Shop Mini Moo Bubbly Wash --->>> [ Bit.ly Link ]

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Lynlee says: "I just wanted to thank you for creating such fantastic products. From your nappy balm that cleared my daughters nappy rash within 24hours to your shampoo and conditioner that I can use without my face ending up looking like I was sunburnt. Since I was born I've had issues with so many different products including sunscreen, makeups, hair care products etc that I was amazed that I...
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MooGoo Skin Care
yesterday at 08:45. Facebook
We got asked about applying a DEET-based insect repellent with sunscreen to get that 2 –in 1 effect. This study (link below) found that if the DEET repellent is put on first and then a sunscreen with UV filters, the sunscreen carried the DEET through to the bloodstream in much greater amounts. That is probably because these type of sunscreens need penetration enhancers to assist with the way...
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Assessment of dermal absorption of DEET-containing insect repellent and oxybenzone-containing sunscreen using human urinary metabolites. - PubMed - NCBI

MooGoo Skin Care
01/13/2017 at 08:20. Facebook
We were lucky enough to have a cute little helper pop in this week. Annie loved trying on a headset for size!

Who else has had little ones with them at work over the holidays? We love having little visitors - makes work even more fun for us...

MooGoo Skin Care
01/12/2017 at 08:15. Facebook
We want to help you get Bubbly about Bath Time! with a free cow loofah when you purchase a 500ml bottle of Mini Moo Bubbly Wash!

Available for online orders shipping to Australian, US & Canadian & UK addresses. For a limited time only. While stocks last.

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MooGoo Skin Care
01/12/2017 at 05:20. Facebook
We're lucky to have awesome customers who love their MooGoo products and proudly share pics of their MooGoo "Shelfies" with us on Social Media! So we decided to create a special album, just for them.

Comments and your first name have been added to the caption of each of the photos - please feel free to tag yourself in them if you'd like to as well ❤

We'll keep adding to this album too, and...
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MooGoo Skin Care
01/11/2017 at 05:12. Facebook
There have been a few articles about sunscreens in the news recently. (We aren’t allowed to link to them unfortunately). But one thing we can’t understand is why sunscreens manufacturers don’t have to make their ingredients public. This would seem like a common sense rule to us when so many people have allergies or various other ethical concerns such as whether products are Vegan, natural etc...
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Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 (AustL 229979) | MooGoo Skincare

MooGoo Skin Care
01/10/2017 at 07:37. Facebook
Love to see customers getting great results for their skin - using healthy skin care and a small lifestyle change. Here's what Mia says below!

"Hi MooGoo! Just thought I'd share my amazing results after using your products. As well as using your Acne Cleansing Moisturiser and Tamanu Oil, I increased my water intake and my skin has improved so much! I have naturally dry skin but the Acne...
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It's MOO-velous to be back! Not the prettiest photo to start 2017, but we're sure all of our online customers who ordered over the break are glad to see their orders all packed up and ready to be picked up by our postman today!

We hope all of the Herd had a wonderful break like us. You guys made it super easy for us to come back to work, and it was awesome to read all your comments! ...
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Itchy Scalp Got You Down? Here's one for our UK and US Herd!

Start 2017 itch-free with a great deal.

For a limited time, when you purchase our scalp-friendly Milk Shampoo and Cream Conditioner, you'll receive a complimentary Scalp Cream 75g to help get you well on your way to having a healthy, itch-free scalp! Not to mention healthy hair to boot!

**Offer available from 2nd January 2017,...
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Happy New Year from all the Herd at MooGoo!
Ina from Sneakers & Soul shares her reasons for choosing natural skin care and MooGoo.

sneakers + soul | MOOGOO – all natural skincare for the whole fam x

Thanks for being part of the Herd in 2016 - Wishing you a Merry Christ-MOOs and a wonderful 2017. Many Moos, the Herd at MooGoo.
Babies & MooGoo - they go together like _____ & ______?

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Dr Zoo = so many cute pet pics ❤
Sometimes we post on “Anti-Ageing actives” that sound plausible enough when presented by someone in a lab coat sprouting scientific phrases, but don’t stand up to logic very well. In this list has been Swiss Apple Stem Cells (stem cells from plants helping human skin?), Sheep’s Placenta (different species and meat in a cream?) and topical snake venom (there is a reason snakes and cosmetic...
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A new lipophilic pro-vitamin C, tetra-isopalmitoyl ascorbic acid (VC-IP), prevents UV-induced skin pigmentation through its anti-oxidative properties. - PubMed - NCBI

Most MooGoo creams are made at a special “6 star environmental estate” that is not connected to the water grid because it uses rainwater and own treatment, the buildings made from recycled material and the estate powered by solar.

☀☀☀ Now our office and warehouse is also going solar!! ☀☀☀

Because we work in the Queensland sunshine, not at night, it made sense. Interestingly, we had to...
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We don't do sales very often but we wanted to offer our Herd a chance to get all the products they need for healthy skin this holiday season. We've put together a few very limited edition packs to address some common skin concerns.

Starting NOW - when you purchase one our skin care bundles, you will receive 25% off* of the total retail price of the 3 products in the pack!

Visit the links to...
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Some bad news it's a bit embarrassing to explain . We ran out of our SPF 40 Natural Sunscreen (AUSTL229979) already. It is very hard to predict how much we need 4 months in advance and wow, it just went out the door!

We are making more now, and lots of stores still have it, but we don't have any ourselves, not even personal use! Because it's a complex product to make and test it won't be...
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Mel from aussiebeautytalk.com has been trying out some MooGoo. She's loving Milk Wash and finding it leaves her skin really moisturised. It's definitely a favourite with the Herd! Is your favourite here?

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