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We're running a Giveaway on Instagram, and we don't want any of our Herd to miss out! Jump across to Instagram @moogooskincare to get involved!
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Not related to skin care but to health (and we know our Herd cares about that as much as we do!).

Sorry to be the bearer of this news. First is that tests on “healthy bread” has found that one slice can have a lot more salt than a packet of salted chips! ([ Link ] ). That’s like a LOT more salt in a slice than chips. There is 1200mg of salt in a slice of some bread compared to...
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The 'healthy' bread that contains as much salt as packet of chips
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**Update** Whoops! Guess who used the old version of the image? (yes, yours truly!). We had a lot of feedback about the use of carageenan in the Moothpaste when we first brought it out last year. As a result of feedback we replaced this with Sclerotium Gum, which does the job of thickening, but makes more of our customers feel comfortable. We've added the most up to date image in the...
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We don't often talk about our humble Skin Milk Udder Cream being loved by our Herd who are undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. We're very aware of what a tough time this can be for anyone going through it, or anyone who has a loved one going through it. So we don't want to appear to be exploiting that.

On the other hand, we're so happy that Skin Milk, together with other MooGoo products...
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Oncology Care Pack - MooGoo Packs | MooGoo Skincare
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It's raining, it's pouring... the first few rainy days of Autumn have hit here at MooGoo HQ on the Gold Coast. To help make this rainy Monday a little more fun, we've been on the internet looking at funny cow memes. There are some witty people out there!

This one is our favourite so far . . . share your favourite cow meme in the comments below, and we'll send out one of our Travel Packs to...
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Just for fun! 4 Things We've Learned About MooGoo Parents. (A scientific exploration of a Facebook Post) ☺

News - 4 Things We've Learned about MooGoo Parents | MooGoo Skincare
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Hi Herd, so it's been about 2 weeks since we've talked about our very favourite topic - Natural Deodorant! Although our Fresh Cream Deodorant has thousands and thousands of fans around the world (it's kind of a rock star!) - if you're not one of them, don't give up on natural deodorant altogether!

@_yogali_ wrote a well researched, as well as an entertaining review of 3 Natural Deodorants,...
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Deodo Rant
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Bare Face, Bouncy Curls - Absolutely Gorgeous! ❤

We're not fans of silicone for hair, mainly because it tends to build up on the hair and scalp, making it feel rough, and irritated.

That's why you'll find nourishing oils instead of silicone in our Protein Shot Leave In. Oils like Coconut Oil that penetrates hair well due to the shorter chain length of the molecule (hair is not easy to...
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There's a new cuddler in town!

Our Companion, Dr Zoo is an expert creating products that take care of your pet and now you can take care of him!

Warning: His fur is so soft and smooth (wonder what he uses on his skin?) that you may find you want to hug him all day long!

Available online via (for now - stay tuned UK & USA)!

[ Link ]
The MooGoo Baby Range - makes baby's skin happy, and parents relieved. ❤ But don't just take our word for it!

Kristen says:

"As a mum, I’ve always been careful about what I use on the kids’ skin. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered @moogooskincare also makes a baby range! I’ve always loved their products and knowing every product is totally natural, I had to try it on Leo’s...
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Q: What makes Moothpaste taste sweet?

A: Xylitol. But that's not the main reason we use it!

Xylitol raises the pH in the mouth after eating and so helps prevent cavities from acid attack. It's also an antibacterial, and helps prevent demineralization.

It is very helpful in that the sweet taste (together with Stevia extract) makes it more palatable for children.

You can find information...
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Moothpaste - Dental Care | MooGoo Skincare
The MOO-riffic trio for your shower!

Great for the whole family - even those with sensitive skin.
Convenient pump pack.
Gentle, coconut and glycerin based cleansers.
Smells Delish!

Remember to share your pic with the #MooGooShelfie hashtag, to be in the running to receive MooGoo goodies each month!

Thanks so much to everyone who's shared their gorgeous Baby Pics, and entered the #MooGooBabyComp ❤ Bex quite creatively shared her baby's scan - so this is definitely our youngest entrant so far! (Congratulations Bex - very exciting times!).

If you haven't already, here's how to get involved!

1. Upload a Photo to our Facebook Page, to Instagram or to Twitter.

2. Use the hashtags...
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Big shout out to Verity from McCarthy's Pharmacy in Orange, NSW, Australia - and to all our wonderful stockists all around the world!

Verity has a wonderful job being a Baby Consultant (and clearly, from this pic, a Baby Whisperer!) and says our Baby Range is her fave product. We're blushing with MOO-light!

Although we love working at MooGoo HQ, this pic gives us job envy . . . tell us in...
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You may recall that last week our plucky Perry helped us put our MooGoo where our mouths are, and taste test our 'bubbles' made from Mini Moo Bubbly Wash.

This week, we "ran out" of milk, so he tested coffee and Milk Wash for us. Was it delicious? You probably know the answer is no! Taste aside, despite adding Skin Care to his diet, we're pleased to confirm that Perry is feeling perfectly...
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We ❤ when you share photos of the youngest members of the MooGoo Herd! They're just so gorgeously cute!

We get lots - and to encourage even more sharing, we've decided to hold the #MooGooBabyComp for the rest of March.

We've got a MooGoo Baby Starter Kit to share with our winner, and because we know it will be too hard to pick just one gorgeous photo, there'll also be some other MooGoo...
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We've had a couple of questions from the Herd recently asking if the Protein Shot Leave In Conditioner is just for curly hair! It's loved by our curly haired and straight haired customers alike!

Gabby from our Herd at HQ especially loves to use it on her long, straight hair before she goes to the beach!

Use it on wet or dry hair. It's best to start with a small amount (pea sized) and...
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We’ve been following this story since last year, and recall that in some cases it appears that the company selling the foods didn’t know themselves that the ingredient they were being supplied wasn't just Oregano. It’s great to see them undertaking to test their ingredients regularly. News today is that one of the companies has been fined for misleading representations about their Oregano...
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Hoyt’s Food pays $10,800 penalty for alleged false and misleading ‘Oregano’ representations
Does our behind look cute on this?

We pack our online orders in funny boxes and add some nice MooGoo smells so that it's a fun experience to receive! (You can also select a free sample to be sent out with your order too!)

Go on. You deserve it!

Our Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash is fine for adults too!