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Even if you don't have sensitive or easily irritated skin, MooGoo moisturisers will treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated - like a precious, delicate flower!

But which one should you choose?

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Our prediction for Best MOO-tion picture in the MOO-cademy awards. #Oscars2017 #MooGoo #Silly
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Brogan Kate is a beautiful, talented, young Australian woman whose sense of style and creativity together with her social media savvy and passion have shaped her into the successful business owner of Brogan Kate Intimates that she is today.

The team at MooGoo Skin Care and Dusty Girls love her effortlessly chic style, and always enjoy working with her. We caught up with Brogan for a quick Q...
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"The best part about bath time is I get to suck on my moo cow from MooGoo".

We've been trying to make bathtime fun and healthy since 2004. Our Herd have been making bathtime unbelievably cute for many, many MOO-ns ❤

Check out the Baby Range --->>> [ Link ]

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Jules is glowing through her Dusty Girls (Makeup by MooGoo) natural makeup look. She's wearing:

Earth Cream - Light
Bronzer - Sunshine
Blush - Pink Ladies
Natural Mineral Eyeshadow - Paper Bark & Dark Cacao
Natural Mineral Mascara - Nightfall
Natural & Vegan Lipstick - Chia Seeds

She's also used the Paper Bark Eye Shadow as a highlighter.

All of the Dusty Girls range is made with our...
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When you're always on the MOO-ve - a shelfie doesn't cut it. Codie's travel bag is all about rehydrating her skin. Makes sense because she spends so much time in the sun, wind and waves.

Hydration Tip: Add a few drops of your favourite Serum to your moisturiser at night for an extra hydrating sleep!

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Introducing Emma, our latest Patch Test Bunny ❤

Her mum, Hannah told us she decided to test out the edible oils in the Nappy Balm. "Apparently it was good. She wanted more".
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MooGoo Moothwash, together with our Teeth Whitening Formula Moothpaste is now available for our Australian stockists to order! We love our Moothwash because it's not just a minty rinse. We use a new technology called Lactobacillus Ferment which helps to control oral bacteria, and each essential oil has also been chosen for its anti-bacterial properties. These include Cinnamon, Clovebud and...
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Phone ✔
Wallet ✔
Hair Tie ✔
Moisturiser ✔
Lip Balm ✔
Natural Anti Bac ✔

Essentials Sorted!

We're not proponents of using an Anti-Bacterial all of the time, but it's handy to have for sticky situations when you're out and about! Visit [ Link ] for more info on when to use an Anti-
We'll call today Pun-day! Thanks for the giggle Danielle!
Who doesn't love a day at the salon with their favourite natural, healthy grooming products - Dr Zoo! We're proud to make products for our best friends, that suit the pH of their skin, and follow the MooGoo philosophy of being naturally derived, non-irritating and (in the case of Dr Zoo) Totally Lickable!

Check out the Dr Zoo range --->>> [ Link ]

Like many of our MooGoo Herd, Mr Mason likes to know exactly what's going on his skin. Smart lad!

We list ALL our ingredients, not just the pretty ones! If you want to know exactly what's in MooGoo visit our website - [ Link ]

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Melina says this is her "Christmas/Birthday gift to my skin!" Well, it is technically your skin's birthday on your birthday . . .

Check out our growing collection of Shelfies in our Facebook Album. And please share your own shelfies by posting them to Facebook or Instagram with the #MooGooShelfie

We totally agree with Elizabeth’s constructive feedback below and she delivers It beautifully. Thanks to all those that give feedback in a nice way. We know we're not perfect but do our best and some things are complicated, so it’s nice that most feedback is so polite and if we can improve, we will!

So what is a better name? The cream really targets sun damage so perhaps “Sun Damage Cream”. ...
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Because February is all about LOVE, and we'll take any excuse to give you some extra LOVE, enjoy FREE* SHIPPING on us for all orders place on 14, February 2017!

*Free Shipping is automatically applied to all online orders placed on 14 February, 2017, shipping within Australia, United Kingdom and United States only. Not available with any other offer.
We checked in with Melissa Le Man recently to talk health, fitness and motivation. Click if you're looking for some Sunday morning motivation!

News - Q & A With Melissa Le Man | MooGoo Skincare
Natural deodorants make you a bit whiffy? No!

An effective natural deodorant will allow you to sweat (no aluminium to plug up sweat ducts), but keep the bacteria that can cause a pong at bay. We use milk of magnesia as one of the main anti-bacterial in our Fresh Cream deodorant. It usually takes about a fortnight for your body to get used to it.

Find out more from other bloggers and...
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We don’t talk about politics but most people would have noticed the Donald needs a bit of advice in the fake tan area. American sun doesn’t make people orange as far as we know.

Is there anyone here game enough to say the words below in their best Trump voice and post their video? Bonus points for matching the colour and any other identifying features. (A carrot grated on some pumice...
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