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We've just released colour schemes for responsive pages! Find out how to select a pre-made theme and apply it to your website in a few clicks: [ Link ]

How-to: Apply a colour scheme to your website | M Magazine
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We show you how to create a beautiful (and responsive) online portfolio to showcase your creative projects: [ Link ]

5 Steps to create a brilliant online portfolio | M Magazine
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Today we've launched the new [! Link ] Find out more about the homepage and dashboard changes here: [ Link ]

Moonfruit: Responsive Website Builder | Let's make a website
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We show you how to create a brilliant responsive landing page to promote your products or services: [ Link ] #webdesign

8 Steps to create a killer landing page | M Magazine
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We've added brand new free stock images to the responsive page media library!

Check them out in-editor:
[ Link ]

Adding/editing an image | Moonfruit Support
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New for responsive pages: Add hover and scroll animations to text, images, and more! Find out how: [ Link ]

Adding animations to page items | Moonfruit Support
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Make your website sparkle with our scroll effects. We show you how to get started: [ Link ]

All-New: Make it brilliant with responsive scroll effects | M Magazine
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We share our top five apps of the moment for #responsive pages: [ Link ] #webdesign

5 Must-have apps for your responsive website | M Magazine
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Transform your site design with global styling for responsive pages! We show you how: [ Link ] #webdesign

All-New: Transform your website in seconds with global styling | M Magazine
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From custom filters to site search tracking: Get the most out of Google Analytics with our top tips: [ Link ]

5 Must-know tips to master Google Analytics | M Magazine
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Bring your responsive pages to life with our all-new scroll effects! Find out more: [ Link ]

Release: 08/02/17 | Moonfruit Support
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With over a billion sites out there, how do you drive traffic to yours? [ Link ]

How-to: Promote your website (and drive traffic!) in 15 minutes | M Magazine
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We share some top website copywriting tips to help your business find its online voice: [ Link ]

7 Tips for writing super compelling web copy | M Magazine
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We look back on some of the highlights of the past year at Moonfruit, and share some exciting future plans: [ Link ]

Reshaping the future: Last year in review | M Magazine
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Read all about the benefits of drop shipping in our latest blog post: [ Link ] #ecommerce

Looking to sell online? 4 Reasons to consider drop shipping | M Magazine
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Make your website truly yours! Today we've launched Lobster integration for responsive pages. Here are 5 reasons why images from social media can help you stand out online: [ Link ]

How images from social media can help you stand out online | M Magazine
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4 Questions to ask yourself when designing your business website: [ Link ] #webdesign

Designing a website? Ask yourself these 4 questions | M Magazine
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Find out how to make money online through affiliate marketing: [ Link ]

How-to: Generate passive income with affiliate marketing | M Magazine
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Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas