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For 3 years, rain or shine, a homeless man stood on the same corner. People just ignored him. One day, a woman named Ginger decided to pull up to him. She rolled down her window and struck up a conversation — but nothing could prepare her for what the man was about to reveal, or what she would do next.

Sad Homeless Man Sits On Same Corner For 3 Years, Until Curious Mom Pulls Up To Ask Him Why
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Sarah was working at Ruby Tuesday when she overheard two servicewomen discussing their financial struggles. Sarah, a hardworking single mom, knew exactly what her customers were going through — so she paid the servicewomen's $27.75 bill herself.
Sarah didn't think anyone would find out about her kind act. But when Ellen DeGeneres brought her on TV to "pay back the $27.75," Ellen stood up to...
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Waitress Pays Struggling Soldier’s Tab, But When Ellen Stands Up To Praise Her, She’s Stunned
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I never would have thought of taking #8 to a hospital, but it could be a total game changer for someone you love!

10 Things To Bring To Someone In The Hospital Other Than Flowers
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Mom Jennifer Moore Parker was having a particularly rough day when she had to leave her son, Justan, on a bench during a hair appointment. There, an elderly man struck up a conversation with him, and Jennifer became afraid — but it wasn’t long before she realized exactly what was going on.

Mom Leaves Son Alone During Hair Appointment, Then She Catches An Old Man Talking To Him
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When Ashley Wadleigh takes her kids out to eat, she’s usually not surprised when strangers move away. But when one woman hid her face as her husband sought out a different table, the mother couldn’t help but take it personally. Annoyed, she asked the waiter why the strangers were behaving this way — and his response made her totally change her mind.

Mom Of 3 Takes Kids To Red Robin, But Is Angry When Couple Next To Them Changes Tables
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Alisa Beal, an army wife from North Carolina, struggled with her weight for years. While her husband Terrance was stationed overseas, Alisa told him she had undergone a drastic transformation and not to expect her to look the same when he returned. When he came home and saw Alisa, she definitely looked different — just not in the way he expected.

Army Wife Tells Husband She Transformed While He Was Deployed, But He’s About To See She Lied
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Heidi couldn’t believe it when she saw her photo in the news. The viral story said her husband discovered she had plastic surgery after she gave birth to
“ugly children.” Now Heidi is calling out the liars to reveal the truth once and for all.

Bullies Say She Tricked Husband With Plastic Surgery, Now Her Life Is Ruined
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Brandon Carpenter has an infant daughter, but is not in a relationship with the baby’s mother. In fact, the two don’t live together. One day, the baby's mom asked Brandon to buy medicine for the little one. However, when he went to her home, he realized how he was treating their child simply by opening the fridge.

Mom Asks Baby’s Dad To Buy Medicine, Then He Peeks Inside Her Fridge And Sees It’s Empty
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Joy got a terrifying phone call, alerting her to the fact her husband Alan had a heart attack. She rushed to the hospital. It was only then that she learned Alan wasn't alone when paramedics found him.

Husband Has Heart Attack, Then Cops Mention The Stranger Who Was There When They Found Him
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This bride and her groom were in the middle of their first dance when, all of a sudden, the music stopped. She was clearly upset, and the DJ quickly announced they would do a live version instead. But when the bride glanced at the stage, she realized what was going on — and her mood shifted to the extreme.

Devastated Bride Thinks DJ Ruined First Dance, Screams ‘Oh My God!’ When She Looks Up On Stage
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Stylist and mother of 3 Ashley Bolling set to work on the hair of one of her customers, who happened to be a nurse. The client hadn’t slept all night and started dozing off in the salon chair. That’s when Ashley pulled out her phone and posted a photo of the nurse’s shoes online.

Nurse Falls Asleep In Salon Chair, Then Stylist Notices Her Shoes And Snaps A Secret Photo
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This couple was about to cut into a pink and blue cake to reveal the gender of their baby. But as soon as she went at it with a knife, her husband totally destroyed it!

Pregnant Mom Cuts Into Pink And Blue Cake, But Husband Smashes It To Pieces When He Sees Inside
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Everyone, young or old, romantic or not, will definitely appreciate this video!WOW

Emotional Groom Loses It At Altar, Then Camera Pans To His Bride Coming Down The Aisle
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Gary Ashmore’s hen, Gertrude, has a history of laying jumbo-size eggs as big as his palm, but this time he decided to film himself opening one to take a look at what’s inside. There was a yellow yolk, as expected, but it was the red blob at the bottom that confused him.

Man Finds Red Blob Inside Giant Egg, Then Dumps It In A Bowl To Take A Closer Look
The next time I see an old window sitting by the curb as trash, I'm totally going to grab it — #3 would be perfect for my bathroom!

Turn Junk Windows Into Stunning Home Additions With These 16 Brilliant DIY Ideas