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03/24/2017 at 17:36. Facebook
Check out my new documentary The C WORD. WE CAN BEAT CANCER BEFORE CANCER BEATS US. Watch @thecwordmovie on @iTunes [ Link ]

The C Word on iTunes
Morgan Freeman
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On #StoryofGod tonight, I speak with Rinpoche Tulku Lobsang, a Buddhist Master who practices a form of meditation called Tummo. Its goal is to find your inner “Buddha nature”—the divine inside you. Join us to explore the many ways people all over the world find Proof of God. Monday 9/8c National Geographic Channel Revelations Entertainment
This summer I met Pentecostal Christian Annie Naz. Her family recently moved to Albuquerque to escape persecution in Pakistan. Every Sunday, she goes to church and speaks in tongues. Watch a new episode of #StoryofGod on National Geographic Channel at 9/8c tonight to find out how Heaven and Hell affect our lives.
Watch Story Of God "Heaven and Hell" on Monday 1/23 at 9/8c.
Kenneth was imprisoned for two years in North Korea for leading people in Christian prayer and worship. He told me about how God’s Holy Spirit fell on him during his incarceration, and how that allowed him to continue his missionary work. You can see our conversation tonight on Story of God on National Geographic Channel 9/8c Revelations Entertainment Lori McCreary
I met an amazing nine year old from Minneapolis who's the reincarnation of a Buddhist lama. See the conversation tomorrow night on season two's premiere episode of The Story of God on National Geographic Channel
At the Television Critics Association getting ready for Story of God! Season 2 premieres Jan 16th 9/8c on National Geographic Channel
Had a nice time chatting Story of God and Madam Secretary with these lovely ladies today.
Ever get the feeling you're being watched?
Even the smallest steps against cancer are breakthroughs. I am proud to lend my voice alongside @Stand Up To Cancer to encourage everyone to learn what they can do in the fight to prevent or end cancer. Small actions can lead to something extraordinary. @thecwordmovie #CancerBreakthrough

Stand Up To Cancer — Be The Breakthrough
Making this film, I learned a lot of things about preventing cancer deaths that I didn't know before. Maybe you don't either, so I wanted to share. The C Word opens in LA today Laemmle Town Center 5
This is a very important film that I’m proud to be part of. Please watch and share. The C Word
Sandwiches can be a deli-cut issue. So join my friend Michael McKean on the next episode of FOOD: FACT OR FICTION? as he gets the story behind some of our favorite breadly combinations. Monday 10pm ET/7pm PT on Cooking Channel
A lovely evening surrounded by my friends and colleagues to screen our very special and important movie The C Word. Joined here by writer/director/producer Meghan O'Hara and my producing partner Lori McCreary.
Happy Halloween! Who else is going to celebrate by watching Food: Fact or Fiction hosted by my friend Michael McKean on Cooking Channel?
Be sure and catch the Season 3 Premiere of Madam Secretary this Sunday. Guess who the director is?
Could you pop a pill and become a genius? Can we all become Geniuses on #ThroughtheWormhole – TONIGHT on Science Channel @ 10/9c.